You Can’t Fix Your Outside Until You Fix Your Inside

Updated 4/21/2021 I forget now who said that quote, but it certainly has a lot of meaning.  I am sure it can be used in reference to any number of issues, but for this post, it will be used in reference to body weight and size.

What do I mean by that statement?  It could mean different things to different people.  People who are overweight are overweight for different reasons.  Or if there is some other external feature that you are unhappy with, there may be lots of reasons for this. Read on for more.

1-  Some people are overweight because they simply overeat.  They may not even realize they overeat, or possibly are eating the wrong types of foods that are higher in fat and calories. Or, they may drink their calories without even realizing it.  So, until you fix the inside problem of consuming too many calories either by not knowing how much you are eating or simply eating the wrong foods, then the outside of the body won’t change because weight loss will be difficult.  How to fix this?  Keep a food journal for a month.  Write down everything you consume including liquids.  Write the serving size you eat and how many calories consumed for each food.  This can be time-consuming but is vital if you overeat.  At the end of the month review your journal and figure out how many calories you were consuming.  Do this lovingly and in a non-judgemental way.  This is to help you not beat yourself up.  Be committed to keeping up with your journal.  Once you have all the information see how many calories you should be consuming in a day compared to how many you actually did.  This will allow you to see where you need to make changes.  A Health Coach can help you with this.

2-  Some people are overweight due to the medications they take into their bodies or possibly metabolic issues outside of their control.  If this describes your situation speak with your doctor to learn ways to help you overcome these issues.  Sometimes this can not be overcome and learning to accept and love your body will be the healthiest step you can take.  A Health Coach will be able to help you learn to do this.

3-  Some people are overweight because they are inactive.  Most people think they are way more active than they really are.  This is a sort of denial that maybe is due to guilt of just not wanting to exercise or saying there is no time.  Trust me I used to do this too.  Then I started to change my perspective.  Exercise should not be an I have to, but rather I am happy I can.  I can walk, jog, run, ride a bike, swim, hike, do aerobics, lift weights, whatever type of exercise I may want.  I am happy and blessed that this is true.  Once I started seeing exercise in that light, my mindset completely changed.  It is a privilege to exercise, now.  So, that is how you fix your inside, change your mindset.  Convince yourself that exercise is not a chore, but something you should want to do because you can.  Conquer your thoughts!  A Health Coach can help you.

4-  Probably the most important meaning of the statement, you can’t fix your outside until you fix your inside, is for those who overeat for emotional reasons.  This is probably the most difficult to overcome.  Having a bad relationship with food and the mindset that goes with that will leave you always trying to get off the rollercoaster of diets, binging, purging, self-hate and abuse.  I mentioned before I started watching the TV show My 600-pound life.  So many of these individuals suffered a traumatic experience in childhood that caused them to turn to food for comfort and it carried on into their adult lives.  Undealt with trauma is something that will be a stumbling block to achieving the outside appearance you desire if it does not get dealt with.  Now the individuals on the show are obviously extreme examples of emotional eating, but so many people suffer from this.  They eat when they are stressed, anxious, sad, angry, depressed, lonely, etc to cover up the feelings they are experiencing.  It is an addiction like any other addiction.  I would love to say a Health Coach can help you with this, but a professional that is experienced in addiction and undealt with trauma should be sought out in these situations.  A Health Coach, however, can help you get started in finding a specialist who can help you and provide accountability and support once you are established and seeking counseling.

All of these situations above require patience, love, kindness, and perseverance.  Having a good support network will help immensely.  None of these things are fast or easy.  They take time and hard work to be effective and long-lasting.  Fixing your inside so you can fix your outside, is the very first step anyone should take when they have the desire to lose weight or change their body appearance.

If you would like to work with a Health Coach to help you, or to deal with the stress of being overweight, use the contact form to message me about my 30 day coaching plan. For the month of April, I am giving away coaching sessions to 10 lucky people. Click here to read more and how to sign up.


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Wisdom on Wednesday: Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help

Whoa it has been a crazy week, so far, messed with my blogging mojo on Monday.  Today’s Wisdom on Wednesday, has to deal with Mental Health.  As I continue to watch the series, My 600 lb Life, it makes me so sad how many people turn to food as a comforter.  Food addiction is a real thing, and is caused by many factors, but so many kids experience trauma that never gets dealt with, and food becomes their drug of choice.  Society puts such a negative stigma on Mental Health, and I probably have some of my own judgement issues in that department.  I also have trauma as a child, that I never really dealt with, other than leaving it behind. A Bible study I just finished, called Soul Cry, brought some of that trauma very much back to the forefront of my memory.  It really is a beautiful Bible study, and I highly recommend it.   We all have trauma, at some point in our lives, and if we don’t learn to take it head on and cope with it, it can lead to lots of self destructive behaviors.  Don’t be afraid to seek counselling, it can make all the difference in the world.  Constructive, coping skills can be learned.

Have a blessed Wednesday!cropped-health-buddy-melissa1-2.jpg