National Sandwich Day and CKD

I was wrong.  Friday was not National Sandwich Day, today is.  So I am not late with my post.  If you have CKD sandwiches can be not a great choice.  The high sodium content of bread and phosphorus in bread, make sandwiches potentially unhealthy.  Bread will also have some protein and potassium depending on the type you choose.  Bread can be a healthy option too, considering the vitamins and minerals it contains.  Moderation and choice of bread is obviously important when you have CKD.

I don’t eat a lot of bread, but when I do I really like Oat Bread for sandwiches.  I have posted previously about Ezekiel Bread.  It does not have great flavor and needs to be kept in the refrigerator.  It is also quite expensive, but very low in sodium.  If you are the baking type, you can make your own Ezekiel bread.  Click here for the recipe from

Using white flour, instead of whole-grain flour will reduce the phosphorus in any bread you make homemade.  I am not sure about almond flour but I would assume that flour is probably higher in protein amounts.  Here are a few more links to lower sodium bread you can make yourself:

Remember that cheese, and lunch meat will also have protein and sodium.  You need to choose wisely and add in small amounts.  Add veggies to your sandwich, which are naturally low in sodium, and adds lots of vitamins and minerals.  Choose lower potassium veggies.  Check my archives for the best cheese options for CKD.  If you have an Instant Pot it might have a bread-making option.  Mine does.  Or even a slow cooker or bread machine are great ways to make bread.

You can still enjoy sandwiches it just takes some planning and maybe learning to cook instead of buying store-bought.

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Foodie Friday: Ezekiel Bread

Welcome to Foodie Friday!  Today, I am going talk to you about, Ezekiel Bread.  The kind I buy is the whole grain kind.  There are other varieties, but this is the one I chose to start with.  This is my first time trying this bread.  This is not a paid post.

First let me start by saying this is not the most delicious bread I have ever eaten.  Matter of fact it isn’t delicious much at all.  So, if flavor is super important to you, this particular bread may not work.  This bread is also the first Organic bread I have tried.  No one else will eat this but me, lol, at my house.

So, why did I buy this bread?  There are several reasons, and they are listed below.

  1.  I follow a low sodium diet.  Most sandwich bread, or rolls, has at least 140mg of sodium per slice.  So just the bread for a sandwich, would have at least 280mg of sodium.  So, I stopped eating bread, for the most part.  With Summer coming, and it is brutal in Florida, we don’t cook a lot with the stove or oven.  That means sandwiches are on the menu.  If I toast this bread, I like it even more, and it makes a nice sandwich for me.  One slice of this Ezekiel bread has only 75mg of sodium.
  2.  I like that it is Organic, very low fat, low gylcemic index, good amount of Iron, and Fiber per serving.

There are some downfalls, though.

1.  Besides flavor, this bread is kind of high in Phosphorus, 8% per slice.  So, one sandwich and I am at 16% for the day, and that percentage is for someone who does not have CKD.  So, I have to make sure I am paying attention to other Phosphorus I may get throughout the day.

2.  It is not cheap, but I don’t find most of the non Organic good breads are cheap either.  I can remember when bread was .25, that is how old I am, lol.

3.  It has to stay refrigerated.  This is a pain for me, because it is just one more thing taking up space in the fridge, but I deal with it.

4.  Because it is Organic, with no preservatives, it has a much shorter shelf life.  In the Summer months this will not be an issue, because like I said we eat sandwiches.  But, I probably will not buy this in the Winter months, because I just won’t eat it fast enough.  Which brings me to the last point.  We live in Florida.  We get hurricanes, and even without a hurricane, losing power is always possible.  As such, we have had to evacuate once, in the 15 years we have lived here.  We had no power for a week.  This bread would most likely not survive that, as I wouldn’t be able to refrigerate it, without a generator.  I will be doing a post, probably next week about disaster preparation, for people with CKD.  I did one before, on my homeschool blog, but it needs updating, and lots of new info learned.  I can tell you there is not a lot of Organic foods I can stock pile due to shelf life.  So, that has to be kept in mind.

You can read the rest of the info about Ezekiel Bread, by looking at the images below.

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