Wellness Wednesday: Cold and Flu Prevention Part 2

Updated 4/21/2021:

Last week I discussed the first chain of infection.  This week I will discuss the second link in the Chain of Infection:  Reservoirs.

So, let us say the first link was not broken, and the pathogen or germ was able to continue to the next link in the chain.  A Reservoir is anywhere that the germ lives.  This can be animals, insects, dirty surfaces, dirty equipment, soil, water, and of course humans.  Getting rid of the reservoir will break this link in the chain and may prevent getting the Cold or Flu.

Ways to break the Reservoir link:

1-  Don’t leave standing water around.  If you are like me and you enjoy watching birds, and butterflies make sure you are changing the water frequently so germs do not thrive, and grow.  The same can be said for pets or animals who live outside.

2-  Disinfect surfaces and equipment daily, if exposed to high levels of germs.  Of course, this would be any health-related facility.  But, it could also be anywhere that dirty hands can come in contact with surfaces ie stores, restaurants, movie theaters, daycare, school, church, etc.  Carry hand sanitizer and wash hands with soap and water as soon as you return home.

3-  Control pests around home and business.  Pests can include rodents, insects and other possible germ-carrying animals such as possum, skunks, armadillo, etc.   Make sure your pets are healthy and have proper vaccines, flea and tick control.

4-  Stick to infection prevention such as handwashing, getting vaccines if advised by your doctor, get enough sleep, eat a well-balanced diet, and exercise regularly.  Some supplements that may help are Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.  Be sure to learn about how to take properly, and any side effects.

5-  Soil testing procedures should be followed as advised by government policies.

It is possible to avoid Cold, and Flus by breaking the chain of infection.  It takes being mindful and diligent in good prevention measures.  Always remember that the #1 way to prevent Cold and Flu is good handwashing.

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Updated walking Buddy Plan

Updated 8/24/2021 Ok, so this is probably the hardest one to come up with, because this is an online Health Coaching business.  I don’t have a gym, or an office.  This Health Buddy Melissa option is the Walking Buddy Plan. 

  Please see the availability calendar below to see what days I am available for the Walking Buddy plan. I do work 2 days a week out of the home, but my schedule stays the same unless I sign up for more days. This is a one on one coaching plan, not a group plan. You can use the Paypal button below to purchase. I only accept US dollars. You must be at least 18 years old. Once I have been notified of your purchase, via Paypal, within 24 hours I will send you a welcome email with instructions for the Meet and Greet. The Meet and Greet is via email, and you will have a short new client intake form to fill out. It will give me vital information as to your walking and or exercise goals, and any medical conditions I should know about. You can ask questions and clarify the plan information you have chosen. All information is confidential through my paid business email at Google Suite. After the Meet and Greet you will have 24 hours to decide if you think I am a good fit to meet your needs. During that 24 hours if you decide I am not a good fit for you, your money will be reimbursed to you. You will need to sign an agreement of service form once you decide to work with me. All of this is done via email. You must be able to open rich text format, or other forms of documents. You may have to print it out, fill it in and then send it back to me. If you absolutely can not do that, you can answer all of the questions via email and sign in the email. I am new to this too, so we will need to be patient with each other. The business hours below are only for Live Walking options for you to pick your two 20 minute sessions from.

The walking plan is for people who may want or need someone to walk with them. This is a virtual walking session that is 20 minutes in length, two days a week, and the price is 80 dollars per month. At the end of the 30 days you can either renew the plan, or just not renew it. I will send you a Paypal invoice if you choose to renew. It is your responsibility to show up for you live walking session. I will wait 5 minutes past the start time and then I will go on to my other business. I will walk with you either outdoors or in your home via a walking video. You must have access to Youtube. I am not in the video, they are videos available on Youtube. We will chat via phone call. At this time I will not do video chats, but I may in the future. This enables you to have a walking buddy. Some people don’t like to walk alone for several reasons. Please be sure to see the available dates and times that I can Walk Live, below. Once a week I will send you an email to discuss your progress, any issues you may be having and if you want a more intensive coaching plan that would include food lifestyle modification, different dieting types, label reading, how to figure out and track your macros, etc. At no time will I promote diet pills, FAD diets, or any other unproven safe ways to lose weight. There are plenty of those available already. If by chance I get a lot of people signed up I will create a waiting list.

If you have Kidney Disease or any other Chronic Illness, or are new to exercising the Walking Buddy Plan is a great place to start your Journey to a more active lifestyle.

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Merry Monday Question of the Week

Welcome to week 2 of, Merry Monday.  Each Monday I will feature a public question on my Health Buddy Melissa Facebook page, and my Twitter page.  I do hope people will join in.  I will not spam you, or request you to even follow the page, though I wouldn’t mind if you did.  Just join in and have some fun.  Visit my Facebook page, and Twitter account, by clicking the links below, and see what the Question of the Week is for August 5-12 2019.

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Memory Care: Learn A New Word A Week

If you are following along, this is word #11.  All the previous words can be found in the archives.  The word for this week is, chromosome.  Most of you may already know the definition of this word. Can you use it in a sentence?  Remember write the word in your journal ten times with the definition.  Then say out loud the word, and the definition.  Then go over the whole list saying it out loud, with the definition.  Then try testing yourself to see if you know them all.  Don’t forget to use the word in a sentence.  Sometimes it can help you figure out the word you are looking for.  How are you doing?  If you are having a hard time, try writing them out, and saying them out loud as you write.  So far I am doing good.  The list is getting longer now, so it will start to get harder.

