The 5 Best Gifts to Give Someone With A Chronic Illness

Updated 11/24/2021 This list is geared towards CKD because I have CKD and can relate to it.  But, they can be adapted for anyone with any Chronic Illness.

Have you ever heard the statement you should be grateful for whatever someone gives you? While I agree with that sentiment 100%, there is nothing worse than getting a gift that someone put no thought into at all. Especially if it is from someone who knows you well, cares about you, or knows you have a condition. Or, you get invited somewhere for a holiday party or dinner, and there is nothing you can eat.  So here we go.

  1.  Most people with CKD have issues with Anemia at one time or another and are therefore colder than other people.  Gifts to help them stay warm such as hats, scarfs, mittens these are even better if handmade with love.  Handwarmers that can be reused and put in pockets, heating pads, and blankets, warm socks, and shoes. A heating pad, or blanket is also an awesome gift. I have dry eyes, and am getting Arthritis in my fingers. Warming gloves, paraffin wax treatments, and eye warmers are all wonderful gifts that have meaning.
  2. People with CKD may also suffer from chronic pain, stress, and anxiety with limited medications they can use to relieve pain.  Items like Massage, Guided Imagery, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Spa days, etc make wonderful gifts for someone with CKD or other chronic illnesses. I here at Health Buddy Melissa offer Distance Reiki sessions, and Guided Imagery. Be sure and send me a message if you are interested in purchasing some sessions for your loved one, or yourself, by using the contact form at the end of the post.
  3. Gift cards for whole food stores, or places that sell organic foods with fewer preservatives and chemicals. Or cooking classes to learn how to cook and make better food choices for their particular Chronic Illness. Cookbooks, cooking equipment, etc are also all great gift ideas.
  4. Carts and bags with wheels for easy shopping or that can attach to a walker or wheelchair. One of those grabby things to get things up high are great! Having their cupboards remodeled to make access easier. Maybe they need an access ramp to get into the home easier and safer.
  5. Consideration and love.  This is probably the most important.  When someone with CKD or a Chronic Illness goes to a dinner or party and there is nothing that is safe for them to eat, it is deflating.  Ask them what you can prepare for them that they can safely eat.  Christmas is about love, and kindness, don’t be selfish and not put in a little extra consideration.
  6. I have to add this one.  Save a life and donate a kidney if you can.   Learn more about kidney donation at AKF, or NKF.  If you are absolutely someone who does not feel you would do that, donate to one of those organizations, or one near you, to help save the life of someone with kidney disease. Any organ donation is a gift of life, not just kidneys. You can check off on your driver’s license that you wish to be an organ donor.

None of that is meant to make you feel bad or guilty.  It is simply to help you be more mindful of others and their conditions.  Everyone should be more Mindful, every day.  I love all of you who take the time to read what I share.  Blessings and much love to all of you!

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Mindful Spending at Christmas

I think we can all agree Christmas is supposed to be a blessing, relaxing and time to be thankful for family and friends.  But, Christmas is very often not any of those things, but rather stressful, mindless spending and building of debt, and for some even depressing.  Spending mindfully during this holiday season can help you avoid the stress, debt, and sadness that may come with Christmas this year.

How to spend mindfully:

1-  Make a list.  Compile all of the people you know you will need to buy a gift for, and maybe add 2 extras for unexpected gifts.  Only include people you feel you need to buy for.  It is nice to buy for everyone, even people who really are not family or friends.  But, this often leads to mindless giving.  If you can not afford to do this it will only add to undue stress and strain in your life.

2-  Make a budget.  After you have made your list, make a budget of the max amount you can afford to spend.  Then divide that amount by the number of people you have to buy for, and that is your limit per person.  People may not like this, considering you cheap.  If people on your list are only worried about how much you can spend on them, rather than the thought of a gift, then they probably don’t need to be on your list.  Making a budget is especially important if you live on a fixed income.

3-  Try to give family gifts, rather than individual gifts.  Say there are 4 people in a family some ideas could be state park passes, zoo passes, free homemade dinner once a week, movie passes, etc.  With so many food services now available if you can’t cook a meal, maybe give them a month of meals that will be delivered.  Give a gym membership, or another health-related gift like a massage, or pedicure.

4-  Watch for sales and the best deals.  Try not to buy a gift just to give a gift.  Be mindful of what you are giving.  Yes, you may need to be frugal but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a quality, thoughtful gift.

5-  Consider saving throughout the year.  Start in January, next year, and put aside money each month that will be specifically for Christmas gifts.

6-  Make homemade gifts.  Have you always wanted to learn a craft?  Jump in and make some Christmas gifts.  For example, I love to paint, make jewelry, crochet, etch glass and garden.  I don’t enjoy sewing or baking so much, but those are great gift-giving ideas too.

7.  If you know there is a charity or cause, you enjoy giving to each Christmas then be sure and be mindful of that in your expenses.

Every year we get closer to retirement we are more #Mindful of what we are spending. I do love Christmas, and I tend to splurge more at this time of year.

If you would like to learn how mindfulness can help you relieve stress, or reach your health goals, use the message form at the bottom of this post to send me an email. You can even give the gift of a Health Coach!


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