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Hello, and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My thoughts are with everyone in the path of Hurricane Ida, this morning, and as it weakens everyone in it’s path. We had just moved to Florida when Hurricane Katrina hit LA 16 years ago, yesterday. I remember watching the devastation on the TV and thinking do I really want to live in these hurricane areas. But, I grew up in upstate NY, and blizzards and very low temps were a real thing there too. So, here we still are. We have actually only had to evacuate one time. We have stayed for Cat 1’s and 2’s, and I have to say those are plenty scary enough, especially with kids, and pets to worry about. Anyway enough of that. Keep them all in your prayers, and if you can help out, please do so.

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fully vaccinated and exposed: What are the protocols?

Happy Tuesday! It has been stressful lately around my life. Speaking of Stress, that is the topic for this months coaching giveaway. Be sure and come back tomorrow as I lay out the details. In the meantime you can watch my short video at the end of this post to learn how a Health Coach can help you with Stress management.

My husband, my daughter and I have basically been having very limited exposure to people during the last year and a bit. I have CKD and am at increased risk if I were to get Covid. I have taken care of sick Covid patients, and gone all this time with no issue. I have been fully vaccinated for almost a month and a half, as has my husband. That means there is still a 6% chance we could catch Covid. We wear masks and all that good stuff still to this day. On Easter we were invited to a small outdoor gathering, with extended family. We had been avoiding these types of activities since last August when my son was married. We decided to go and it was a lovely day for an outdoor gathering. There was only about 10 of us. Yesterday, I went to work as scheduled, I wear masks and follow all protocols. Today, I was contacted as two members of my extended family tested positive today, and started feeling unwell yesterday. So, what exactly are the protocols in such a situation?

According to the CDC anyone who has had two doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, and two weeks have passed are considered fully vaccinated. The protocol for exposure to a known positive case for Covid positive people is as follows: Fully vaccinated people can refrain from testing and quarantine following a known exposure as long as they are asymptomatic. Remember the symptoms for Covid are a fever, muscle aches, fatigue, new loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, and coughing. We will check our temps for the next 14 days every day. I will get tested, my job is actually requiring it, and I will have my daughter tested 5 days past our known exposure which would be Friday. I will encourage my husband to get tested and he has to make his job aware, though he mostly works from home. I have notified the two people we were with today so they can be tested to be safe. Of course I will continue to disinfect my house and all other precautions we normally follow. There is very low risk to me or my husband, but my daughter is not vaccinated, nor is my son. He also has already had to quarantine even though he tested negative three times his job still made him quarantine. So, he may have to again, which of course puts a financial burden on him and his wife. His wife is vaccinated. I am still waiting to see if my job is requiring me to quarantine, even though the protocols say I don’t have to, nor should I have to be tested. But, I understand their need to be cautious. Just because I am vaccinated Does Not mean I can not get it. It means I should not get critically ill should I get it, and they say they don’t think vaccinated people can transmit the Covid Virus.

Come back tomorrow to read about my coaching giveaway. Are you doing the April Health Challenge? Read about it here. If you would like to learn about my Health Coaching services, use the contact form to message me or check out my new 30 day coaching plan.

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happy St Patrick’s Day and my version of a shamrock Shake

Today is a light and fun blog post. Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? When my kids were little we used to have so much fun on this holiday. What about a Shamrock Shake, have you ever had one? They are delicious! But, they are also full of fat and calories. I had a small one last week and it was almost 500 calories. You can see in my image mine is not all that green in color. I chose not to add the green food coloring, but you certainly could if you chose to. My version is right about 250 calories with very little fat. See the recipe below.

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St. Patrick’s Day to me means Spring is here. I know most people think of Easter as the start of Spring, but I link it to St. Patrick’s Day. My garden seeds are starting to sprout and my peach tree has baby peaches. How exciting! I hope to get enough peaches to freeze for smoothies over the brutally hot Summer and maybe even be able to give some away. My tree is not that big yet, so I am not sure at how much I will get. My zucchinis, peas, broccoli, lettuce and onions are all coming along nicely as well. I noticed flower buds on my pea plants just this morning so I will definitely get some peas. This is my first year growing most of these items, but I am feeling green, lol. I never had any luck with bananas, which is odd considering where I live. I hope to get blueberries, watermelon and cantaloupe this year. Melons need a ton of space to grow so I only planted a few seeds.

