how to make sweet basil herbed salt

As I continue to learn how deceitful the American Food Industry really is, and how they use clever marketing to woo us into buying their crap, I realize I would rather make my own. There is a lot to learn, and it is time consuming. We have been using Himalayan Pink Salt for some time. While it is made to sound like some miracle cure for the body, it really is a marketing gimmick to get you to pay quite a bit more money for it over 89 cent table salt.

Now, with that said, Himalayan Pink Salt does appear to possibly be better for you, but only a teeny bit. You would have to consume a ton of it to get any real dose of the trace minerals in it. However, white table salt has no trace minerals as they are stripped away during processing. Apparently, like anything else that is white in the food world.

I find it has much better flavor than white salt. You need less because it has more flavor. If you are on a mission, like me to avoid high processed foods, and you can afford it, then go for some Himalayan Pink Salt.

A while back I had blogged about planting Sweet Basil. Now it was quite large and I had to prune it to keep it from flowering. I was unsure what I would do with all of that basil. I like basil in food, but it can be overpowering if there is too much. So, I decided to make my own herbed salt, instead of buying it from the store. This was super easy you guys, I mean way easy. If you don’t have a Basil plant just buy some from the store. After I harvested the Basil I rinsed it really well. I did not use the stems, just the leaves, but you certainly could. I then let them air dry on a towel until all the water was evaporated. Then using a spoon I simply pressed the leaves lightly to express the oils in the leaves. Then just add them to the Himalayan Pink Salt, put the lid on and let it sit for two weeks in a dry dark cupboard. I would take it out and shake it every few days to help express some more oils. This is the best herbed product I have ever used. You do not even need much, the Basil adds so much flavor. I used finely ground Himalayan Pink Salt. I was going to put Parsley in there too, but I forgot and ended up freezing all of that for smoothies. You could add a few drops of lemon or lime if you wanted, also.

Learn about Himalayan Pink Salt, here.

Watch the video below to learn about Basil infused oil. I may try this next, when I get another large batch of Basil.

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