does yardwork count as exercise?

Hello, and welcome back to another Sweating on Sunday topic. I finally am back to regular workout routines after a shoulder injury sidelined any upper body work, and then I was sick with what seemed like Covid, but I tested negative 3 times. I do still have a lingering cough and actually think it was Covid as I was directly exposed by a coworker. Anyhow, I had to quarantine and no one else was exposed by me. My husband and daughter also got sick, and also tested negative. If you are vaccinated you can get a breakthrough infection though it will be milder and you may not get enough of a viral load to test positive, and supposedly you can not spread it. This post may contain affiliate links.

This time of year, in Florida, I could literally do yardwork every single day for at least an hour. Between the garden, mowing, weed whacking, and all the trimming that constantly needs doing, my daily workout could be yardwork. Or, could it? Is yardwork exercise, or just being active? I know for me it is definitely exercise. My heart rate goes up, I get plenty hot and sweaty, and I burn calories according to my fitness watch. Now, for me I like to stay in the light to moderate intensity. range of exercise due to my Kidney Disease. I try to never hit the high or maximum heart rate zones. To find your maximum heart rate zone for exercise subtract your age from 220. I will be 52 in a couple of weeks so that makes my maximum heart rate 168. If you would like to read more about heart rate zones, click here.

Not only does your heart rate increase, but you also will be working various muscles while doing yardwork. Check out this Pinterest image to see which garden tools work which muscles. Or, this one to see the muscles used when mowing grass with a push mower. As you can see different tools work different muscles. It is best if you can do yardwork for at least 60 minutes. That is super easy for me. We have almost an acre of land, and half of it I use a push mower to mow. The other half my husband does with a riding mower which of course is not exercise at all.

The two short videos below explain it even better. The first video is from a homesteading gentleman who shows how he stays in shape working the homestead and using the various tools mentioned. The second video the gentleman actually shows his stats from his fitness watch after he mows his 3/4 of an acre yard, and figures out whether it was exercise or just activity. Be sure and watch it.

You may not need that expensive gym membership, after all. But, you may need to supplement if you only do yardwork once or twice a week. Health Buddy Melissa has not tested or used any of the products mentioned in the second video.

Make sure you rest if you need to and then start back up, drink plenty of water, and then cool off and relax when you are all done.


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self care Saturday: Resting when you are injured

Happy Saturday! This is not what I intended to talk about today, but because I have reinjured an old shoulder injury even typing is incredibly painful. So, short and sweet today. I am admittedly not good at slowing down, or taking it easy, especially when it is absolutely gorgeous outside and I have tons of things I would like to be doing, like gardening and such. I did manage to mow one tiny spot in the backyard, but my husband had to start the mower for me and I mowed with with one hand. I can still enjoy the weather just sitting still, lol. I can’t use the weed whacker or dig at all, or rake. I did get on the treadmill but I had to keep my right arm immobile because even walking it was pulling on my shoulder.

So, that is it. I am sitting still, resting my arm and relaxing. A nice change for me. If you have CKD like me, then you know how challenging it can be when you are in pain. There are not a lot of options for pain relief that are either effective or safe for the kidneys. I will do a self Reiki session before I go to sleep and that usually will help a lot to relax and sleep. Right now, rest, immobilization, Tylenol and heat are my choices. I don’t find ice comfortable.

Have a wonderful Saturday, and I hope your weather is as lovely as mine!


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My top 10 ways to de-stress!

It is the end of Stress Awareness Month. I hope you have enjoyed and or learned some things from my posts. I did not get to touch on the Brain and Digestive Systems as they relate to Stress. Stress can affect all parts of the body. Today, I would like to share my top 10 ways that I use to de-stress.

  1. Walking in Nature. This is number 1 for a reason, because I truly believe in it. Yesterday, I talked about Earthing. I will be incorporating walking barefoot into my daily nature walk. It doesn’t have to be done anywhere special, I do it right in my own yard. If you live in the city there has to be a park or nature trail somewhere close by. Make your walk even better by not having any distractions and using your five senses to be more Mindful. Stressed at work? Walk on your lunch break. Fresh air will help clear your mind and refresh your thoughts.
  2. Exercise. This can go right along with #1. Aim for at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week. 60 minutes is even better. Exercise does not have to be strenuous to reap the benefits. A nice walk, Yoga, or Swimming are gentler kinder exercises. I personally love to put on the Disco music from the video below when I need to burn off some steam or get some good house cleaning done. If you are angry a more upbeat, intense workout may be very helpful. Well I can’t share the video it is blocked. But, if you search for Workout Music Source Disco Hits you will find it.
  3. Meditate. I try to Meditate every day. Just sitting and being still and not thinking about anything. Maybe some soft drum beat music in the background, nice candles, etc.
  4. Mindfulness. Mindfulness is different than meditating in the sense that you want to be in the moment noticing your surroundings and how you are reacting to them. It is a great way to be more grounded, have self control, know your limits, etc.
  5. Clean the pool. Yes, you read that write. I clean the pool to relax. I generally vacuum it every time I use the pool. I am in the sun, and the cool water allows me to think and reflect. I truly love it.
  6. Gardening. Another top favorite for me. I love planting, nurturing, and then reaping the rewards. I am really good with flowers. This year I am giving it a go at a vegetable garden. There is so much to learn. I also enjoy making garden decorations and tiny fairy gardens.
  7. Art. There are so many forms of Art to try and so many that I enjoy. I love to paint, etch glass, crochet, make jewelry, and others too. I have some Arthritis in my hands so it makes some of these more difficult now. I have not been doing a lot of Art lately, other than my Photography, which I also love.
  8. Reiki. Reiki is a Healing Energy of which there are many. I do self Reiki on myself at least a few times a week, and the dogs are great guinea pigs, lol. They actually love it. I offer Distance Reiki as part of my coaching plans. If you would like to learn more about Distance Reiki for Stress relief, use the contact form at the end of this post to message me. I would love to help you de-stress with Reiki.
  9. Guided Imagery. When I took my final exam for my Guided Imagery certificate I decided to do one for Better Sleep. I got an A and I still use it for myself to this day if I have a hard time falling asleep. Guided Imagery is where you use your imagination to guide you through a pre-made script to help with Sleep, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Weight Loss and so much more. Guided Imagery is included in my coaching plans. Contact me for more information.
  10. Venting. There is nothing like a good vent, or rant, without judgement. Having someone you can vent to is a great stress reliever. Sometimes just getting something off of your chest can find relief from Stress. If you need someone you can vent to without judgement or hurt feelings use the contact form to message me.

