Kidney Class Week #12

Happy Thursday! I am a day late and a dollar short again this week, lol. I guess it doesn’t matter which day I post these on, but I do try to stay consistent for my readers.

This week we are on slide #12 which has to do with HTN in relation to Kidney Disease. This slide is very self-explanatory, and if you want some videos and other information, the past two weeks also were about this topic. I have tons of posts in my archives on the topic of blood pressure, so you can browse there as well. High Blood Pressure is the #2 cause for Kidney Failure, right behind Diabetes at #1. It is imperative that you monitor your blood pressure routinely, even if you don’t have the condition. Catching and treating it early will help prevent long-term effects. I recommend you learn to take your own blood pressure with a manual cuff, or someone in your family, if you have CKD, already. If you can’t technology has improved the electronic monitors greatly. Just be sure and follow the instructions in the packet, and get a cuff size appropriate for the size of your arm. Keep a log of your blood pressure and share it with your doctor, whether you visit yearly, monthly, or weekly.

I am an AKF Kidney Coach. These slides are theirs. As a Kidney Coach I run the class, take comments, and answer questions based on their program, my experience with CKD, and my experience as a nurse. This is not medical advice nor should it be taken as such. It is informative and educational. This applies only to my Kidney Coach status with them. All other blog posts are mine and have nothing to do with AKF Kidney Coach classes.

Please leave me a comment if you have CKD, love someone who has CKD, have High Blood Pressure, or just have questions about the topic. I will answer all valid questions, and spam is deleted. If you would rather not make public comments, you can use the contact form below to send me an email and I will answer you there.

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Foodie Friday: Apple Cinnamon Water

As we finally move away from Summer and into Fall it is time to start thinking about other foods and flavors.  I will be shifting away from sharing Smoothies and Salads to more Fall flavors and foods.  While this water could definitely be drunk during the Summer the apples and cinnamon definitely remind me of Fall.  The recipe is from Davita, and you can click here to see the nutrition info.  Their version is for a full pitcher, so for this post, it will be how I make it in my 24 -ounce cold travel cup.  If you are on fluid restrictions alter the amount of liquid to suit your limits.

Clean and slice one apple with the skin still on, and place it in the bottom of the travel mug.  Organic is best if you can.

Add one cinnamon stick to the bottom of the travel mug.  Organic is best if you can.

Add ice to the desired amount.

Add water to fill travel mug.

That is it.  It is best to let it sit for a bit before drinking to allow the flavors to seep into the water.  I drink mine all day and refill with water as needed.  So, the flavors are continually there.  At the end of the day, I remove the cinnamon stick to let dry and use the next day.   I save the apples to put in a smoothie.  They won’t have much flavor left but all the fiber content will still be there.  Makes a great smoothie thickener.

I found a new app that I love called My Healthy Kidney.  It is in the Google Play store.  It is great for helping keep track of Protein, Phosphorus, and Potassium.  Plus fats, carbs, and other important information.

If you need a Health Coach to help you keep up with your Health and Wellness goals, use the contact form below to message me for a free meet and greet.  You can view all my available plans here My first downloadable Sleep Guided Imagery mp3 file will be available tomorrow for purchase.  Watch for that if interested.  I will be writing and recording some more soon.  I am taking my Herbalism final, tomorrow, and am working on Aromatherapy and Reiki as well.  Follow this blog to stay up to date.  I am up to 96 followers, and my goal was once I hit 100 I would upgrade the blog.  I expected that to be by the end of this year but may come sooner.  I will be doing my first Kidney Coach class this month at my local library.  Still prepping for that, but should be ready in a week or so.



Love Your Heart: Stress and Hypertension

So, this is the third week of Love Your Heart month.  Heart health, and awareness should be at the top of your list.  For people with CKD, believe it or not Cardiac Disease is the top killer.  I put Stress, and Hypertension together in one post, because they very much go hand in hand.  I won’t go into all the specifics about stress, but I will share an article that you can read for more specifics.

Stress is a very broad term, and anything can be a stressor.  A stressor is the thing that causes the stress response in the body.  The very top things that cause stress are everyday life matters such as money, marriage, work, illness, family, etc.  For men, and Type A personalities, stress can be especially deadly on the heart.  The report, that I will share, states that men who have 3 stressful life events are more likely to die from a Heart Attack.  If you add smoking, HTN, and high cholesterol to the stress mix, and you have a heart disaster in the making.  Plus we all respond differently to stress, and some stress is a good thing, especially if it makes you make real and positive changes in your life.  I am a type A personality, and over the years I have had to learn to say No, know my limits, and not allow my personality to destroy my health.  My job is extremely stressful, I work 2 days a week in a Assisted Living Facility with Memory Care.  I was just offered a promotion, and had the where with all to turn it down, as much as my Type A personality was screaming at me to do it.  Knowing my limits allowed me to say no to something I know deep down will not be good for me.  These are not things that come naturally, but are things you can teach yourself, as I did.  It took many years, being a mother, and a nurse to make me see that my own personality was not helping me.  That doesn’t mean Type B personalities don’t have stress, that is not true.  We all have stress, it is how we cope with it that makes the difference.  If you have no coping skills, other than anger, hostility, or self hate, then you don’t have good coping skills, and you need to train your brain to have some.  Mindfulness is the first step to reducing all stress.

So, how does stress relate to  HTN?  When you are stressed, remember there are many different types of stress, the body produces a rush of hormones in response to the stressor.  These hormones cause your heart to beat faster, and  your blood vessels to constrict, that causes a short term rise in blood pressure.  Hypertension, or HTN is a long term, or chronic, rise in blood pressure.  Studies have shown that stress, that is not dealt with, or allowed to build up over long periods of time, lead to chronic HTN.  HTN is one of the leading risk factors for Cardiac Disease.  So, learning to deal with stress, along with other health choices, such as diet, exercise, and cessation of smoking, can all lead to a healthier heart.  For some people the only risk factor they have is stress.

If you would like to learn ways to cope with stress, use the contact button, or my email address, at the top of the home page, to message me for a free meet and greet.


Read more about stress here.

Health Buddy Melissa