10 ways to be happy for an hour!

Happy Self Care Saturday! Today is also International Earth Day. There is an old Chinese Proverb about being happy. I have adapted parts of it to suit my self care needs. Below are 10 ways you can be happy for an hour. Happiness is key to Self Care though everyone may have their own definition of what it means to be happy and whether it is achievable. To me happiness is a state of feeling free of stress, burdens, worry, strife, work, demands, etc.

  1. I think lots of people will agree with this. If you want to be happy for an hour, take a nap. I am not a good napper, especially for only an hour, but just lying quietly with my eyes closed and resting is wonderful. I don’t have to actually fall asleep. That generally just makes me feel icky.
  2. Take a walk in nature for an hour. Not a sweaty, heavy breathing exercise kind of walk. A peaceful, slow, gentle walk someplace you find beautiful and quiet. This could be anywhere. You also don’t have to walk the whole time. You can sit and appreciate your 5 senses, sight, hearing, smells, touch, and taste. Be sure you are not on your phone, and it is silenced, and that you are either walking with someone who is quiet and not talkative, or take your dog.
  3. Volunteer for an hour. We volunteer once a week at a dog rescue. Helping dogs rescued from shelters that may be kill shelters, or have been abandoned and unloved is so rewarding. If we lived closer I am sure we would do it more often.
  4. If you are more of a sociable person make sure to set aside an hour at least weekly to be with family or friends. If it can’t be in person then do a video chat, or talk on the phone. If you are more of an introvert this may not be your best option.
  5. Get a massage or mani pedi.
  6. Do gardening. If you have not learned the art of gardening and how wonderfully happy it can make you, then you are missing out. Getting your hands dirty and learning to grow your own food or beautiful flowers makes me very happy. Plus today is Earth Day.
  7. Treat yourself to a meal out, order in, or have someone else cook for a meal. You may not do this daily, but at least weekly. Check out Meals With Melissa.
  8. If you can afford this hire a maid for an hour a day, or even an hour a week. I know that would make me happy.
  9. I know this one is weird but I am really quite happy cleaning my pool. Maybe it is because I get the warm sun on my skin, no one is bothering me, no phone, no kids, no husband, just me and the pool. During the Summer months I clean my pool everyday.
  10. Try being crafty. I know people say they are not crafty or artistic, but you may surprise yourself. An hour a week, or daily if you can, may make your very happy. Some things you may not have considered as crafty are: learn to play an instrument, paint, draw, crochet, knit, pottery, photography, writing, learn a new language, learn sign language, computer graphics such as create an app, glass etching, and so many more I may not have thought of.

I am sure there are others that I didn’t include, exercise or going for a motorcycle ride comes to mind. What is your favorite way to be happy for an hour? Share in the comments.

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self care sunday: halloween fun

For myself part of self care is crafting and decorating for the seasons. You may have read my blog post on creating my Fall miniature fairy garden. Today, I am sharing some short videos for ideas to decorate your home for Halloween. This year money is tight for a lot of people, so upcycling or making recycled decorations and or costumes may be very important. The Dollar Tree offers some great options to make some affordable decorating items. I am way behind this year with my Fall decorating. I need to get going. I generally don’t just decorate for Halloween, but rather a Fall theme so items can stay up until Thanksgiving. The pumpkin video offers some cool, non carved pumpkin decorating ideas. You will see below and image of the etched glass candle holders I made. They are available in my Etsy shop. Also, my turkey candles. I do not make a lot of money on Etsy, it is more of a way to do something with all of the items I love to create. Some items I give as gifts too. Leave me a comment telling me how you decorate for Halloween/Fall. I would love to hear from you your creative ideas.



Sweating on Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms everywhere.  Don’t sweat today, or if you are like me, and you know your diet is not going to be tip top today, then sweat away.  Our AC got fixed the other day, so now I can work out any time of the day, rather than just in the morning.  I am still a morning person, though, so I don’t see too many evening workouts in my future, lol.  Take care of your Mom today, and always take care of yourself Moms!