20 minute Distance reiki sessions for stress management, relaxation, healing energy

I am finally getting to updating my Wellness Plans. As I had mentioned in May I am focusing more on the Wellness part of my Health Coaching certificate, rather than one on one coaching sessions. This is more targeted, and I think more helpful since the market is already flooded with Health Coaching. Please read all the way through, and ask questions if needed. You can purchase by using the Paypal button, but be aware that this is not an instant access type plan. I do work outside the home, and have other commitments. Please allow 24 hours from time of purchase for me to respond to you. My Paypal is 20 years old, and is in my husband’s name, but he has no access to it, nor does he even know how to use Paypal.

What is Reiki? Reiki is a energy healing therapy. I do not advertise it as a cure to anything. To heal something can mean many things to many people. For the purpose of my Reiki sessions, to heal will be defined as to bring into balance. Reiki can be used for many things but stress management, and relaxation are probably the most popular. It can also be used to manage pain. When the body is out of balance different manifestations of illness can occur. I am a level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Any paying customer will have access to see my certificate. Distance Reiki can be performed anywhere and any time that the practitioner sets aside. You do not even have to do anything for the Reiki session. You can be lying down, sitting, or even at work. Some people may have some knowledge of Reiki already, and for the purposes of my Reiki practice, I call on my Christian God to provide me with healing energy that I transfer to you through hand positions. Please be aware of this before you purchase a Reiki session from me. During the session I move my hands into Reiki positions while I concentrate on your energy to bring you back into balance. That is the easiest way for me to explain it. Sessions are 20 minutes in length, but they can be shorter or longer. You can always email me with questions, before purchasing, by using the contact form at the end of the post.

If you decide to purchase a Distance Reiki session from me, the next steps will be as follows:

  1. Within 24 hours of Paypal notifying me that a purchase has been made I will contact you via the Paypal email provided on the receipt. This email will be a welcome email and will request that you set up a meet and greet via email, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger. In that meet and greet we will discuss your intentions for your session, and you will get to know me a little better. I do need to see what you look like, either via Zoom or a picture, for Distance Reiki to work. I will ask some basic, private questions, about any medical issues you may have, and you will need to sign a form allowing me to perform Distance Reiki on you. Then you can make an appointment for your session, or you can decide it isn’t for you and your money will be refunded.
  2. Once I have completed your Reiki session I will send you a follow up email. You may not even notice anything, especially the first time, or you may have experienced something intense. We will discuss this. You can then decide to purchase more sessions, or to end our relationship for Distance Reiki.
  3. Please note Distance Reiki can be performed on any consenting adult over age 18. If a parent wants to give consent for a child that will be noted on the agreement. Distance Reiki can also be performed on pets like at 4th of July for pets scared of fireworks. I will need to see a picture of the pet. You must be able to read, write, and or speak English. I do not know any other languages at this time.
  4. All of my files are kept for 2 years and then destroyed.


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Day 4: How to put your kit together and trial of my zero points food challenge!

Hello, Friday! Today, is a dual post because I want to continue updating and targeting old coaching plans. What do you think of my new logo, and color palette? I have to work this weekend, so I am trying to get a lot done in one day. You may see affiliate links in this post. Be sure to read my other posts on Hurricane Preparedness.

Today, is day 4 of Hurricane Prep Week. I thought I would share a video on how to put your Hurricane Kit together. Having everything in one location, especially if you are new to hurricanes, just makes life easier. A couple of things about the video. As she states preparing for any disaster is important, not just hurricanes, and these kits can be for any disaster. She mentioned the hand crank radio with the solar charger. These chargers according to ones I have looked at take a long time to charge and may damage your cell phone. Be sure to read the specifics and pick one that is safer. Also, hand crank radios really take a lot of cranking to work. I do not find them efficient at all. We do have walkie talkies that we have not used in years, but we have them if we need them. Having a police scanner, imo, is way more effective than a crank radio. Also, the water purification tablets. I did not mention these, but if you are evacuating you probably will not need these, but they can come in handy for rain water collection, or if you absolutely had to drink from other water sources. You can always boil water for 10 minutes to sanitize it, which is not always convenient. She also mentions being trained in First Aide. I also have mentioned this in other posts, and I can not say how important it is for everyone to be trained in First Aide. The video is below.

Tomorrow I am starting a trial run of my Zero Points Food Challenge. I will share at least one meal, or snack tomorrow and Sunday. Come back on Tuesday to read all about the challenge and why and how I will be doing it. If you would like any information on any of my Wellness Plans, be sure and use the contact form at the end of the post to email me.


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Meals With Melissa Subscription Plan!

Updated 12/10/2021: I have had a lot of interest in this plan, so I am going to make it more targeted and more clear as to what you will receive.

This is my first brand new paid content subscription plan. I will be rolling out a few others in the next few days. Please read and understand carefully before purchasing.

This is a 30-day plan. Your 30 days will begin when I send the first email, within 72 hours of payment. You will receive via email the following:

1- My monthly calendar of dinner meals. They will come in a rich text format. If you can not open it email me and I will send it another way. These meals are geared towards a family of 3 or 4, with no particular diet options. . I try very hard to make the meals as affordable and healthy as possible. We use leftovers a lot, and I recommend you do the same to save time and money. If you have a particular dietary need please contact me via the contact form at the end of this post to discuss a plan for special dietary needs.

