What Exactly Is A Buddha Bowl?

Hello, and Happy Monday! I see videos and articles about Buddha Bowls all the time. I thought to myself what is a Buddha Bowl, and why is it called that? Keep reading, it is kind of neat.

I really couldn’t find the original intent of the Buddha Bowl. But, according to Wikipedia, the Buddha Bowl became a big food concept in 2013. It apparently started as a Vegan movement way of eating, but can now be Vegetarian, as it the concept has spread. Vegetarian means lots of veggies with some small amounts of meat sources also. It is intended to be healthy, however, so using the freshest, organic if possible, least processed food items would be best according to the Buddha Bowl concept.

Why is it called a Buddha Bowl? Well, there are some theories but no one seems to exactly know for certain.

  1. These bowls are meant to have lots of color with a variety of colored veggies, and wholesome whole grain foods, which may imply balance, and wellness. I can see that for sure.
  2. The bowl should be really round with high edges, possibly a reference to Buddha’s famous belly.
  3. Buddha would, apparently, carry his bowl through the village for villagers to put Vegetarian food items into for him to eat.

I have never actually created a Buddha Bowl, but I love the concept. Especially for taking a meal to work when I work my long 12 hours and it is so easy to just eat garbage food. I will certainly be doing this, and from a meal prep point of view it would be so easy to have already made grains in the fridge with chopped veggies and a protein of my choice. Just the dressing would be an issue, but making my own might be fun. A lot of the dressings use Tahini. I have never tried Tahini, but I know it is made of Sesame Seeds. If you have CKD, or need to watch your Oxalates, Tahini could be a problem for you. As with any dressing, or sauce, use it sparingly. You do not have to use a Tahini based dressing. Be sure and check out the video below with 5 different dressings for your Buddha bowl, to make at home.

How do you make a buddha bowl. First pick a nice, big, round dish with high lips. For work mine will be rectangle, so oh well. I guess I could just leave all of the ingredients separate and put it together at work. That would work. Your cooked grains should go on the very bottom. Some examples are rice, barley, quinoa, etc. Try for whole grains, but again with CKD whole grains may not work for you. I personally love Jasmine Rice. Next would be all of your colorful fresh veggies. These bowls are typically cold, like a salad, but I could see a warm Buddha Bowl being lovely. Don’t forget fresh herbs, and I don’t ever really see fruit, but hay I love fresh fruit. Then your protein would go on. If you want to use a mixture of plant-based, ie beans, lentils, legumes, and or nuts, with a meat source, I say go for it. Make it your own, and whatever will encourage you to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle is fine. Don’t make something you won’t like, or at least make a small amount of it when trying something new. I don’t really see where there is dairy involved in these bowls either. So, no cheese. Last, but not least, the dressing. If you really just can’t make your own, use whatever kind you like from the store. Just be Mindful of portion sizes. Do not mix the Buddha Bowl, presentation is everything. You want to savor the beauty, balance, and health of the bowl.

Of all the food concepts I have read, and studied, I like this one the best so far. From a Mindful Eating perspective you can enjoy putting your Buddha Bowl together, the beauty of all the colors, the amazing smells from fresh herbs, and then the enjoyment of eating it. Just the concept brings peaceful wellness to mind. I think just a plain old salad can be very boring, and unappealing. Buddha Bowls sound amazing!

What do you think? Would you try one, or have you already? Let me know in the comments.

I am going to meal prep some for this next weekend when I work. I actually have some organic barley in my pantry that I need to cook and use. Other than soup, not cold enough for that yet, I wasn’t sure what I should do with it, spur of the moment buy, lol. But, now I know. I shop on Friday, so I can get tons of fresh veggies, chop and have everything prepped. Plus, I got these delicious garlic pepper pistachios from Trader Joe’s that I think will be amazing. My garden has produced a ton of Basil, too, so I might make that Basil dressing in the video below.


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gift idea #9, Meal Prep, My walking stats and christmas songs

