Recreating A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast!

Welcome, to another Throwback Thursday topic. I am probably going to extend my Dementia topic into the month of December because there are so many topics I want to cover that center around the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you are in your 50’s or older you most likely watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving every single year. I know I did, and I watched it with my children as well. Sometimes it is hard to find, which is a shame, and I have to watch it on Youtube. This year it will not be on CBS, it will be on PBS on November 20th. Be sure and find your local PBS station and mark your calendar.

If you read my blog pretty consistently then you know I have started a family cook-off-night competition. We do this every two weeks on a Monday. There are several reasons I started doing this, such as family fun, we homeschool and it gets my daughter in the kitchen and can count as an elective credit, we learn creativity and budget planning. My husband has already picked the theme for his judging turn and it will be this coming Monday. That means it is my turn on the Monday of Thanksgiving week. Guess what my theme will be?

You probably have noticed that food prices are higher, and the news is starting to report that there may not be enough turkeys for Thanksgiving or maybe not as big ones. I know we get stuck on our traditional foods for holidays, but would that really be such a tragedy? Would it be so bad to just be thankful for being with family and the ones you love? Should it really matter if you don’t have a 4,000 calorie day of eating? I am not sure, let’s think about it. I think my husband would be devastated as Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. But, I also think there is a lot to be said about being humble, and grateful for what you have rather than what you want. Is this the year we all consider the real meaning of Thanksgiving, and maybe it isn’t a gargantuan meal? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

So, what about the meal created in Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving meal. What kind of nutrition does it have? According to this website, the meal contains around 500 calories and nearly 100 grams of carbs. Of course, you could eat more and increase the calories. But, what about a modern version of this meal. Could it be made healthier while sticking to the basic premise of the meal? That is the question and will be the theme of my next family cook-off challenge, on November 20th, which coincidentally is the same day the special will air. I will definitely take pictures this time to share on the blog. Technically, if you think about it, on the show they all end up going to grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner, so this could technically be an appetizer. That is something to think about, too. Below are two videos of people that have recreated the dinner. One is very traditional and the other puts a little more effort into making it homemade. Be sure and check them out.

If you would like to join in on this challenge be sure and share a link in the comments to your post, or video, so everyone can see your results. I will read, view, and share anyone who comments on their results, or thoughts. Please do not spam me. All comments are moderated and spam never shows up here on this blog, so don’t waste your time.

Have fun with this one! If you are a homeschooler like me, this is a great activity to do with your kiddos, young or old. Bonus points if you set the table the same way as in the show. You do not have to do it the same day I do, any day in the month of November is fine.


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The Hardest Part Of Losing Weight~

Hello, and welcome to my last post on the topic of Obesity. Obesity was my Health topic for the month of October. While I did not get to cover all of the topics I wanted to, I provided a great deal of information for anyone interested in learning more about Obesity. For the month of November, my Health topic will be Dementia. I usually do posts on Gratitude in November, but I think I will just refer to last year’s posts.

For the month of October, my husband and I challenged ourselves to lose 10 pounds by the 31st. With 3 days left I still have 3.5 pounds to go. While I would obviously like to smash the goal, I am realistic that 10 pounds in one month, is not easy, and equals 2.5 pounds per week. I don’t know, yet, how my husband did. I will report on Monday. For November, and which is the topic of this post, we will make a goal to keep off whatever weight we lost in October. This is a huge challenge for any who loses weight. Learning how to keep off the weight is the harder part of weight loss in my opinion. If you did not learn how to change your relationship with food, make better food choices, learn proper portion sizes, and move more then you probably will not be successful at keeping the weight off. With the holidays coming all of the aforementioned things are super important. I am in no way suggesting you starve, deprive yourself, exercise to death, or eat no carbs. Those things are not sustainable, nor do they lead to success. People will try to sabotage you, trust me. Why they do it, I don’t know for sure, but they will. You have to have more willpower than they do. Now, I could have done the Keto Diet and probably easily lost the 10 pounds, and more. However, of all the people I watch who do the Keto Diet, as soon as they stop they gain weight. Why? Because, not eating carbs is not sustainable for the rest of your life, and unless you learn how to eat carbs in a healthy way, sustainable weight loss will most likely not be a success for you.

