Vintage Thanksgiving Music!

Turkey day is almost here. I have been out and about all day. There are people everywhere shopping for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are some empty shelves, and a store I had never been in, Tuesday Morning, had lots of holiday stuff picked over and it isn’t even Black Friday yet. I was going to Black Friday shop with my daughter, but she decided after today she wasn’t really feeling the crowds, lol. I have been in three different Dollar Tree stores in the past week, for a craft I want to make for the holidays, and people are buying up everything. Did you hear they are raising everything to 1.25 at the Dollar Tree? I don’t know how I feel about that.

Does music bring you joy? Did you even know there was music just for Thanksgiving? I didn’t! Music is a great way to be nostalgic, festive, and happy. I found this Youtube video of just vintage Thanksgiving music. When you first listen to it you might think it is a mistake, but keep listening. Be sure and play this on Thanksgiving during dinner. I know I will. I think musicians should pay attention. This is a very underserved area of music. There is Christmas music, and even for Halloween, but Thanksgiving is neglected. When is the last time you heard a new Thanksgiving song come out on the radio? I will wait.

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Throwback Thursday 1980’s Halloween fun!

This post is a fun post. It has nothing to do with Brain Health, or does it. Memories are an important part of Brain Health. Nostalgia and remembering times of the past help you with recall. It can be lots of fun too. I think I will make this a recurring weekly post as it is very popular. As a matter of fact, and I am not sure why, but Halloween has been trending on this blog. I have done several posts on Halloween, mostly about candy and CKD, but some other fun ones too. Be sure and check them out in the archives. This post may contain affiliate links, as may any of my posts. The two videos below are on 80’s Halloween commercials for kids, and a very special Halloween special for kids that I adored and still do.

Let me know in the comments if you like these types of posts. I think they are fun and refreshing. I love to think back to the days of my teen years.

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Throwback thursday: the #1 Toy of 1969

Just a quick post today as we have nasty weather in our area, again. These Throwback Thursday posts are very popular. I love nostalgia and reminiscing. What year were you born? Do you know what the #1 toy the year you were born was? I was born in August of 1969, and in that same month America landed on the moon. The #1 toy for that year was the Snoopy Astronaut. I would so love to have one of these toys. I am sure it costs a pretty penny today. Leave me a comment and let me know what the #1 toy was the year you were born.

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The image was from Google and I think it originally came from Sotheby’s.

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throwback thursday: 1969

Keeping with a lighter theme on Thursdays. Where were you in 1969. I was born in August of 1969, so some of this stuff I do not remember. But, some of it continued into the 70’s most notably I can remember Lassie, the Wisk commercial, and the Prince Spaghetti commercial. Some of the toys also went into the 70’s. The Disney Halloween story, I do not recall.

Looking back and remembering is a great way to have nostalgia about the past. My kids get a kick out of how simplistic toys were back then.

Enjoy! Where were you in 1969? What do you remember? Let me know in the comments.

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Throwback Thursday: Halloween and Koolaid

I have decided Thursday posts will be fun posts. A little fun and nostalgia in our lives can never be a bad thing. Since it will be Fall before we know it, I decided to start with some Halloween nostalgia.

Now I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s so it is a perfect era to start with. We were pretty poor when I was growing up, and Koolaid was inexpensive. Matter of fact it still is. Koolaid is what we drank most of as kids. We had Koolaid cups, they were so cute, and all kinds of flavors of Koolaid. I can even remember, as the vintage ad below states, getting Koolaid packets in our trick or treat pumpkins. Grape and Cherry were my favorites. What about yours? My mom used to make popsicles with Koolaid. How many of you had those Tupperware popsicle makers? We did and they were grand. Soda was not really a thing back then, at least not in rural America. When we did have soda it was only on pizza night, and pizza night was only every other Friday.

Did you drink a lot of Koolaid as a kid? What memories or nostalgia can you share about those days? Share in the comments. I would love to hear from others.

Please note I found the image on Pinterest.

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