Low Calorie food #2 and it helps hbp!

Hello, Friday! This is my weekend to work which is a bummer because it is Mother’s Day and my daughter’s 17th birthday. But, don’t worry we are celebrating this evening at a local restaurant that is a favorite of hers. So, I had a low calorie lunch because eating out is always tuff when you follow a certain type of eating lifestyle, namely low carb for me. I am not Keto! Believe it or not Keto is not for everyone, for lots of reasons. I will talk more about that when I do my Low Carb and Keto diet post. The meal I will share below had a total of only 185 calories for the whole plate! Keep reading! There will also be cake, of course, and I can’t wait, lol.

Last week I talked about Cucumbers. This week’s low calorie food is Cauliflower. I picked this vegetable because studies have shown that it can also help lower Blood Pressure, and since all May I am discussing Blood Pressure it was a perfect fit. Cauliflower is very low calorie around 25 calories per serving, and a serving is a cup. You can eat it raw, or cooked. I did not jump on the riced cauliflower bandwagon for a long time. Raw cauliflower causes me to have gas and bloating. I just wasn’t sure I would like the consistency or flavor once it was cooked. But, I have to tell you once it is cooked the consistency is similar to brown rice and the flavor kind of melds with whatever you cook it with. So, if you are looking to replace rice in meals, riced cauliflower is perfect. You can make your own, but I just buy it frozen, or from Sam’s in pre-packets. See the images below. It has about 2.5 mg of carbs, and fiber per serving, so it evens out perfectly. It is also a very low sodium food perfect if you have CKD like me. Plus, for CKD, it only has 32 mg of Phosphorus per serving and 142 mg of Potassium per serving. It does contain a lot of water, so if you are on fluid restrictions always track the water in your food too, not just beverages. Cauliflower also has Choline and Folate both of which are extremely healthy for pregnant moms to be. It is very filling as well! I always feel like I have to add this. Do not stop taking your blood pressure meds and start eating just cauliflower! Always discuss with your doctor so you can be properly monitored. Hypertensive Crisis is a serious thing!

Cauliflower really is versatile as an ingredient. The recipe I used below was just one packet of the Earthly Choice riced cauliflower bought at Sam’s, 2.5 ounces of leftover chicken thigh from a dinner this week, and leftover sauteed baby carrots with just a touch of onion and pepper. I added 2 tbsp of the sweet chili sauce, and it was perfect! You can always leave that off and it will take off 45 calories but it adds a ton of fabulous flavor. This was super fast to cook up as everything is basically cooked. I just cooked it in a tsp of olive oil and added some red wine vinegar. Everything else was already seasoned. All that food for 185 calories! You can make this ahead and take in work lunches too. Easy peasy!

Do you like cauliflower? Let me know in the comments your favorite way to eat it.


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My top 10 ways to de-stress!

It is the end of Stress Awareness Month. I hope you have enjoyed and or learned some things from my posts. I did not get to touch on the Brain and Digestive Systems as they relate to Stress. Stress can affect all parts of the body. Today, I would like to share my top 10 ways that I use to de-stress.

  1. Walking in Nature. This is number 1 for a reason, because I truly believe in it. Yesterday, I talked about Earthing. I will be incorporating walking barefoot into my daily nature walk. It doesn’t have to be done anywhere special, I do it right in my own yard. If you live in the city there has to be a park or nature trail somewhere close by. Make your walk even better by not having any distractions and using your five senses to be more Mindful. Stressed at work? Walk on your lunch break. Fresh air will help clear your mind and refresh your thoughts.
  2. Exercise. This can go right along with #1. Aim for at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week. 60 minutes is even better. Exercise does not have to be strenuous to reap the benefits. A nice walk, Yoga, or Swimming are gentler kinder exercises. I personally love to put on the Disco music from the video below when I need to burn off some steam or get some good house cleaning done. If you are angry a more upbeat, intense workout may be very helpful. Well I can’t share the video it is blocked. But, if you search for Workout Music Source Disco Hits you will find it.
  3. Meditate. I try to Meditate every day. Just sitting and being still and not thinking about anything. Maybe some soft drum beat music in the background, nice candles, etc.
  4. Mindfulness. Mindfulness is different than meditating in the sense that you want to be in the moment noticing your surroundings and how you are reacting to them. It is a great way to be more grounded, have self control, know your limits, etc.
  5. Clean the pool. Yes, you read that write. I clean the pool to relax. I generally vacuum it every time I use the pool. I am in the sun, and the cool water allows me to think and reflect. I truly love it.
  6. Gardening. Another top favorite for me. I love planting, nurturing, and then reaping the rewards. I am really good with flowers. This year I am giving it a go at a vegetable garden. There is so much to learn. I also enjoy making garden decorations and tiny fairy gardens.
  7. Art. There are so many forms of Art to try and so many that I enjoy. I love to paint, etch glass, crochet, make jewelry, and others too. I have some Arthritis in my hands so it makes some of these more difficult now. I have not been doing a lot of Art lately, other than my Photography, which I also love.
  8. Reiki. Reiki is a Healing Energy of which there are many. I do self Reiki on myself at least a few times a week, and the dogs are great guinea pigs, lol. They actually love it. I offer Distance Reiki as part of my coaching plans. If you would like to learn more about Distance Reiki for Stress relief, use the contact form at the end of this post to message me. I would love to help you de-stress with Reiki.
  9. Guided Imagery. When I took my final exam for my Guided Imagery certificate I decided to do one for Better Sleep. I got an A and I still use it for myself to this day if I have a hard time falling asleep. Guided Imagery is where you use your imagination to guide you through a pre-made script to help with Sleep, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Weight Loss and so much more. Guided Imagery is included in my coaching plans. Contact me for more information.
  10. Venting. There is nothing like a good vent, or rant, without judgement. Having someone you can vent to is a great stress reliever. Sometimes just getting something off of your chest can find relief from Stress. If you need someone you can vent to without judgement or hurt feelings use the contact form to message me.