The human body needs carbs, fat, and sodium. There are Keto doctors, at least they say they are doctors, who say we don’t even need carbs to survive. That may be true, and I have found no clinical trials that say that, but carbs are affordable, and many people rely on them. I am not Diabetic, but if you are you still probably have been told to eat a certain amount of carbs to keep your blood glucose from dropping.

Here are two sources that can help you learn about keeping weight off. Plus, there is a video below, in case you don’t want to read it all, but it is worth the read, that explains the study. The second source offers a presentation on learning to keep weight off. I did not watch it, yet, but I intend to.

Last Fall I made a goal to lose weight. I managed to lose 20 pounds in about 6 months. I was able to maintain that right up until the Summer of this year. I gained back 4 pounds, which is not awful, but definitely was not part of my Health goals. So, what have I learned in the last year about weight loss, and keeping it off?

  1. I have to be consistent. I can’t lose weight and then expect to stop eating the way I have been to lose it, and go back to the bad habits and not expect to gain. I have to track my macros whether others like it or not. It is a very important tool for me to be successful. I have to track my step count, whether others like it or not. It is a very important tool for me to be successful.
  2. I really hate intense exercise. I do lift weights, but only light weights, no I don’t care what you think about that. I walk, a lot, that is my main form of exercise. I do make fitness goals, and then I try to meet them. But, I do not necessarily enjoy it. Those goals are more a must, than an enjoyment.
  3. I allow myself to indulge now and then, or to not follow my weight loss eating plan. I do not allow myself to feel guilty.
  4. I do weigh myself every day, and no I don’t care what others think about that. I have CKD and I tend to retain water. A couple pounds of weight gain, when my other food tracking seems to be on track, can be a warning sign.
  5. I measure my chest, waist, and hips weekly. This is a far better tool than the scale to monitor success as losing body fat is really the goal, not necessarily weight loss.
  6. I can not worrry about what others think, or say. People are going to stick their noses in whether you ask them to or not. My actual weight for my height, which is 5 feet even, is 128 pounds. People will think I have lost too much weight when I reach that goal simply because they are not used to seeing me that size. It will not make me unhealthy, and I can not let their issues effect my goals. People will also judge what, and how I eat. Learn to tell people to mind their own business. Unless I am seriously over weight, or under weight, and they are a loving family member, doctor, or friend, then just let it slide off your shoulders. I don’t need it, but they seem to need to tell you how to eat.
  7. Learn to say no. This one is very hard when you have a family, and or active social life. Learning to say no I am not going to drink alcohol excessively, no I am not going to out out every day, yes, I am going to learn to cook for healthier food options.
  8. I can not eat fast food, convenience food, processed foods, and snacks plus lose weight. It simply is not possible. These foods are very calorie dense, devoid of fiber, high in fat, and high in salt. This has to be a treat, not a habit.
  9. I can not drink my calories.
  10. I have to be patient. It takes time to break old habits, and to obtain the willpower to counteract everyone around me. Get off social media if it effects me in a negative way. Infleuncers are not inflencers for anything good, or at least not most of them. They are making money just like the nasty food companies. They are pushing products, and looking for views, plain and simple. Don’t read comments either, they are never good. When people are just looking to make a buck they are not worried about someone else’s health.

If you would like help to lose weight via my Health Coaching, use the contact form below to message me. I am not young, and I am not thin. I have my own weight loss goals. But, I know how to support, teach, and motivate.


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October Health Topic: Obesity

Hello, and happy Thursday! I hope the week has seen you well. For the month of October I have decided I will discuss Obesity. This is a topic, as a Health Coach, of course I have talked about before, but now a whole month will be dedicated to it. If this kind of topic is a trigger for you, please just sit this month out.

This is just a short intro post today as to why I feel talking about Obesity is so important. As of 1 year ago, over 42% of Americans are considered obese. That doesn’t even account for people who are overweight.

During October I will be discussing Obesity in a broad range of topics, and hopefully you will learn some good information that can help you begin your weight loss journey, and why it is important to do so. There will be no fat shaming here, so please don’t bother.

Below, are some videos with some statistics. I urge you to watch them to see how big the Obesity Epidemic really is. The third video, he is a little snarky, so just ignore his sense of humor and take in the statistics.

