Goals vs Resolutions

Updated 1/31/2022: I am editing old posts and I came across this one. Some of these goals are still goals, but more of habits now. Some of these goals may have not been as realistic as I thought and have been tweaked over time. I can say, with the exception of losing one pound per week, all the other goals have been met.

Happy New Year, 2019!  It is that time of year.  To make resolutions you never intend to keep, or maybe keep for a bit and then let them go.  I don’t set resolutions, never really have.  Why?  Because resolutions are not realistic, and I am a Realist.  I do set goals, however.  Some are daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  I do not set goals past one year, never have, probably never will.  Why?  Because to me, there is no control in that, and again I am a Realist.  Life changes, daily sometimes, meaning goals may need to be changed.  That is the Realist in me.  Below I will share some of my goals for 2019.   I am human, so that means goals are often not met, that is why they are goals.  If you want, or need help setting good realistic goals, use the contact form to send me an email and make an appointment for a free consultation.

My Goals for 2019:

Daily:  Exercise, meditate, promote this blog, read, read Bible, check email

Weekly:  Make a new to-do list each week, take classes, crafts, clean and declutter, lose 1 pound per week, blog at least 1 day per week.

Monthly:  save money every month, date night at least once a month, fix something at least once a month, check MD appointments, volunteer, update this blog.

Yearly:  Join/rejoin nurse.com, be an advocate at NKF, take a vacation, buy SUV tent for camping, buy state park passes, visit family in NY, Hurricane prep, renew Nsg license.

Do you make resolutions or set goals?  Please share if you are willing, which, and why.