These work for me. There may be other ways to relieve Stress and may work better for you. Some people like a massage or bubble bath. I did a post on Essential Oils, which can also be helpful. We also volunteer at a dog rescue and that too is a great stress reliever. Well most days, lol. I can not stress enough the totality of a good diet and good sleep for Stress relief on the body.

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Also in May will be my new Health Challenge. In April it was Triceps for some good tank top arms. May will be Calves, because they are important for running, and I have started running. I will post the challenge soon. It will be posted to this blog. Anyone can join in.


give your family a gift!

Stress alert! I am going to discuss a topic that most people find uncomfortable, Advance Directives and in this case Living Wills. The topic of death, and elder care is a common stressor, as we get older. Please watch the short video below. Yes, it is a dramatization, but as a nurse for 34 years I have seen this same scenario played out over and over. Notice the difference in how the two families respond to the emergency medical issue. When you don’t take responsibility for your own death, impending death, health and medical issues, or possible death it puts a huge amount of stress and grief on your family and loved ones. Leaving people to have to make decisions for you is difficult for so many reasons. Now the people in the video were young, so yes even young people need a Living Will so there is no discussion about how you would want to survive, or pass in a dire situation. Trust me you are not doing them any favors by not discussing it, or pretending it won’t happen. If the person is a minor, please seek legal advice as to how you can create a Living Will. It is another whole complicated procedure that I am not capable of discussing here. This may not even be allowable in most states. I could not find where a minor could create a Living Will in Florida. This would be considered a parental responsibility.

What is the definition of a Living Will? Each state may have slightly different definitions but in Florida a Living Will is a legally binding document that expresses an individual’s end of life preferences such as what types of procedures they would like to have done to them in end of life situations. These would be both procedures they do and do not want done. Some people may choose to be kept alive by all means necessary, while others may wish to not have any life supporting medical care that will prolong their life. A Living Will can be retracted at any time, and or updated as your desires may change through the years. It is very important, as hard and stressful as it is, to have a conversation with your family and loved ones about any desires you may have should you become incapacitated say in a car accident, or other medical reason. For example, I have CKD. I am only 51 years old. I would prefer not to be on Dialysis, especially long term. These are things I have discussed with my family, but I need to put it in writing to make it legal. This will alleviate any arguments or conflict in my immediate family or from say my mother or sisters about what my wishes are. My husband and I have this on our list of things to do this year. I have discussed with my son and his new wife the same that they should consider it too. It is hard for young people to wrap their head around having the need for a Living Will. They think it is something just for old people. It is true as you age, you may wish to be more aware of these types of issues that can add un-needed stress to you and your family.

Again, each state may have different requirements for creating a Living Will. In Florida the Living Will must be created by the person it will affect while they are competent to do so. It must be witnessed by two people of which one has to be not a spouse or a blood relative. I would recommend you give a copy to your doctor, each of your witnesses, a lawyer if you have one, and keep one handy in your wallet. There are medical alert bracelets that you can wear so first responders will know that you have an Advance Directive on file somewhere. I would also be sure that the two witnesses become your emergency contacts on any forms you fill out to be contacted in case of an emergency. My husband and I are both in our 50’s, and we have aging parents. We know exactly how difficult it can be to get people to talk about this topic. If you need to, because you are sure what your wishes are, your two witnesses do not have to be a spouse or family at all. Just be sure and follow the advice on what to do with the Living Will once it is created, and obviously you still would want your family to know that you have one.

The video below was created by University of Texas Health Science Center. At the end of the video they state give your family a gift, complete an Advance Directive, tell them what you want. Hence the title of this post.

If you find Advance Directive topics to be stressful to you learn how you can get a 30 minute coaching session free in April, on the topic of Stress.


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