Misfits Market!

This is not a paid post. I simply like to share organizations and products that I truly love and appreciate.

We live in a rural area, and like many others who live in rural areas access to organic fruits and vegetables is often limited if available at all. Plus, with Covid having a food delivery service just seemed quite nice. As I researched various food delivery systems, they were not all that affordable, or economical for families larger than 2 people. Plus, most of them require the foods to be microwaved a type of cooking we do not have in my house, nor did I want to purchase a microwave. That eliminated a lot of the possibilities. I eventually chose Misfits Market because I really just wanted fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that would not break my bank account.

Misfits Market is a food service company. The offer a small box and large box option. You can order weekly, or bi-weekly depending on the size and needs of your family. Shipping is only 4.50 no matter which box you choose. Now that is economical! Plus a few days before they pack up your box they send you an email where you can pick special items to go in your box, rather than the luck of the draw. It isn’t complete customization yet, but that is coming in the future. They do not deliver everywhere, yet, but that too expands every month. You can get on their email list and the will let you know when they begin shipping in your area. They will be in all the states soon enough!

Those are the things that I like, but on top of all that they have an awesome mission. Decreasing food waste, and making organic fruits and vegetables accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford, or have access, to specialty stores. If you only have a Dollar General in your rural area, then you know just how limited your food options are. I am not picking on Dollar General, I quite like them, but they simply can not offer fresh fruits and vegetables.

Read more about Misfits Market, here.

Below you will see an image of my very first box, and yes I was pleased. I didn’t get tomatoes, but I only got one zucchini which was great because no one at my house likes them. The only item I was unsure of was Ruttabaga, but I am going to add it to some soup and see if I like it. The absolutely best thing in my box was the 2 butter lettuce plants, only one shown as I had already planted one. I love butter lettuce and was looking at buying some anyways.