My husband and I have challenged each other to lose 10 pounds by Halloween. If you would like to join the challenge, please do. Having a goal and being challenged can help you stay focused and on track. Tomorrow I will be announcing a special deal for October for my Walking Buddy Plan. Be sure and check it out.

I will not be promoting crazy whack diets, or supplements.


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Don’t Take My Chocolate!

Hello, and welcome to another Thinking on Thursday topic. Today, we are going to think about chocolate. I know controversial, right? But, for this month’s Health Challenge, I have been discussing Oxalates, and chocolate is very high in Oxalates. Well, sort of. Keep reading to learn more.

I have talked about chocolate before. Mostly in reference to chocolate being high in Phosphorus and Potassium. But, now I find out it is also high in Oxalates.

Yesterday, was National White Chocolate Day. I thought I always disliked white chocolate, but now I think I am in love. Why?

Strictly for the topic of Oxalates here are the differences in the types of chocolates, according to my Oxalates app:

  1. A serving size of 1.75 ounces of dark chocolate has 78 mg of Oxalates, and that is for 45-59% cocoa. It gets worse from there.
  2. The same serving size of milk chocolate has 39 mg of Oxalates. That is not horrible if you only eat that serving size.
  3. White chocolate and you get a more generous serving size of 2.5 ounces only has 3 mg of Oxalates. Oh yeah!

That is only for the chocolate. It does not include nuts, caramel, or peanut butter so be cautious.

As for the other concerns for chocolate, according to Davita 1 cup of chocolate chips contains at least 500 mg of Potassium, and at the very end of the spectrum 190 to 500 mg of Phosphorus. Thank goodness you wouldn’t eat all that at once, lol. Semi sweet chips are lower than milk chocolate chips. As for white chocolate, 1 cup of white chocolate chips contains 486 mg of Potassium, 299 mg of Phosphorus. So, while white chocolate is slightly better you do need to be mindful when you are eating these kinds of snack foods. One dietitian recommended that you limit your serving size of chocolate too a 100 calorie serving. Just for a more accurate visual of what 100 calories of chocolate would look like it would be 3 1/2 squares out of a whole bar of chocolate. That is not a lot of chocolate. But, if you can not live without chocolate at least there is an option. If you are on Dialysis please be sure and speak to your doctor before you consume chocolate. There is a video below for you to watch. I only watched the very first question because it pertained to chocolate. The rest of it was on other food topics related to CKD. She gives an interesting perspective on chocolate.

While researching this topic I found this website, that showed me what 100 calories of various snacks actually looks like. You might be surprised.

I did make a banana bar snack last week, and I put white chocolate chips in it with the idea of posting it today. Unfortunately I can not find where I put the recipe, and I am hoping I did not throw it away as it was super delicious and everyone loved it. I had worked out the stats per serving for Oxalates, Calories, Phosphorus. When I find it I will share it.

Do you love chocolate? Do you have CKD?


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How Much Salt Does the Body Need to Function Normally?

Hello, and happy Thursday! If you read this blog, then you know I talk a lot about salt. I talk about salt when I talk about the kidneys, and I talk about salt when I talk about blood pressure. But, how much salt does the body actually need to function normally. Yes, you are reading that correctly. The human body needs salt to function! I usually say that right around a 2GM Sodium Diet, is probably good for most people. But, am I correct? I found a video that explains it quite well, and better than me. It is short, so be sure and watch it and see if my 2 GM, or 2,000 mg is a good amount, or not. I picked two posts that I have done in the past on this topic. You can read them here, and here. There are certainly many others, and you can find them in my archives.

I like this lady because she explains things in a simple, easy to understand way. She is a Kidney Dietitian, and that is super important when getting information about diet and Kidney Disease.


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Let’s Think About This

Hello, and welcome back to another #ThinkingonThursday topic. I have not done one of these in a while, because I have been thinking, lol. So, why do I write about these hot topic issues? There are several reasons.

  1. This is a Health blog and the things I choose to think about are related to Health.
  2. Writing on this blog helps me to clear my mind and get my thoughts out. This brings me stress relief and allows me to fall asleep easier at night.
  3. It is important,

Today, I am going to discuss the issue of whose fault it is that Covid has gotten so out of control. This is meant to make myself, and my readers think about this topic. It is not meant to turn into an argument or hate filled rage. That is part of the problem, actually. We live in such a reactive society that we can’t even have a civil discussion anymore. I can be just as passionate and loud as anyone else, but I also realize that is not always the best way to communicate.

