Meals With Melissa Subscription Plan!

Updated 12/10/2021: I have had a lot of interest in this plan, so I am going to make it more targeted and more clear as to what you will receive.

This is my first brand new paid content subscription plan. I will be rolling out a few others in the next few days. Please read and understand carefully before purchasing.

This is a 30-day plan. Your 30 days will begin when I send the first email, within 72 hours of payment. You will receive via email the following:

1- My monthly calendar of dinner meals. They will come in a rich text format. If you can not open it email me and I will send it another way. These meals are geared towards a family of 3 or 4, with no particular diet options. . I try very hard to make the meals as affordable and healthy as possible. We use leftovers a lot, and I recommend you do the same to save time and money. If you have a particular dietary need please contact me via the contact form at the end of this post to discuss a plan for special dietary needs.

2- The meal plan will be sent weekly on Wednesdays. So, if you purchase on a Saturday, the meal plan won’t arrive until Wednesday. If you order on a Wednesday, your plan won’t start until the following week, as I will need time to get all the information together for you. You will get four weeks of meal plans, but each meal plan is delivered every Wednesday for that week.

3- In that weekly email, with the mail plan, I will include general instructions on how to cook each meal with tips on variations. None of these meals will be complicated or time-consuming.

4- Each meal will include general nutrition data. These are general stats and I can’t guarantee specificity. I am not a Dietitian, the info I provide is based on websites, and apps that I use to calculate my nutrition data and are for informational purposes only.

5- Once a week, on Thursday. I will email you for support to any questions you may have, needs, etc. You can request meals or information you may like me to try or include in a meal plan.

6- Your email will be an individual email from me. I will not group emails so as to protect your privacy and keep others from soliciting from you.

7- You can start at any time in a month. Your subscription will begin when payment is received, on Wednesday after payment is received. A welcome email will let you know when your subscription begins and ends. As your subscription comes to an end I will send a reminder email 7 days in advance that you can renew if you wish to.

8- My Paypal account is now linked to the business email for this blog. The Paypal still says my husband’s name. To change it is a whole hassle, so for now, it is staying that way. He does not access the account, and never has, it is just how it was started over 15 years ago.

9- This is not one on one coaching, or in any way Nutritional advice. Therefore there is not an intake assessment or a meet and greet needed. You can always purchase one on one coaching if you would like more intense coaching with meals. For more intense coaching check out my new 30-day coaching plan,

10- To purchase and start your subscription, just use the Paypal option at the very top of this post. You can always use the contact form below to message me for an invoice to be sent to you if you would rather not pay through the Paypal button above. Health Buddy Melissa email address is