Before I share my version of a Shamrock Shake, I wanted to mention the nutrition of fresh Peppermint. I grow my own Peppermint and it is super easy to grow. I just transplanted some in the back yard to help keep away bugs back there. I use Peppermint for the dog if he has an upset stomach. I just put a fresh leaf in his food, and I also use it for flea and tick control on my pets. I simply rub fresh Peppermint leaves all over their bodies once a day. I do this in between their Bravecto three month dose, because towards the end of the three months it doesn’t seem to work as well, plus they smell all Peppermint fresh. According to my Nutrition Facts app fresh Peppermint in a 1/4 cup serving size contains the following estimated values: Calories 4, water 5 grams, Protein .25 grams, Carbs 1 gram, negligible fat, ,33 grams of Fiber, Iron .5 mg, Phosphorus 5 mg, Potassium 36 mg, Sodium 2 mg, 0 Vitamin K, and Calcium 14 mg.

Here is the recipe: I use a Nutribullet to make my smoothies. You may need to alter your ice and liquid amounts for your size blender.

You will need

ice to fill your Nutribullet 1/4 full

Premier Protein Blueberry Oats drink- I use only half the container which contains 75 calories and 10 grams of protein. I will discuss this drink in a future post.

4 tbsp of fresh mint leaves rinsed

1 small peach with pit removed

1/4 cup fresh or frozen spinach

1/2 or a whole banana depending on your preference and nutrient needs

1 tablespoon of French Vanilla creamer or just use pure vanilla extract.

That’s it blend it up and drink it down.

Let me know if you make it and how you like it. If you wanted an even less calorie smoothie just use half a banana, and protein powder instead of the shake. You will need another source of low calorie liquid, and water would work, I just don’t know how it would taste. Don’t forget for the whole month of March I am giving away free coaching sessions related to Kidney Disease. You can learn more here.

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Sweating on Sunday: HIIT in the Pool

Updated July 2021 This is an older post from 2019, but the info is still good. Welcome back!  I am so happy to see you here.  I had my labs done for my kidney appt on Tuesday, last week.  I am still waiting for the results to be posted to my account.  I like to view them, and compare them to the previous ones, before seeing the doctor.  The reason I am sharing that on a Sweating on Sunday post is because, I have increased my intensity, and length of exercising.  Exercising with a chronic disease, like CKD, is a tricky balancing act.  On my labs drawn in January, the only abnormal value I had was a very slightly elevated Creatinine level.  Even though it was just a couple tenths of a point high, it still left me at stage 3.  Now, I have said previously that I may not be able to get back to stage 2, though it remains my goal, but I certainly don’t want it to get worse especially from too intense of exercise.  I will share my results when I get them.  I tweak my food, liquid, and exercise routine all according to my lab values.  The number on the scale is way in the back of my mind. You may see affiliate links in this post.

So, what is HIIT?  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  This is not for beginners, especially if you have a chronic illness or are brand new to exercising.  With HIIT you get a period of time where you are working out more intense, and then you get a short break, like 30 seconds, before going back to high intensity.  Even though I have started doing HIIT, I still have to be mindful to keep my heart rate in the moderate intensity range.  As I get more fit, getting into a good calorie burning range becomes more difficult, so I have to alter my workouts.  I never try to get into the Peak heart rate range, as studies show for CKD this may do damage the kidneys.  I like pool exercises because it is so much easier on the joints, and since I loathe lunges, which are really good to do, doing them in the pool makes it less painful to my knees.  But, because I can’t watch the video very well in the pool, it wasn’t very effective.  Then I found this webpage, that walks you through a HIIT pool workout.  I simply have to memorize the circuits, and then do them.  Easy peasy!  LOL, I can’t really say that, because I actually have not tried it yet.  It has rained almost all day for the past 5 days, so I haven’t even been in the pool, and I have to vacuum it first.  So, hopefully I can actually tell you how this went next Sunday.  Have a blessed week, and share your thoughts on this topic.  Use the contact form below to message me with inquiries about any of my Health and Wellness Programs. It is now 2021 and my life has been kind of crazy, so I have not gotten as much done here with updating posts and plans, but I hope it will be calming down by the end of July. I always can make availability for new customers, however, looking to meet their Health and Wellness Goals. I still do these HIIT workouts to this day in my pool and I love them!