So, who is to blame? China, Trump, Biden, The Media, Influencers, everyday citizens?

  1. China. There are lots of mumblings about China purposely putting Covid out to the world. While it is true most countries dabble in Biological Warfare, as does the USA by the way, there has been no actual proof that China intentionally released Covid onto the world.
  2. President Trump. I think it is quite easy to make the argument that President Trump totally botched the handling of this pandemic. He was more interested in money, and the economy, than actually understanding the concept of a Novel virus and what that means to a society with no immunity to it. Now, he did rush the vaccine, and it was done in breakneck speed. You could argue that is both good and bad. On one hand if enough people took the vaccine the virus would have no other viable host to live in. But, the speed of the vaccine has also left people hesitant to take something that was created that quickly. I don’t think that is President Trump’s fault, though. Experts who actually study human behavior should have seen this coming, in my opinion. I think you can’t overlook the fact that HHS and CDC also played a role here, because from an outsider perspective it appeared that they put their high income positions above the good of the people when they did not stand up to President Trump, at least not effectively. But, again I am only seeing how I perceive this when they could have easily had the thought process that they would be sidelined and have no access to give any information to the public.
  3. President Biden. He had the perfect opportunity to use the Department of Labor, through OSHA, to mandate Health guidelines for businesses to protect the labor force. In May he decided not to do that, and instead only made the requirements mandatory for Health Care businesses. This was a huge mistake. Now employers don’t actually have to protect their employees, or require their employees to protect other employees. This was a big fat blunder, and now he is seeing the consequences. People making minimum wage don’t want to return to work to possibly get sick and hospitalized, or worse dead. With no health insurance for most low wage workers the bills that could pile up from just one illness for one member of their family, never mind several, is staggering. Child care was an issue for many. So of course lets get every child back in school so mothers can return to the work force, but lets not protect those children, which OSHA guidelines would have required of schools which is a business. Now, in some states parents are fighting for the right to have their children not wear masks in schools. Did anyone ask these poor children if they would rather be protected instead of sick? I understand children don’t have the right to necessarily make their own medical decisions, but come on this premise is a bit absurd for this particular virus and topic.
  4. The Media. Just like everything else the media wants you to click on their articles, watch their shows, and read what they write. Why? To make money, or win a Pulitzer or whatever. They are not always interested in facts, and telling honest truths. They play on fear, politics, and again views.
  5. Influencers. Influencers are anyone with a large platform and a way to use it. They tend to care about their image, and money. They are not always dealing in facts, or truths either. They are giving opinions and getting people riled up, because honestly it brings them attention, and more money.
  6. General Citizens. That is most likely you and me. What responsibility do we own in this Pandemic of Covid? That is a loaded question, isn’t it? But, think about it. What role do you play? Do you follow the CDC guidelines that are meant to keep everyone safe, not just you? I am not necessarily just talking about the vaccine. But, let me just say a few things to consider. If you have gotten other flu vaccines, then why not this one? If you have been vaccinated against every childhood disease when you were a child, what is the deal with this vaccine? I am not a vaccine promoter, or vaccine skeptic, but it makes no sense to me why this one is such a big deal when you are probably protected from other diseases via vaccine. If you don’t even know what vaccines you got as a child look up Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, Hepatitis B, and Varicella. Let me know if you would like to go back and not get those vaccines. Are you an anti-masker? Why? Think about why, really why? Not because you listened to some TV pundit, or Influencer on Instagram, but a valid actual reason for not wanting to wear a mask. I understand there are some people who really can not tolerate a mask. In that case are you staying out of large groups of people, over 10? Are you staying 6 feet away from people in areas that are not well ventilated? Are you washing your hands all the time? Do you even care if you protect the vulnerable, or even people who just don’t want to get sick and possibly die? If no, then you are part of the problem! Plain and simple. If you are a Christian you know the statement, Am I My Brother’s Keeper? How did God respond to that question? Yes, you are your brother’s keeper. If you want to harm yourself fine, do so, but do not bring harm to others because you are reckless and selfish.