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Sweating on Sunday

So, I am going to devote Sundays to doing posts about all forms of exercise.  Since I love to walk, my first Sweating on Sunday post will be for  Sweatcoin.  This is not a paid post.  I learned about Sweatcoin a few days ago.  Basically you get paid to walk outside.  It has to be outside, and yes they can tell.  I walk a lot, both at my job indoors, and outdoors on leisure time.  I get no credit for walk time at work.  You do have to have a smart phone, and you have to allow them to access your GPS.  I have earned 4 dollars in 4 days.  Now they don’t pay cash, though I have seen some in the store, but you use the money to purchase services or merchandise.  It also looks like there may be a cap for free members, that is me.  I will know for sure when I hit the 10 dollar earned mark.  I may upgrade, because I walk a lot outdoors.  It might be worth it to me.  Of course you have to make sure you have your phone with you when you walk outdoors.  If you are interested click here,  to visit their website.

If you want someone to walk with, ask about my Walking Buddy plan.  I will walk with you while we talk on the phone.  It is a win win.  Use the contact form below to contact me to set up a free email meet and greet.  All customers have to do the meet and greet, for any of my plans.



Wisdom on Wednesday

I love this quote from, Buddha.

Health is the greatest gift.  It is of utmost importance, in my opinion.  Health is a term defined in many ways by different people.

Contentment is the greatest wealth.  I posted about this before, how we live on a budget, yet we are very content with what we have, instead of what we want.

Faithfulness is the best relationship.  If you have ever been in a relationship where one was unfaithful this has powerful meaning.


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Memory Care: Learn A New Word A Week Challenge

OK, back to my regular scheduled posts.  This week, we are on our 10th word, Chicanery.  That means you will have memorized 10 words.  Are you testing yourself, to see if you are remembering them?  Write the word of the week, in your journal, 10 times each with the definition.  Then go back over it and say it 10 times out loud.  For some people saying it while you write it works even better.  Use the word in a sentence, and write out the sentence 10 times.   Now, go back over the other 9 words, say the word, close your eyes and see if you can visualize the definition.  Practice these each week, or more often if you are having a hard time remembering them.  How are you doing?  Leave me a comment, and let me know you have joined in.  All of the previous words can be found in the archives at the bottom of this blog.

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National Kidney Foundation Keep Healthy Events!

I love the NKF website.  There is so much helpful information there.  There is always something new to learn about keeping the kidneys healthy.  Something I just learned, is they do Keep Healthy Events.  What is a Keep Healthy Event?  Keep Healthy Events allow you to test your kidneys for free.  If you are interested in one of these events, visit their upcoming event page, by clicking here, to find one near you.  You can sign up for the newsletter so they can be kept informed about Keep Healthy Events in your area.


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Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Cholesterol is a type of fat.  It can build up in arteries causing decreased blood flow to the heart.  Cholesterol is found in highest amounts, in dairy products, meat, and eggs.  I can remember the days of nursing when Cholesterol was the only type of fat discussed.  Now there is Trigylcerides, LDL, HDL, etc.   Saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and on and on it goes.  So do we need any Cholesterol, or should it just be removed from all diets?  Actually, like any other nutrition item, Cholesterol plays a very important part of the normal function of a human body.  Cholesterol helps the body build new cells.  Well that sounds pretty important.  Cholesterol also insulates nerves, and helps produce hormones.  Again, two very important functions to the human body.  We need Cholesterol.  We just don’t need too much of it.

So, now comes the blah, blah, part.  You should be having your Cholesterol checked every single year starting in your teens.  Even though a lot of high Cholesterol comes from foods we consume, for some people it can be hereditary.  Even the most fit people, with excellent diets can have high Cholesterol due to Genetics.  I am not a fan of Statins, they have a high risk of damaging the liver, but if I needed one I would  take one.  Exercise, controlling blood pressure, and following a low fat and high fiber diet, can help lower Cholesterol levels.  Oatmeal is a great way to increase fiber in your diet. If you really like eggs, for your morning meal, the egg yolk is where all the Cholesterol is.  So, egg whites are a better option, and only have one or two whole eggs a week, if that.   I have switched to egg whites, because the egg yolk is also where all the Phosphorous is.  Make sure you get actual egg whites, not made from egg white substance.  I don’t even know what that means, egg white substance.   Even if you were to decide to try other options, before a Statin, you would need to do it under the care of a doctor.  This is not something to mess with.

An optimal Cholesterol level is 200 or below, but I can promise you if you are sneaking around 190, or so, the doctor is going to start the blah blah part.  You can’t live without your heart, and one heart attack can be very debilitating, if it doesn’t kill you.

Take care of yourself, and if you need a Health Coach to help you meet your goals, along with your doctor, contact me for a free meet and greet.  Don’t forget about my 2 new programs, Walking Buddy, and Medication Reminders.


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Medication Reminders

So, I was looking at some work from home job websites, and I saw a job posting for a Medication Reminder.  I was curious, as I was not sure what exactly that was, but new with pure confidence it was something I was qualified for.  So, I went to the website and in the requirements it stated you absolutely can NOT be a nurse, or other medical professional.  What?  But, it did get me thinking.  I am adding medication reminders to the options available to clients.  It is a stand alone option, and would be under Add Ons, which is $50 per month.  You will still need to use the contact button, at the top of this blog to message me, and request a free meet and greet to discuss medication reminders.  Anytime you message me for a free meet and greet, please mention what it is you are looking to accomplish, like medication reminders, walking buddy, monthly plan, etc.  I surely can help you, or your loved one remember to take medications on time.


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