fully vaccinated and exposed: What are the protocols?

Happy Tuesday! It has been stressful lately around my life. Speaking of Stress, that is the topic for this months coaching giveaway. Be sure and come back tomorrow as I lay out the details. In the meantime you can watch my short video at the end of this post to learn how a Health Coach can help you with Stress management.

My husband, my daughter and I have basically been having very limited exposure to people during the last year and a bit. I have CKD and am at increased risk if I were to get Covid. I have taken care of sick Covid patients, and gone all this time with no issue. I have been fully vaccinated for almost a month and a half, as has my husband. That means there is still a 6% chance we could catch Covid. We wear masks and all that good stuff still to this day. On Easter we were invited to a small outdoor gathering, with extended family. We had been avoiding these types of activities since last August when my son was married. We decided to go and it was a lovely day for an outdoor gathering. There was only about 10 of us. Yesterday, I went to work as scheduled, I wear masks and follow all protocols. Today, I was contacted as two members of my extended family tested positive today, and started feeling unwell yesterday. So, what exactly are the protocols in such a situation?

According to the CDC anyone who has had two doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, and two weeks have passed are considered fully vaccinated. The protocol for exposure to a known positive case for Covid positive people is as follows: Fully vaccinated people can refrain from testing and quarantine following a known exposure as long as they are asymptomatic. Remember the symptoms for Covid are a fever, muscle aches, fatigue, new loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, and coughing. We will check our temps for the next 14 days every day. I will get tested, my job is actually requiring it, and I will have my daughter tested 5 days past our known exposure which would be Friday. I will encourage my husband to get tested and he has to make his job aware, though he mostly works from home. I have notified the two people we were with today so they can be tested to be safe. Of course I will continue to disinfect my house and all other precautions we normally follow. There is very low risk to me or my husband, but my daughter is not vaccinated, nor is my son. He also has already had to quarantine even though he tested negative three times his job still made him quarantine. So, he may have to again, which of course puts a financial burden on him and his wife. His wife is vaccinated. I am still waiting to see if my job is requiring me to quarantine, even though the protocols say I don’t have to, nor should I have to be tested. But, I understand their need to be cautious. Just because I am vaccinated Does Not mean I can not get it. It means I should not get critically ill should I get it, and they say they don’t think vaccinated people can transmit the Covid Virus.

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Healthy Tips On Tuesday: Keeping Your Mental Health Healthy During Coronavirus

Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone continues to be well.  I have been busy with some new classes, and new exercise routines.  We are all still healthy and working.  My poor sister had some bad news last week about her job, so that was hard to hear, and my job had one case but it was quickly isolated and no one else has gotten it, thank goodness.  It goes to show with the swift quarantine of people who have the spread of the virus can be contained, and spread prevented.

Below is a quick video to help deal with one’s mental health during these tough times.  I very much like what they said at the very end.  See what I am talking about.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing.


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Health Tip on Tuesday: Avoiding Neck Pain for Desk Workers

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and I will be posting my May special just for Moms.  Be sure and check back to see what it is.

Do you get neck pain, or headaches when working on your computer, or at your desk?  I know I do.  But, why?

The number one reason I get neck pain while working on the laptop is that I don’t actually have a proper desk, and I am always looking at a downward angle.  After a while, this causes me great strain and tightness in my neck.

For me, neck stretches, getting up and moving every hour, and wearing a neck support pillow for part of the day all help prevent me from getting the neck pain to start with.  My neck pillow is nothing special, just a cheapo one bought at my local Walmart.  I get up and walk at least 250 steps each hour.  I do the stretches at the beginning of my day, and sometimes at the end of the day.  If I was in an office I might choose not to wear the neck pillow there, but wear it at home.

I chose the video below for this post because she is thorough and uses a good form to teach the stretches.  She is a bit slow, however.  Once you learn the stretches you won’t need to watch the video.

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Wisdom on Wednesday

The image was taken on my cell phone of the Super Pink Moon, last night.  The quote is just a lovely quote I saw on Pinterest.  I do not know who the quote is attributed to, but it is fitting, especially in these days of social distancing.  It is hard, to not be with older parents or grandparents.  Not being with friends, and going about our regular lives is not fun.  But, rather than counting the days until this is over, we should be making each day count.  I am sure you are spending more time with your young children, cooking, playing games, homeschooling, etc.  Maybe learn a new craft, or do some much need house upkeep or maintenance.  These are ways to make the days count, and trust me you will feel much better when you make the days count, rather than counting the days until all of this is over.


Are You Stressed Out From Coronavirus and Social Distancing?

It is a stressful time right now.  I assume it is probably going to get more stressful.  I am a nurse, and I have CKD, so I feel like I am gonna get whammied.  On my page where I list all of my active plans, way down at the bottom under number 6 is an option for Just Text, Call or Face to Face.  I figure this is a good time to promote that plan.  It is a great way for people to get to talk to someone about their stress, concerns, or just need to vent to a friendly person.  This is not free, but my prices are reasonable.  If you are interested in learning more, or to purchase this plan, or any plan, use the contact form below to send me a message.  A meet and greet, via email, is required prior to the purchase of this plan.