Before I end this I am going to just give one more thing to think about. There is a whole bunch of people claiming the vaccinated are the ones spreading this virus. Please do actual research on actual reliable sites like Pubmed, Cochran, Healthline, CDC, and FDA to get your information about how vaccines actually work, what they can and can not do, and how mutations to a virus actually prolong the pandemic. Please, please, please think for yourself. If you don’t understand something ask questions, don’t assume your perception is the same as actual facts.

Viruses happen, there is no blame for that. It is nature. But, a virus can not survive without a viable host, that is fact. You don’t have to be a viable host.

Leave me an actual, intelligent comment if you would like to think too.

The zero point food challenge has ended!

Happy Thursday! Today was another super busy and unusual day. Then my internet went out around 2 PM and just came back on. I hate it when that happens, especially when I have not done my internet work yet. Anyway, I have decided to end the Zero Point Food Challenge today, instead of Tuesday. Continue reading to learn why. You may see affiliate links in this post. Be sure and check out my brand new Distance Reiki Wellness Plan. I am accepting clients now!

Anti-aging starter kit, get yours now.

I have decided to end the Zero Points/Very Low Fat Food Challenge early, because:

  1. I have learned a lot of good information from this challenge and I feel I can continue the good habits I have adopted without difficulty.
  2. I lost 3 pounds in 8 days. That is pretty good.
  3. It is very time consuming to get all of the meal plan, nutrition info, and pictures each day to add to this blog.
  4. There doesn’t seem to be that much interest in this considering the amount of time I am spending on it.

I really did enjoy this challenge. I have eaten a ton of carbs, but mostly from whole foods, and I still lost weight. I think this pretty much shows that a whole food diet, even high in carbs, can be healthy and support weight loss. I did not change my exercise habits. I also was consuming way less fat than I may normally. I probably will return to not eating as much dairy as I have been. I feel like I am certainly getting too much Phosphorus, and lower fat foods have other additives that may not be healthy. If I do decide to have cheese, or milk, I will just have it in very small amounts rather than the lower fat options. Except mozzarella, and ricotta. Those I do not mind in the lower fat variety, or cottage cheese. The others are just a strange texture and really have no flavor. One thing I miss a lot is nuts! I love nuts, and while I only eat them in small amounts the amount of fats in them led me to avoid them for this challenge. My husband absolutely hates the whipped butter, which just makes me sad. But, I will continue to use it and he can have the other. I also miss cooking with Olive Oil. Olive Oil is a healthy fat, and I use it only in small amounts while cooking. I will do that again in small amounts. Another thing I noticed is that I think I am not eating enough Potassium on this diet. Maybe because I ran out of tomatoes, and bananas, lol, but I have been having leg cramps. I have not had leg cramps in years. So, I will be sure to always have them on hand. Not all people with kidney disease can’t eat potassium. I think my body needs more than the average kidney patient. Father’s Day is Sunday, check out this awesome Hair Growth Combo Kit.

If you enjoyed this challenge, and maybe even tried eat, leave me your thoughts in the comments. Coming up next Monday, Brain Health.


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day 3: things you may not think of when preparing for a hurricane

Welcome back to Hurricane Preparedness Week! I hope everyone is doing well. We actually had measurable rain yesterday for the first time in like 6 weeks. When you live in a tropical area you do not think you will have weeks without rain, but it happens, especially the last 5 years or so. You may see affiliate links in this post.

Today, I want to discuss some things you may not think of when preparing for a Tropical System. Whether you are evacuating, or staying put, food and water are not the only concerns though those seem to be what people are most concerned with. I know you may not think of some of these, because we didn’t until we had to.