2- The meal plan will be sent weekly on Wednesdays. So, if you purchase on a Saturday, the meal plan won’t arrive until Wednesday. If you order on a Wednesday, your plan won’t start until the following week, as I will need time to get all the information together for you. You will get four weeks of meal plans, but each meal plan is delivered every Wednesday for that week.

3- In that weekly email, with the mail plan, I will include general instructions on how to cook each meal with tips on variations. None of these meals will be complicated or time-consuming.

4- Each meal will include general nutrition data. These are general stats and I can’t guarantee specificity. I am not a Dietitian, the info I provide is based on websites, and apps that I use to calculate my nutrition data and are for informational purposes only.

5- Once a week, on Thursday. I will email you for support to any questions you may have, needs, etc. You can request meals or information you may like me to try or include in a meal plan.

6- Your email will be an individual email from me. I will not group emails so as to protect your privacy and keep others from soliciting from you.

7- You can start at any time in a month. Your subscription will begin when payment is received, on Wednesday after payment is received. A welcome email will let you know when your subscription begins and ends. As your subscription comes to an end I will send a reminder email 7 days in advance that you can renew if you wish to.

8- My Paypal account is now linked to the business email for this blog. The Paypal still says my husband’s name. To change it is a whole hassle, so for now, it is staying that way. He does not access the account, and never has, it is just how it was started over 15 years ago.

9- This is not one on one coaching, or in any way Nutritional advice. Therefore there is not an intake assessment or a meet and greet needed. You can always purchase one on one coaching if you would like more intense coaching with meals. For more intense coaching check out my new 30-day coaching plan, https://healthbuddymelissa.coach/2021/02/07/its-a-new-day-30-day-coaching-plan/

10- To purchase and start your subscription, just use the Paypal option at the very top of this post. You can always use the contact form below to message me for an invoice to be sent to you if you would rather not pay through the Paypal button above. Health Buddy Melissa email address is melissa@healthbuddymelissa.coach


portion distortion: Halloween candy!

Ah Halloween week! All that candy your kiddos may collect. What is your favorite? Do you know what a portion size is, calories, carbs, fat etc per each serving? You may see affiliate links in this post, or any of my posts.

All this week I will try to stick to Halloween themes. My favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter pumpkins. The ones in the image are the mini pumpkins. A serving size is two of those mini pumpkins. For those two pumpkins I will be consuming 170 calores, 10g of fat, Sodium 130 mg that is a lot of Sodium for a small amount of food, Carbs 19 grams, total sugars is 17g with 15 of them being added sugars= YIKES, protein 4 grams.

If you have CKD you can see just two pieces of candy has 4 grams of protein and 130 mg of Sodium. That is a high risk food for people with CKD. That doesn’t mean you can’t absolutely have them, but stick to just one portion and not every day.

If you are following a low carb diet, like me, this is a whole meal of carbs, almost.

I didn’t post over the weekend, because I was at work. But, we stuck to our budget menu. We just switched up yesterday, and today to better match our schedules. I did not eat the pizzas they had. Rather I took chicken salad, and 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich for dinner both days.

This week is not a challenge, but below is our menu for the week. The days may not be exact, as sometimes we have to switch them up.

Tuesday: Chicken Cesar Salad. We already have chicken breast in the freezer and the kits were buy one get one free. I won’t have the Cesar dressing in mine as it is way too much fat and carbs for me. I will use Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Wednesday: I will have leftover pork from today’s dinner, so we will have pork fried rice. The pork fried rice will have onions, carrots, and bell peppers.

Thursday: Turkey burgers. Publix had turkey burgers buy one get one free. There are six burgers in the box, so that is two meals right there for 3 of us. That means I can have them for a lunch, or for a meal next week. A vegetable will also be eaten

Friday: Totino’s pizza rolls. My daughter got them this week. Publix had them buy one get one free, the big bag, so they can be for a meal next week as well. I do not eat these. I think they are disgusting. So, I will have to share what I end up eating.

Saturday: Lasagna, meatless with homemade bread possible and side salad. I have a ton of spinach in the freezer and I may do half the lasagna with spinach and half without.

Sunday: Leftover Lasagna

Monday: Pizza rolls. Again, I will not be eating these. Friday and Monday are both work days for me, so they are an easy meal when I am not home. I will share what I end up eating.

So, after subtracting the non food items we spent 140 dollars at Publix today, and 25 dollars at Save A Lot last week. 165 dollars, that is with tax, for an average of 80 dollars per week of 3 meals a day for 3 people. Not bad!

After I do inventory next week I will decide what the next challenge will be. As we get closer to Thanksgiving I would like to start looking at turkey deals. Publix didn’t really have any today, at least not good ones.

At the beginning of November I will share the next herb/spice challenge for that month. I have already picked it, but not sharing yet. If you have been doing the Turmeric challenge be sure to check back for the new one.

If you would like to learn how to count carbs, keep a food journal, track your CKD food items, learn to meal plan, learn to cook, make a budget, menu planning, or any other food topic use the contact form at the end of this post to message me for a free meet and greet.

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