what is earthing and does it work?

As a Holistic Health Coach I learned about different types of Grounding Techniques. But, I don’t recall learning about the term Earthing. Earthing is a particular type of Grounding that reconnects us with the Earth. Once I started to read more about it, it became apparent to me that it was similar to what I already did for relaxing, namely gardening, getting my hands in the soil. But, Earthing is showing promise as an Integrative Therapy of sorts that is not only free, but actually has studies to back it up too.

Walking barefoot, something I grew up doing and always did, is a core part of Earthing. I stopped when I got Plantar Fasciitis and it was recommended to wear good support shoes 24 hours a day until it healed. I had a particularly bad case of it and it took months to heal, and I got away from walking barefoot. While doing some research on Grounding and Stress Relief, I came across this Youtube movie below and I was quite intrigued. So, I looked for a study on Earthing to share that would show it’s remarkable effects on Inflammation, and hence Stress. It apparently works quite well for other issues too, but Chronic Inflammation is the precursor to many diseases. I always feel like I have to say this. I am not suggesting you throw away your doctor and just do Earthing. However, Earthing in conjunction with oversight of a medical doctor may just be the fix for what is ailing you. You don’t have to just walk barefoot. Like I said getting your bare hands in the soil while gardening, or just lying and sitting on the earth can work. There are grounding beds, shoes, patches and a bunch of other items to help you use Earthing at most times of the day. I am particularly interested in the shoes. They are quite expensive, so I may try the more affordable flip flops to see if I like how they feel on my feet. Everyone knows no matter how healthy a shoe may be if it is horribly uncomfortable you won’t wear it.

I urge you to read the studies done on Earthing. Also watch the Youtube video. It is kind of long, but very interesting.

Yes, I have started walking barefoot again!

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social saturday

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Kidney Health Class

Join me on my Facebook event page for the August Kidney Health Class. This class takes about 2 hours to get through, and space is limited to 5 people plus me of course. Once people start signing up I will start making posts about how it works. There is plenty of time for questions, and answers. This class is geared more towards preventing kidney disease and slowing progression once someone has kidney disease. It is the copyright property of the American Kidney Fund, for which I am a volunteer Kidney Coach with that organization. Please visit the event page, here, and sign up if you would like to attend. I plan to do these monthly, and on other platforms once I figure out the best way to do it. I will try to post the date for each month, by the first week of each month. I will do different days and times to try to accommodate everyone who may wish to attend. I hope to see you there.

I am also taking part in the American Kidney Fund 37 mile walking challenge in the month of August. The goal is to walk 37 miles in August. I walk about 35 in a week, so I am almost to the goal. I am looking for sponsors. If you would like to sponsor me, or you can join the challenge yourself. I would be honored. You can visit my fundraiser page, here. If you sponsor me, and you own a business, I will do a free blogpost about your business on this website. Please use the contact form below the images to message me if you are interested. I will not advertise hateful, or illegal businesses.

Portion Distortion: Cereal

Do you love cereal? Here at my house cereal can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But, most people eat way more than the recommended amount of cereal adding calories and sugar to their diet. Most people do not even realize they are eating at least 2 times, probably more, of the portion stated on the package. If you are trying to lose weight, or need to monitor certain ingredients in your diet due to Diabetes, CKD or any other reason, you need to monitor your portion sizes. Losing weight is the number one thing you can do to improve your egfr if you have CKD, according to studies I have read, and doctors. This is only applicable to people who are already overweight. It is not intended for people who are underweight, or suffering from muscle wasting.

In the image below is the correct portion for a bowl of Chex Vanilla Cereal, my personal favorite. 1 cup of cereal, and 1/2 cup of milk. That is the correct portion size. You also see in the image one scrambled egg, which is a high quality protein source.

If you would like to learn more about portion control, and how to implement it today to get your diet under control, use the contact form under the images, to message me for a free meet and greet. All meet and greets are done online via email.