Wisdom Wednesday: The Power of Words

Words are powerful, but you probably already know that.  Some people use words to teach, make a point, give an opinion, or show emotions.  Other use words like a weapon, as rhetoric, or propaganda.  So, what exactly is my point?

Use words to help you.  A journal, written in pen, or a blog typed on a keyboard, can all be therapeutic.  Be honest, reflective, and descriptive.  Don’t hold back.  I am actually going to write my memoirs.  I have lived a pretty remarkable life, but I keep most of it to myself.  There are things I have not ever told anyone, not even my husband, or children.  I have had a lot of pain in my life, but also a million blessings.  I think it is time to put my life into words.  I hope it will help people who may struggle with some of the things I did.  It will probably take me quite some time to write it.  There are things that I would just not rather remember.  I do not believe in living in the past, or holding grudges, so this will be a hard process for me.  I think I have decided on a title, and a prologue.  It will be penned anonymously, with names that are not real.  There is a reason for that.  My son will edit it for me, and I will probably publish it on Amazon Kindle.  I think everyone, should write their memoirs, I really do.  There is something empowering about putting your life to words to share with others.

Would you like to learn ways to use journaling, blogging, or writing a book as an empowering experience?  Use the contact button below to message me.