These work for me. There may be other ways to relieve Stress and may work better for you. Some people like a massage or bubble bath. I did a post on Essential Oils, which can also be helpful. We also volunteer at a dog rescue and that too is a great stress reliever. Well most days, lol. I can not stress enough the totality of a good diet and good sleep for Stress relief on the body.

My May freebie will be about Hypertension, and will be available to my mailing list only. So, if you have High Blood Pressure, want to avoid having it, or love someone who does sign up for my mailing list below to take advantage of some free coaching. I will also have a 3 day special for just Moms. You have to be on the mailing list to be eligible.

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Also in May will be my new Health Challenge. In April it was Triceps for some good tank top arms. May will be Calves, because they are important for running, and I have started running. I will post the challenge soon. It will be posted to this blog. Anyone can join in.


Gift Idea #6 For People With CKD

Happy Sunday my wonderful readers. Today is gift idea #6 for people with CKD. Seeds!

Why? Well for one thing people with CKD have to avoid salt, so adding different spices and herbs to food adds tons of flavor. Two, if they are more homebound due to their CKD it will give them a great hobby that has awesome rewards. I would start with an Herb kit because most herbs grow well indoors, require little care, and get great benefits. I grow Parsley, Basil, and Peppermint right now. If you think your loved one would rather not garden you can always get them a multi-spice and herb collection already dried and ready to use, like this one. It even has free spice refills for 5 years! I might want that one, lol.

If you choose to get seeds it is suggested that you buy Heirloom Seeds. Read about that here. You can buy your seed kits, here.

I really love gardening and am going to step it up in 2021. If I get good at it, it can save me a lot of money and I may even have extras to share with others. It is relaxing, rewarding, not too strenuous if you maintain just a small garden or do container gardens.

Please remember to learn about the herbs and spices you may eat with CKD. Some are high in Potassium and should be used in small amounts. Some herbs are also high in Oxalates which can cause kidney stones. Always do your research, or ask your doctor. If you would like to work with a Health Coach to help you learn about Kidney Disease, use the communication form at the end of the post to send me an email with your interest.


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upcoming health topics week of 9/20/2020

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. It is actually cooler here, today in Florida, and I got a ton of yard work done, though I was still dodging rain all day. I am quite tired of rain now.

I have some interesting health and wellness topics for my readers coming up this next week. I have been trying to find some extra time to record some new Guided Imagery scripts. I think I have one just about ready to be recorded for Self Grounding/Self Control to relieve stress, maintain self control, relieve anxiety, etc. I am still working on one for weight loss. Weight loss is such a complicated topic, I just can’t decide which direction to go with it. At any rate if you would like to purchase any of my Guided Imagery sets, visit my Etsy shop, or email me at

I keep forgetting to mention the Kidney Class coming up next week. It is completely free and sponsored by the American Kidney Fund. If you are interested, please visit the event page, here.

Don’t forget my first month of coaching is only 25 dollars for all new customers. Use the contact form at the bottom of this post to message me for more details. If you are unsure of how a Holistic Health Coach can help you, contact me for a free meet and greet.


Memory Care Learn A New Word A Week Challenge: Bellicose

Happy President’s Day.  If you live outside the USA, then happy Monday!  We had no homeschool lessons today, as it is President’s Day, but I did get a ton of stuff done.  Gardening, yard work, and cleaning the back porch.  Our dogs hang out there a lot, and they are super messy.  I love gardening!  Watching things grow, and change day by day.  It is just so cool!  Do you garden?  It is almost Spring, so time to start thinking about it, and walking.  Here in FL we can walk all year.  Don’t forget to ask me about my Walking Buddy program.  I will walk with your, right over your phone.

So, now for the word of the week, bellicose.  Once you look up the meaning of this word I am sure you can name one person it would describe, at least.  Look it up, write it down 10 times, say it 10 times, and then use it in a sentence.  Go over all the previous words as well, to help them get stuck in your memory.  Now that we are quite a few weeks in try testing yourself to see how much you remember.  If you are new to this blog, find all the previous words in the archives.  Remember if you follow this blog you will get all new posts sent right to your email.  If you need to learn other ways, or need help with your memory, message me for a free meet and greet.  All monthly plans in February are 10% off, for new customers.