Day 3 zero point food/very low fat food challenge

This is hard, lol! I have figured up everything I have, and will eat for today. I need at least 20 more grams of protein without adding fat, salt, or sugar to the daily count. Good grief! Since it is a work day I will hope they have something appropriate at work. They allow us to eat. I will have to let you know tomorrow what I did. Be sure to read day 1, and the trial run I did, to learn why and how I am doing this. I did not lose any weight today, but I ate a ton of carbs yesterday. I was kind of worried about that when I started this challenge, but that will be for the end to talk about. I did have a serving of my pretzels last night.

Today’s foods are low calorie, and low fat. Please remember I don’t track drinks, you can read about why in the trial run I did last weekend.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: My favorite breakfast now green grapes, strawberries, a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, and 1 tbsp of Cool Whip.

Lunch: Ok, this technically was a 1/2 gram over my fat limit, but I needed to use these up and my daughter wanted some, so I had a half of the Banquet Chicken Patties, on top of an Aunt Millie’s min sub roll, with 1 tsp of the light Hellman’s mayo. Then I had tomatoes, and cucumbers with some Hidden Valley Ranch dry seasoning one serving. The roll added a nice amount of carbs to get me through the day.

Dinner: I put the other half of the Banquet patty in my thermos chopped up, with 1 cup of Happy Harvest creamed corn, and 1 cup of Dishd plain mashed potatoes.

I also take a half of a multivitamin with a fattier meal.


Calories: 744

Total Fat: 17 grams

Saturated Fat: 3.7 grams

Total Carbs: 134 grams

Net Carbs: 123 grams

Cholesterol: 25 mg

Sodium: 1894 mg This is below my target of 2000 mg per day

Please remember to read day 1, and subsequent days as to the rules, and to see pics of items. I tend to use the same items and I don’t add pics of nutrition each time.


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april health challenge: triceps

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Today, I am rolling out my first health challenge of 2021. Did you know that flabby arms, batwings, arms that wave back, whatever you call them, those flabby under arms are one of the top 3 things women reportedly hate about their bodies? So, for the month of April the challenge for anyone who wishes to participate is to tone those batwings and get ready for tank top arms. There are many exercises to tone triceps that do not require weights such as, pushups, triangle pushups, triceps dips on a bench or chair, the plank, one arm side pushups, and so many more. You of course can pick any exercises you wish, but for me and this challenge I will be using dumbbells, and just 3 exercises: the triceps dumbbell dip, triceps kickback, and triceps back taps. The triceps are a set of three muscles that make up the back of the upper arm. This area of the body is notably famous for collecting fat, especially on women.

I found the video below if you would like to use a video. If you are new to exercise start slow and stop if you have any discomfort. Start with light weights, 3 pounds or less, soup cans, or water bottles. You can also use an exercise band to do these triceps exercises. Do these exercises at least two times a week, and three is even better. Start with one set of each exercise with 10 to 15 repetitions. Add more weight or higher reps as the weeks go on. This challenge will run from April 1 to April 30, 2021. If you have Kidney Disease like me, then do not use heavy weights, and be mindful of your heart rate and body reaction. Exercise can elevate your blood pressure which is never good for kidney disease. Always remember to warm up your arms first, with some arm circles, and stretch when you are done. If you have any questions or need help feel free to comment below, or use the contact form to message me privately.

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this week’s food challenge 11/4-11/10/2020

It is time for the second Health Buddy Melissa Food Challenge. This time only I am participating. Neither my husband or daughter agreed to even try, which is a little disappointing, but oh well. Starting tomorrow I will be meatless for 7 days. No meat at all. I can have dairy, but no meat. I don’t eat much dairy at all, just a tiny bit of cheese. I have not made a menu for the week, for this challenge, because I will be winging it. I will be adapting their dinners to meet my challenge. So, whenever I do a new post I will update what I ate for the days that proceeded that post. I will also update how difficult it is with being on a low carb lifestyle. I am thinking it is not going to be easy, or I may gain some weight or be very hungry. Only the week will tell. Wish me luck!

Would you like to join the meatless challenge? It is easy, just leave me a comment and post how you did, if you want. If you want you can do a blog post with the challenge and put the link in the comments. If you do this please put a link to this blog. Tomorrow come back to learn about G-BOMBS.

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Sweating on Sunday: Health Buddy Melissa 2020 Walking Challenge

Join me in 2020 to walk 1800 miles in a year.  This is a walking challenge, and anyone can join for free.  Post weekly to the Health Buddy Melissa Facebook page The challenge will be pinned to the top of the Facebook page, once it starts, for easy finding.    If you want motivational help, healthy eating help, resources or other exercise info, sign up for one of the available Health Buddy packages.  If you want me to walk with you via text, phone call, etc sign up for my Walking Buddy package.  This will start right on January first.  Start your New Year off right, and get moving.  I will be walking 5 miles a day, 7 days a week.  That is the challenge.  If you walk more than 5 miles, great.  If you walk a lot at work, the challenge is to commit to one mile, non-work related walking.  You don’t have to go out and walk 5 miles all at once.  Like for me, I can walk 5 miles in one workday.  When I am not at work it is a bit more challenging to get that many steps in for 5 miles.  I do wear a Fitness Tracker and try to get up and walk 250 steps each hour.   I offer gift certificates through December 31st.  Give the gift of health, use the contact form to message me for all orders.  My November and December special is Don’t Gobble Til You Wobble.  Check it out, and don’t sabotage your diet progress this year.