Updated Disclaimer: 6/04/2021

Health Buddy Melissa is a Sole Proprietor website owned by me. I pay my taxes as an Independent Contractor.  This updated disclaimer date 6/04/2021 replaces the outdated disclaimer.  Please read and understand it before requesting coaching services from Health Buddy Melissa.

1-  Health Buddy Melissa  is not meant to be medical advice, or to replace seeing a doctor, or other health practitioner.  Anyone who does so, is doing so at their own risk, not mine.  I will share opinions, or engage in topics and conversations of information that can be found in publications, on the internet, and from my own personal experience.   You may see affiliate links on this blog.  I only use reputable companies to affiliate for when and if I choose to do so.  As a Holistic Health Coach I can help you with many goals such as:  learning about a chronic illness, follow a diet set by your doctor, learn about menu planning and diets to lose weight or build muscle, learn about kidney disease and ways to help manage it, communicate better with your doctor or anyone, time management, deal with difficult people and so many more. I am in the process of targeting my plans to be more specific rather than so broad. You will see wellness replacing health.

2-  Privacy-  Privacy is very important to me.   I will never sell your information, or let others have access to it.  All client info is deleted from my private email account within 7 days of our contract together ending.  If you decide to work with me after that time, a whole new account will be made.  No one has access to my private email account but me.  However, you always have to be aware that things can get hacked.  It is in the news all the time.  I have never been hacked, but a release will need to be signed absolving me of responsibility should it be hacked.  I have purchased a business email through Google Suite.  They assure me it is private, encrypted and safe. 

3-  I am a Licensed Practical Nurse, for 34 years, and that means I have been coaching people for many years already.  I am 51 years old, you do the Math.  I am a  Certified Holistic Health Coach.  I also have certificates in Aromatherapy, Reiki level 2 Practitioner, Herbalism, Mindfulness Practitioner, and Guided Imagery.  I also took a free course on Sports Medicine, but no certificate was supplied. I have a second Health Coach certificate that taught me about exercise and plans. But, I am not a personal trainer. I have taken many Nutrition courses, but I am not a Nutritionist.  I can not prescribe a diet to you legally, but I can help you learn how to eat properly to lose weight and maintain good health.  If you have a prescribed diet from a doctor I can help you to understand and modify your life to follow that plan.  

4-  As your Health Coach it is my job to educate you, motivate you, and support you to reach your health goals.  I will not provide nutrition advice, or medical advice.  It is actually illegal in many states to provide Nutrition advice.  Some states it is allowed.  That will be discussed at the Meet and Greet.  I will not make meal plans targeted to certain nutrition requirements, but I will create general meal plans, unless allowed in your state.  I will, however, teach you to do so yourself.  There is much more to health than just diet, nutrition, and fitness.  I can work with you on any goal you may have.  See some examples below.  I can not help you with serious Mental Health Issues.  I am not qualified to do so, and feel it can be incredibly dangerous.  If you just need someone to listen to you, I do have a program for that, but I will not give opinions, or advice, and if I feel you are suicidal I will recommend the hotline to you.

5-  If you live outside the USA, I can still work with you.  You must speak, write and understand English, and all times of meetings will be Eastern Time Zone.  It will be your responsibility to know what that means, and when the meeting time will be. All payments will have to be made via Paypal in US dollars only.  It is your responsibility to follow your country’s laws for dealing with Health Coaches in other countries.  A disclaimer will be required if you do not live in the USA.

6-  If you need a young, skinny, hot Health Coach, then I am not the Health Coach for you.  However, if you want someone who will care about you, and work hard for you, then I might be the Coach you need.  I will not promise big results.  The results will depend on how much effort you put into meeting the goals you will set.  Health Coaching is about you, not me.  It is not a personal relationship where I tell you all about my life.  It is a professional relationship aimed at steering you towards meeting goals you want met.  If at any time I feel the relationship is no longer professional services will be ceased.  

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The Boring Stuff!

So, all blogs need something boring, and for me it is all the legal mumbo jumbo.  But, it is necessary, so I shall do it.  This page, along with my Hello page, and available packages will be linked to every post.

Privacy Policy:  These will update as needed.  Right now I have the free version of WordPress, so you may see ads.  Once I upgrade, I will have to decide if I want paid ads on this site.  Right now I am leaning towards no.  WordPress may use cookies, or other ways of tracking when this blog is visited.  I personally will always respect your privacy.  Any discussions between me, and a client are private, period, and kept in a secure way.  All records will be kept for 2 years after our work together has ended.  I do not currently have an email list, or a newsletter.  Again, not sure if I want those, but if I decide I need them, I will update.

Terms and Conditions:  This is a Health Coaching Blog.  I expect anyone who leaves comments to me, or any other participant to be respectful in the manner they speak.  Anyone who does not can be blocked.  Do not contact participants unsolicited.  If you leave a comment, with or without a link, that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, your comment will not be approved.  Please use the contact button, in the top right corner, to contact me.

Disclaimer:  I am a nurse, that is true, but in this business I am a Health Coach.  I am not working under my license.  I am working as an Independent Contractor, with health experience, to help coach clients to a better self.  I will not give medical advice, or mental health counseling.  I am not responsible if you misuse any information I provide to you.  It is your responsibility to take the info, and resources I provide to you, to your health care provider.  Some things obviously will not fall under this such as stress relief, organization skills, mindfulness, memory care, etc.  I will work with any prescribed plans given to you to help you manage, and cope with them such as already made exercise, diet, and medication regimes.

Disclosure of Paid Content:  I love to share products, and services that I personally use and love.  They are unpaid, and just things I love.  If I do a paid post, it will only be after the product is personally tested, and I can give an honest review.  These type of posts will always be disclosed.  All of my resources will always be identified at the end of every blog post if needed.

Copyright of Written or Art Works:  Please do not copy any of my written, or art work, without written consent.  Use the contact button in the right hand corner to message me.

Paid Services:  This is a business, as such I expect to be paid.  All payments are USD, and through my verified Paypal account.  I file as an Independent Contractor for tax purposes, 1099 form, at the end of each year.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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