Memory Care Monday: Churlish!

Welcome to another Memory Care Monday post! Just a bit of housekeeping before I get to the word of the week.

Today is the first day of my November topic, Dementia. But, last month the topic was Obesity. I have been seeing some chatter about obesity being the main reason people were dying from Covid. You can’t really just go by what people say, though. This morning I read an article on Politico, and apparently, if you are Obese it does greatly increase your chance of dying from Covid. The article focused on how other countries, besides the USA, were taking this topic seriously and attempting to help their people eat better food options, and increase exercise. You can read the full article here.

Even though the Dementia topic is only for the month of November, I will continue the word of the week until all of the words have been shared. There are 100. Watch for some fun free printables for my newsletter subscribers that will help you remember and study the words as the list gets longer.

Churlish is the 12th word on the list. You can find the previous words in the archives.

I could tell you what churlish means, but I think you will have more fun watching the cute video below and then looking up the meaning. If you want to play along you can keep an online journal, or pen and paper, of all the words on the list. Look up the meaning, and use it in a sentence. Test yourself weekly to see how much you remember. If you don’t remember much, study first. A few other things you can do are find a synonym for the word, an antonym, write it into a joke, and write out the word and the meaning at least ten times while saying it out loud.

I will be trying to get the first printable done tomorrow, for my Wednesday newsletter. Otherwise, it will go out in a special newsletter. If you would like to work with me to learn ways to help your memory, use the contact form at the end of the post to send me an email. Exercise is a very important way to help improve memory. Learn about my Walking Buddy Plan.

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Memory Care: Chromosome

Hello, and welcome back to another Memory Care Monday post. When I first started this blog, at the end of 2018, my most popular posts were these learn a new word a week posts. I don’t recall why I stopped doing them, but I got to #10 out of 100 on the list. Since I am over 50 and have been discussing Memory Care especially in relation to diet, I thought I would start these again.

It’s really easy to follow along. The goal is to learn the definition of a new word each week and then retain it, along with the other words that came before it. You can find the other words on the list under the memory care section of this blog. You can keep track any way you want. A note app on your phone, Google docs, handwritten in a journal, however, you wish to do so. Check out the cool journal below. Find a way to test yourself, and a day to do it on. There are several ways to memorize things. Writing them out several times, saying it out loud as you read it, making a song, etc.

This week’s word is Chromosome. There is even a cool video below to go with it. I am not going to tell you the definition per se. It is your job to find the word, define it, write it in a sentence if you want, find synonyms and antonyms, etc. Whatever will help you to remember it. Make a game of it, like Memory, and have someone play it with you. Keep track of the score, and whoever wins gets a pre-agreed prize, like coffee or something. All you would need is some blank recipe cards and a pen. I think I might do this, lol, it sounds fun.

If you would like to use my coaching services to help keep your memory fresh, or make it better, use the contact form below to message me for details. One way to improve Memory is to increase your physical activity. Check out my Walking Buddy Plan!


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What is the Difference Between Sanitizing and Disinfecting? Plus, What My Family Meal Plan Looks Like for This Week.

Happy Monday!  Unless you have been living under a rock you know that there is a lot of talk about this Novel Covid-19 virus.  I am paying particular attention because I work in the Health Care field, and I have CKD.  It is super important to me to keep me, my family and my patients as safe as possible.  One thing I have been stressing is disinfecting daily.

So, what is the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting?  Sanitizing is basically just a better clean than your normal clean.  It reduces the number of germs but does not eliminate germs completely.  I would say this is what any normal household does when they clean their home.  However, with this particular germ Disinfecting is more prudent.  Disinfecting eliminates all germs on a surface for a period of time.  I personally am disinfecting every day.  I will do a longer blog post on Wednesday on the different ways to accomplish this.

Do you sanitize or disinfect?  What methods do you use?

What will my family be eating this week?  Come back on Friday to see how I make each meal more CKD friendly.  I had to buy more this week than I would have liked, just to have some extra food in case anyone in my home, unfortunately, gets the new virus.  Disinfecting items are almost completely gone at stores in my area.  I will post more about this on Wednesday.  The most popular item is not the most cost-effective or efficient way to disinfect.

My menus start on Sunday and end on Saturday.

Sunday 3/7/2020:  Homemade chicken noodle soup.  This was amazing and everyone loved it.  Come back Friday to see how I adapt it for CKD.  Unfortunately, there were no leftovers.  Please note for all meals fruit is the dessert for each day.

3/8/2020:  Leftovers, or sandwiches and soup, breakfast for dinner, etc.

3/9/2020:  Italian pasta with pork ribs and broccoli.

3/10/2020:  Turkey meatballs with lemon rice and broccoli.  This is actually our wedding anniversary so we may go out to eat.  That is to be determined.  I am leary of closed places and business cleaning habits.

3/11/2020:  Pork cube steak with cheddar biscuits, green beans

3/12/2020:  Sandwich of choice and fruit, leftovers if there is any.  A garden salad is always a choice any day of the week.

3/13/2020:  BBQ pork ribs, mashed potatoes, and green salad.

Do you menu plan?  Do you have a chronic illness or special diet need?  Share in the comments how you navigate this with meals for a family.  If you would like to learn how to do this use the comment form below to send me a message for a free meet and greet.


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Memory Care Monday: Acumen

Updated 12/6/2021: As I continue to edit these old posts from when I first started this blog, I am mindful that I really stunk at this, lol. If you are a member of my Mailchimp newsletter then last Wednesday you would have received a link to the current list of words where you can print it and write in the definitions. Or, you can just copy them to whatever journal option you are using. Once I get all of the old posts updated, I will move on until all 100 words are included. I will only add a new word each week, so it will take a while, plenty of time to learn and recall them all. My newsletter goes out every two weeks and I will include a new free worksheet monthly with simple ways, or games to remember the words. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter to participate.

We are at week 4, already.  If you are following along you should be on the fourth word, there are a hundred total.  You can find the other posts by looking in the archives.  Remember, you should be writing the word, and the definition 10 times, then say it out loud 10 times.  Each week also review the previous words by saying them out loud 10 times.  You could also write down synonyms, and antonyms for the word, to help remember even better.  There are of course lots of ways to improve your memory.  If that is a goal of yours, click the contact button, send me a message to discuss my health coaching services. The word for this week is Acumen. The video below will describe the word Acumen and some ways to use it in a sentence.


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