my kidney update

My labs came back within 24 hours this time. That has never happened! Before I get to that I want to share an app I discovered that I love. It is called My Healthy Kidney, and I found it in the Google Play Store. It is free and it helps me keep track of nutrients for my level of Kidney Disease. I mostly use it for Phosphorus as that is the one nutrient that is not listed on labels. I still like Eat This Much, their website is great, but I don’t care for their app.

I have been following a mostly Plant-Based diet, but I was still consuming small amounts of animal proteins mainly because I didn’t want to get anemic. My Creatinine did come down slightly, and my eGFR went up slightly. As I continually read about these issues it is somewhat confusing as to whether the body can completely rid itself of Creatinine, once the kidneys are damaged, or just reach a baseline. There is a well known book available, that I have been reading, that basically states a Vegan diet and VLP diet can allow your kidneys to completely clean your blood of elevated Creatinine. I follow a lot of groups and I have not seen yet where this has been successful or true. I am not saying it isn’t possible, I just haven’t seen it yet. I am not Vegan, nor do I care to be Vegan , for several reasons that I won’t go into. So, now for the next 6 months I will try to eat no meat at all and see what happens. I will continue with an occasional egg, glass of milk and I do enjoy ice cream every now and then. I frequently consume 1 oz of cheese per day. When my next set of labs come due I will be able to evaluate whether this method helps or not. All of my other labs were perfect. This still leaves me at stage 3, but I have been stable for almost 4 years now and for that I am grateful. I did find a very lengthy article on new standards of care for people with CKD, that is being suggested for doctors to use. Of utmost interest to me was the amount of protein to be consumed in a day, and whether it was plant or animal protein. There was no recommendation as to whether protein should come from animal products or plant products, as to the healthier option that is for kidneys. I found that interesting with so many people opting to go Vegan for their kidneys. I was very much surprised by the new calculation for protein intake, which I will share in a future post. I have figured out the amount recommended for my stage and have been following that since I read it a few weeks ago. Organic and whole foods is another way of eating that I have been focused on. I have been able to not only maintain muscle mass, but build muscle mass using the protein intake calculation suggested and regular exercise with light weight training.

Remember that your body needs Protein. It is very important to the maintenance of your body. How much protein is the magical question, especially if you have CKD. Ask your doctor if they know about the new standards of care and if they are recommending them to you? Come back to this website to see when I post them if they are. Mine isn’t, and I intend to share them with him. They are fairly new though, and I haven’t seen him yet this year due to Covid.