  1. Shelter. Obviously if you stay in your home it will be your shelter, but it can become very dangerous. You need to be prepared in case you end up with broken windows or a hole in your roof from a tree. Plywood is very expensive right now, but if you can purchase some and store it in case you need it, it would be a good idea. Plastic garbage bags secured with tape can be a temporary fix for a broken window. Shutters over windows are a great option if you have them, or can afford to have them installed. A large tarp, we just bought one last year, can cover a hole in a roof until it can be repaired. We also purchased a large tent at a yard sale. We were sure to put it together to be sure all the parts were there. When we evacuated we took it with us. With 3 dogs we were not sure if we would be able to find a motel that would take three dogs, so it was a safety net for us.
  2. Money. If you stay behind and weather the storm, you will need cold hard cash because the chances of the power being out is almost 100% if the storm goes over you. The ATM will not work, and businesses may not have generators. You will need cash. If you evacuate you may want to have a little cash on hand, and a debit or credit card. When we came back the power outages were extensive and we had to use cash up to 2 hours from our home for things like gas.
  3. Pets. Plan for your pets. What will you do with them if you have to evacuate, or stay? There are shelters and places they can be boarded. This can be very expensive and you may not get a spot. When we evacuated we called ahead to where we were going and we were assured they took pets. When we arrived at the destination and they saw we had a big dog, albeit a friendly dog, they said they did not take pets. This put us in quite a pickle, and I was unsure what to do as all the other motels were full. We actually ended up staying a night in a not so nice motel, but they let us have all three dogs and did not charge us extra for them. I was very grateful indeed. Make sure you always have at least 3 days of food, water, and medication for your pets. Please, don’t leave your pets behind to fend for themselves, or tie them to a tree. They may drown because they can’t get away. Domesticated animals have no idea how to survive once humans started doing everything for them. This is cruel and inhumane. I would have slept in my car with my kids, and dogs, rather than abandon them. If we are sheltering in place for a storm all leashes, harnesses, and muzzles if necessary are all kept in one spot for easy access. Also, when traveling with pets consider that others may not be as prepared, or responsible as you. We actually had a dog jump out of the back of a pickup because it was unsecured, and charged my son and dog. Thank goodness no one got injured. Practice with your pets getting into a vehicle quickly, and riding manners.
  4. Too much water. Rain and flooding are huge concerns with tropical systems. You can get feet of water. We have had water come right up to the top of the porch. We are now zoned for a flood zone which is why we had to evacuate in 2017. Our home has never flooded. thank goodness. One thing we have not yet purchased, but sits in the back of my mind, is some kind of small boat, or other floating device. Children, elderly and pets can all become quickly fatigued if you have to leave your home due to too much water. Walking in fast moving water is tiring, and dangerous. I would like a small boat to keep in storage if we ever need it. So far we have not found one to fit our budget. Like snow, in the north, heavy rains can weigh down tree branches causing them to hang very low, or even break. Keep the trees over your home, buildings, and power lines trimmed so they can not cause damage. Learn how to trim trees properly so they are not lopsided causing them to be off balance. Standing water will bring mold, pests, and bacteria. Remove it as quickly as possible.
  5. Have a plan. Make sure everyone in your house knows the plan. If you evacuate you can follow the evacuation routes, but I found those to be flooded with slow moving traffic. We used our GPS and went around all that nonsense. Move away from the storm, and watch to be sure the track does not change. Do not settle in until you are sure of the path. Make sure you have gas before you leave. Trust me when I say gas will run out and you can become stranded.
  6. Heat and humidity. Often when the storm is coming it is somewhat cooler. However, once the storm has gone over the heat and humidity is unbearable. You will need a way to keep cool, especially without power. Yes, Walmart and McDonalds had generators but you can only hang out there just so long before they ask you to leave. We had no power for a full 7 days the year we evacuated. It was brutal mostly at night when you want to sleep. We do have a pool and have for most of the years we have been in Florida. The pool is invaluable, and I recommend everyone have one even if it is small. The investment is priceless. Something else we have, that I didn’t realize for years until we had a huge water leak and had to turn off our water for a few days, is that the outside hose actually has it’s own water source not the same as the indoor water supply. This means I can wash dishes, have clean drinking water, wash clothes, flush toilets, and yes cool off. If you can do this at your house, do it. Whoever owned the house before us had insight enough to do this. If you have a local spring, river, or other swimming area it will probably be your new home for a few days.
  7. Documents. You need to be sure and take photos of all of your valuables in and around your home. If you need to file a claim trust me you need them. Store them on a flash drive, and take it with you. We carry important documents in a fire and water proof safe, however, taking photos and putting them on a flash drive is much easier to transport. Because most organizations will need a hard copy, or original of most documents, you still need to keep them secure and safe. Have important numbers easy to access.
  8. Humans. People do weird things when they are scared, or panicked. They are also quite dirty, and gross. They will be in such a rush that they will leave garbage, and other gross things in bathrooms. I could not believe how disgusting the bathrooms were when we evacuated from people in such a hurry. People also will hoard, or panic buy everything in site even when they do not need the amount they buy. You have to be prepared for human reactions. Buy in small increments in the planning stage, but don’t overbuy. Take notice of human behaviors and how people act when they are scared, or in a rush. Don’t forget about PPE. There is still a pandemic after all.
  9. Misc. Basic first aid supplies, basic tools like a hand saw, hammer, rope, nails, etc. Garbage bags for collecting rain water, or to wear as a rain coat. Walmart bags make great shoe inserts or covers, or a rain hat. Bins, or other large containers to collect rain water. Bug spray, anti itch spray, solar lights from the Dollar Tree charged and ready to be brought indoors in place of burning candles. Matches, chargers, ziploc bags to put electronic devices in to keep safe from water. A way to get weather and news updates. Keep in touch with neighbors, the elderly, and family.