If you like to be in the sun like me, you may need some extra moisturizer cream.


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Add Some Weight, Heft, Pounds

Updated 3/21/2021 Hello, again!  So, here in Florida it got really hot this week.  You can literally sweat just breathing certain parts of the day.  We discovered during the Winter some critter had gone under the house and tore a hole in one of the AC ducts.  I am sure it was an Armadillo.  So, now the AC won’t blow cold air correctly.  So, yep, you guessed it, I am sweating more than on just Sunday, lol.

I have been doing the Fitness Walking videos for quite some time now.  I figured it was time to add some light weights.  Building muscle burns more calories, than just Cardio or Aerobics.  Plus, it tones, builds strong bones, and builds balance and strength.  All good things!  However, I am prone to build bulky muscle, giving the appearance of being bigger, especially in my arms and shoulders.  This happens all the time to me.  Even without weights, my biceps, and shoulders are already firmer, and bigger.  So, I will try light weights with higher reps, hopefully avoiding looking like a linebacker.  Some of that probably has to do with needing to follow a very strict low fat diet, which if you have ever tried a very strict diet, well they fail frequently.  Below I will share links to an easy beginner walking video, and a light weight work out.  I also will be adding Pilates for lower body toning.  I will do the weights, and Pilates every other day.  I hope, unless my muscles are screaming in pain.  The days I work will only be a Fitness Walking video. To start I will use only 3 pounds weight, nothing higher.   If you need a Walking Buddy, check out my Walking Buddy plan, or message me.  I will walk with you, and encourage you.  I got 6 days of workouts in last week, plus my 8,000 steps per day, woot woot! Update: I am now up to 12,500 steps per day at least 5 days a week and most of the time 7. Still tweaking the diet, to get it right.  It is super hard with CKD.   It is hard without CKD, add that in, and it is even harder. Update: I lost 15 pounds on a lower carb diet and was able to maintain it through the holidays. I switched to Carb Cycling and gained 4. So, now I have gone back to what was working. I also got back to stage 2 CKD, one of my main goals. It won’t really be classified as such unless in 6 months I am still Stage 2. But, still an achievement.

Updates: I am now 51 and past Menopause, plus with CKD I worry about my bone health. I spoke with both of my doctors this month, March 2021 and both said the best way to build and maintain strong bones is not by worrying about Calcium intake, but rather to get enough Vitamin D and to add weight bearing exercises at least a couple of times a week. Read my other post on weight bearing exercises and Osteoporosis prevention. So, I have started using hand weights 3 to 5 pounds twice a week. They both said I really don’t need to go any higher than that as it could increase my blood pressure which is never good for CKD. You have to be mindful of these things when you have CKD. I do already take a Vitamin D supplement and I try to get at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight daily. If you would like to prevent Osteoporosis and would like a Health Coach to help you set goals to reach your health goals, use the contact form at the end of this post to email me for more info. You can also check out my Walking Buddy plan below.

You can add weights, pounds, or heft in several ways. You can use dumbbells, water bottles, empty water bottles with sand or pebbles, soup cans, your own body weight, sandbags, or anything that has some kind of weight to it.

Beginner Walking Video

Light Weight Arm Workout Video

My latest video

Updated Walking Buddy Program

It’s A New Day 30 Day Coaching Plan 


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