Since I don’t want to bombard my email followers with more than one post in a day I guess I will have more than one topic in a post. This morning was super cold, again. So, I decided to do some meal prep to reduce waste of some food that was going to go bad. I don’t usually do meal prep but I have been watching some videos and reading some books, and it really can reduce food waste. Since I menu plan it might mean I have to change my menu for the week, but that really is not that big of a deal. You can see all of the images from my meal prepping below. First, I had apples that were going to go bad so I made homemade banana apple muffins. I used this recipe, except I used an all purpose baking mix because that is what I had on hand, 2 apples and one banana. I used brown sugar instead of white sugar. I was going to use Stevia, but I was afraid my husband wouldn’t eat them. If you use an all purpose baking mix you probably don’t need the baking powder. Check the ingredients on the box. These were super easy and delicious. You can see in the images I made full size and mini muffins. The best I can figure, according to my Fitbit nutrition tracker, each mini muffin has 80 calories and 10 total carbs. Later tonight for dinner I will be using the rest of the all purpose baking mix to make pancakes. I am making a ton so they can be frozen and then eaten when someone wants on or two. The muffins can also be frozen, but I don’t see them lasting very long, lol. My husband liked them, a lot. Since pancakes are high in phosphorus be sure and use only the portion sizes recommended on the box. If you are low carb measure your pancake batter and track the carbs. I still have 3 apples and I need to decide what to do with them. I might just cook them down with brown sugar and cinnamon and make a topping for ice cream, yogurt or cottage cheese. Yum that sounds good. Next, I still had 4 cups of cabbage left from that head I bought over a week ago. I decided to make egg roll in a bowl. This was so easy and good. I simply cooked an onion, the cabbage, 1 pound of mild Italian sausage, garlic powder, pepper and leftover broccoli in a frying pan until it was all cooked. Then I added Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce. I only added half the bottle. You can see the nutrition info for the sauce below, and the cooked results. I had 3/4 of a cup of this for lunch, and one mini muffin. This was so good, and I got at least 3 more lunches out of it. My husband may or may not like this. I know my daughter won’t.

People who have CKD like snacks and treats just like anyone else. However, they do have to be a little more mindful of the choices they make. Too much sugar, sodium, fat, potassium and phosphorus are all things to consider when they choose snacks and treats. For today’s gift idea I chose a gift basket with acceptable snacks and treats for CKD. You can buy a lovely basket, here are some ideas, and add treats and snacks. Please remember that nuts and chocolate are not good choices, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a tiny bit. If they are stage 5 it might be absolutely not suggested. Here you can read about acceptable candy treats to put in the basket, for people with CKD. There is also a video below with the fruits and veggies that have more acceptable levels of potassium for people with CKD. I think a treat and snack basket is a great idea for someone with CKD. I have CKD and I know I would really appreciate this kind of gift.

Yesterday, I said I was going to share my walking stats and then poof I forgot. Below you will see my stats for Monday and Tuesday. I walk a lot, lol.

Tis the season for Christmas music. I am sure you have some favorites, and so do I. Now until New Years on each post I will share one of my favorites. Leave me a note in the comments what your favorites are, and if you have a favorite artist that sings them. Check out my first pick below.

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How I Make My Family Meal Plan CKD Friendly

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is well.  It is getting real here in FL.  I went to Walmart today and there was literally no toilet paper, paper towels, alcohol, hand sanitizer and most importantly the Ramen is sold out.  However, Dollar General and Family Dollar both still have toilet paper and paper towels.  Not so much of the other items.  I did find some on Amazon, so I bought it there, but it is almost all gone there too.

Today’s Foodie Friday topic is on how I made my weekly family meal plan CKD friendly.  I am stage 3, stable labs, no Diabetes and no HTN.  As I stated Monday it was our anniversary this week, and since we are avoiding crowds right now we did have pizza.

Sunday was my homemade chicken noodle soup which there were no leftovers.  I did keep the carcass to make my own chicken stock.  I added carrots, onions, and celery to the crockpot for the soup.  Add your noodles in the last 20 minutes of cooking. Making it homemade helps you control the sodium.  I also parboiled the whole chicken to reduce phosphorus and potassium levels, prior to cooking in the crockpot.

Monday:  Leftovers.  Self-explanatory here.  I worked so I am not sure what they had.  I took a salad to work with me.

Tuesday:  Italian pasta, with chicken and broccoli.  It was supposed to be pork but I already had the chicken out.  I parboiled the chicken prior to pan-frying it in olive oil with no salt seasonings.  Broccoli was steamed, if you have potassium restrictions pick a different, not green veggie.  Pasta with butter, fresh lemon juice,  and garlic.  You could certainly make this fancier with other herbs.

Wednesday:  Anniversary pizza.  This was take out so no way to make it more CKD friendly.

Thursday:  Workday for me, they had grilled cheese and chips.

Friday:  Pork cube steaks pan-fried in olive oil with onions.  Mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli.  I eat only 3 to 4 ounces of meat at any given time.  The mashed potatoes are instant today because I had them on hand.  I only eat 1/4 of a cup of them.  Again, if you have potassium restrictions choose a non-green veggie.  I have never tried to parboil pork, but I am sure it could be done.  We were supposed to have cheddar biscuits but it is too hot to run the oven right now, so they will be saved for another day.  I do not generally eat these.

Saturday:  Crockpot BBQ pork ribs, mashed potatoes, and salad.  I am going to try and parboil the ribs for this one and see how they come out.  I do have to work but I will have it ready for me to eat a nice lunch before I go to work.  I use Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce but you could make your own to keep sodium levels low.  I will make a baked potato in my Instant pot for me, and the rest will have the mashed potatoes.  I add some Kale to my salad but again it is very high in potassium.  Iceberg lettuce is best for CKD.  I also add small amounts of Kale to my smoothies.  Kale is high in Iron and has some protein also.

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