Be sure and check out days 1 and 2 in the archives.

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what are the causes of high blood pressure?

Happy Thursday! Today, I will talk about the causes of High Blood Pressure, or Hypertension. The two short videos below I do recommend you watch. I really wish they had stressed the importance of Stress as a cause of High Blood Pressure. All of the things they talk about can be a stressor that leads to Stress. Remember that Stress is simply a reaction to a stressor. If you didn’t get to read my series of posts on Stress, last month, they are available in the archives. I urge you to read them. Stress is a huge factor in High Blood Pressure. Everyone should consider monitoring their blood pressure at least monthly, and more often if you already have High Blood Pressure, or are borderline.

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hypertension, high blood pressure, Hbp! What is it?

Hello, hello! I am so happy you are here. May is Blood Pressure Awareness Month here on Health Buddy Melissa. In March I focused on Kidney Disease, and in April Stress. You can read all of those posts in my archives. There is some great information there.

So, what exactly is blood pressure anyways? Blood pressure simply put is a measurement of force put on your arteries when your heart beats. There are three things that affect your blood pressure Cardiac Output, Volume, and Resistance.

What is a normal Blood Pressure? In 2017 the guidelines changed which increased the number of people diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. While normal is still considered 120/80, the new guidelines suggest that a number over 130 warrants treatment with medication. Now of course there is some controversy, because now 45% of the USA population can have a diagnosis of Hypertension. Apparently this made a lot of people angry. But, there is good evidence to show that a blood pressure greater than 130/80 increases the risk of several health issues like Stroke, Heart Attack, Enlarged Heart, Kidney Disease, Male Sexuality Issues, and even Eye issues. Anyone who has read this blog knows that I am not a jump on the medication wagon kind of girl. There are other ways to lower blood pressure that does not include medications. That does not mean I am anti medication. If you need medication take it! All through the month of May I will be discussing High Blood Pressure and ways to lower it and prevent it. As we age Blood Pressure naturally rises due to the aging effects on the body.

Maybe you are young and you don’t think this is an issue for you. Think again! According to stats collected by the CDC in 2016 people in the age group 18-39 had a prevalence of HBP of 7.5%, 40-59 was 33%, and age 60 and over 63%. Age 40 is not that old and 1/3 of the population had HBP. Statistically more men than women had HBP. It varies between races and economic statuses as well.

When you go to the doctor your blood pressure may be higher than it normally is. A lot of times it is just because of general nervousness. But, it can be a reason for concern. A simple electronic blood pressure machine can be purchased to check your blood pressure daily and keep a log. In your log note the arm you took the blood pressure in, and time of day. Try to take your blood pressure the same time each day for consistent readings. Do not take your blood pressure right after exercising, after eating, if you are excited or scared until you can be calm. Also make sure you are sitting with your feet flat on the floor, and legs or ankles not crossed. Your arm should be relaxed and at or below heart level. Make sure you have a proper fitting cuff. If you have a big arm be sure and buy a machine with a larger cuff. A Pharmacist can help you pick the right size cuff for your arm.

Always be honest with your doctor, and yourself, of any symptoms or high blood pressure readings you may have. Denying, or ignoring a problem will not prevent any of the health issues I mentioned above.

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