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Happy Friday, everyone. The weather has been so beautiful all this week and today is no exception. My daughter and I are actually going to meet some friends at the park for some social time. I feel like I haven’t spent time with my friends in months and that is because I haven’t. I am so looking forward to this.

The title, if you have ever watched Looney Tunes, is what Bugs Bunny always used to say while munching on a carrot. Today I am going to discuss carrots. Why? Carrots are a nutrient dense food, and they are very affordable as well. Nutrient dense foods basically are foods that give you a lot of nutrition for not a lot of money. According to my basket app in my area I can buy organic whole carrots for a range of 1.19-1.69. In other words you get the most bang for your buck. That is my kind of food. I do not buy the baby carrots too often, but a lot people use them for snacking. I find raw carrots to be upsetting to my digestive system, so I steam or roast them. If you are following a low glycemic diet cooked carrots have a higher index than raw. I will be posting more on this topic in future posts. If you are into saving money on your food budget but still getting optimal nutrition, be sure and check back each week.

Carrots are rich in Beta Carotene which helps the body make Vitamin A. Vitamin A is super important to the body but it is really great for eye health. Carrots may also help to lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, and aid weight loss. You can also use the carrot tops in smoothies and salads for even more nutrition. Always be sure to wash all fresh veggies prior to consuming. From a CKD perspective carrots have 41 calories, are 88% water, 1 gram of protein, 10 grams of carbs with 3 grams of fiber, 35 mg of Phosphorus, 69 mg of sodium- that is interesting as most raw foods have no sodium so watch that, Potassium 320 mg. That is per 1/2 cup of raw carrots. Nutrition info is from my nutritionfacts app. I round amounts up or down. Don’t forget to take advantage of my March free coaching offer, click to read more.

I love carrots, and I am always looking for ways to eat them. Below you will find some awesome recipe links and videos to help you. I saw one that was scrambled egg with shredded carrots. But, the video was poor quality so I didn’t share it, but it is pretty simple to figure out.



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14 days of gratitude: Day 7 and can you eat for $1.50 per day

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is well. Thanksgiving is one week away here in the USA. In my Misfits box last week I got some organic Granny Smith apples. I got enough to make a pie. So, I added all of the ingredients for one apple pie and put them in the freezer. That way they won’t go to waste and I just thaw and put in a pie crust and bake. I have decided to pause my Misfits Market deliveries for 3 months, to evaluate cost-effectiveness. I love Misfits, and their mission to reduce food waste and supply organic foods to all areas of the country is something I definitely support. However, by the time the foods get to me, some of them are already starting to go bad. This is not cost-effective to me. I may have to find a local crop share program to purchase from. I found a couple, but they don’t offer the flexibility of choices that Misfits does, but I will have to evaluate.

Today’s gratitude prompt is: what do you love about the city you live in. I don’t technically live in a city, at least not by my definition, lol. It is more of a small town, but we picked this area for a reason. We are close enough to a city to be considered a suburb and have access to the convenience of a city but not the noise and traffic. People in this town are strong believers in faith and family. They have a community mind, at least most of them. No community is perfect and while I don’t always align with their political views, it is a great town with good schools and safe communities. Share your gratitude prompts in the comments.

As I continue to research food topics for my teenager’s Nutrition course next semester, I have come across some very interesting things. I didn’t know, and you may not know either, that the average food stamp benefit is 137 dollars per month, which actually breaks down to $1.52 per meal for 30 days. That is $4.56 per day for 3 meals. That is really sad. The government can only afford to offer this paltry amount of money to people who may already be in dire times. While researching how to eat healthy foods for $1.50 per meal, I came across the website Efficiency is Everything. They break down the healthiest foods with that amount of money. They base their 1.50 meals around flour, milk, eggs, pinto beans, kale, carrots, black beans, russet potatoes, and cereal. Their website is $1.50 per day, not a meal. That is really low. Cereals are fortified, or there is oatmeal to consider. You notice there are no fruits, but I would add bananas or apples to that list. I would probably also add tomatoes, but only when in season or canned. I think the list could be modified a little to reach the same threshold of 1.50 per meal, such as rice or pasta. A note about potatoes. Potatoes very often get a bad rap, but they are super healthy and cheap. I eat a baked potato almost every day for lunch, plus a carrot or peas. It is more brunch than lunch, as breakfast is usually just coffee for me. Add some lemon pepper seasoning and it is just delicious. I don’t particularly like Russets, but I could eat them if I had to. I much prefer red potatoes. You will note there is no meat on their list. Milk, bean, and eggs make up the majority of the protein. I don’t care for Kale and Broccoli is just as healthy and affordable. Also, green beans and spinach could be a substitute. I could totally eat like this, but my family probably would not be thrilled. However, if we had to they wouldn’t have a choice. I am following a low carb, so I simply modify portions to meet my daily carb limit of 100 grams of carbs per day.

Today, I am trying a new recipe that will make a lot of food with plenty of leftovers. I will share it tomorrow and how we liked it. It is very affordable and easy to make. My husband is willing to try it, but my daughter is a no, lol. She may starve. Just kidding I modify meals for her needs too.

Oh, before I forget, I did not have the Dollar Tree peas last night, I forgot, but I put them on top of my baked potato today, and like I guessed they tasted just like peas. See yesterday’s post. Tomorrow, I will also talk about cooking methods to reduce Phosphorus in foods for CKD.

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