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Happy Sunday! Only 12 days until Christmas! The week after Christmas will be a lot of clean up on this blog, reflection and goals for next year. So, if you enjoy those kind of posts, stay tuned.

Today, is gift idea #12 for people with CKD. As you know I have CKD, and as I get older I have to start to think about things I never really thought about before. Like what if I couldn’t work anymore, or afford my car, what would I do? I am fortunate enough to live in a small town where I do have options for groceries, and other needs, within walking distance. They are not my favorite options, but that is OK. So, what if I had to walk to get my needs met? I would need something to put bags of items in if I didn’t want to carry all of those bags, which I wouldn’t want to, lol. Not being able to work or maintain self sufficiency would be a very hard thing for me. So, maintaining my independence as much as possible would be vital to my well being. That is why I chose carts with wheels for today’s gift idea, and I think I will actually be purchasing one of these myself. I think in January, when my daughter starts the Nutrition course I have created, I think it would be great for her to learn about what if we were poor. We have lived on very tight budgeting in the past, but she was very little and has no memory. Hard times can fall on anyone for any reason and being able to adapt to survive is vital. She is a very picky eater, and really loves garbage food. This has to change. Anyway enough of that. You can find all kinds of great options to fit any number of needs, here. If I did not live close enough to shopping areas, I would be recommending to my husband to consider moving for our elder years. We are not to our elder years yet, lol, but it is wise to think about before hand.

I probably won’t have a gift idea tomorrow, as it is a work day. So, come back Tuesday. Next Friday will be the end of my gift ideas. I hope you have been able to find some awesome gift ideas for that special person on your list with CKD.

Be sure and check out my Fitbit stats from yesterday. It was a rough day. I was extremely tired and I didn’t think I would make my goal. But, I just got by. Lots of energy today, and the weather is lovely. I have tons of outdoor stuff to do before my Bills play my husband’s Steelers tonight. That should be fun!

I threw a quick menu plan together for the week. I didn’t put a lot of thought into this week, but it should work. Tuesday and Friday is shopping days and I have increased our budget to 70 dollars a week for 3 people. That is still a huge cost savings for us, and just will work better for our needs.


Sunday: Leftover lasagna. I really suggest making these kinds of large meals that do not cost a lot and last for days for lunches and or dinners. Texas toast and salad.

Monday: Still leftover lasagna, lol I forgot to say that I made homemade sauce with tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. It saves a ton of sodium and needless added sugars. Plus, it was delicious. I made one without meat, and one with. The meatless one had mushrooms and onions.

Tuesday: Cheesy chicken and broccoli over brown rice. I will share this super easy recipe Tuesday, and how I modify it for CKD.

Wednesday: Ham, sweet potatoes and pasta.

Thursday: Chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies

Friday: Leftovers from Tues, Wed and Thurs.

Saturday: Ravioli. This is a work day for me and I won’t be having ravioli.

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14 days of gratitude day 5 and Basket App

Happy Tuesday! OMG it is only in the 70’s today and I love it! This is my kind of weather. Today’s prompt for the 14 Days of Gratitude Challenge is: something I didn’t have last year that I do have this year.

So, I guess I can’t really say I have this as I don’t own it, but I definitely didn’t have it last year. In January of this year my teenage daughter and I started volunteering at a local dog rescue. We go every Tuesday morning and it has added so many rewards to both of our lives. I am grateful I took a chance on a lesser known rescue, for all the amazing dogs we have got to meet, and all of the other wonderful volunteers. This is not our first time volunteering somewhere. I encourage my children to volunteer. My husband is a volunteer firefighter and it is so important to stress the importance of giving back to our local communities. My children are very different in personality, so we have volunteered at different places in different ways. I am so grateful for the experience and lessons we have learned. I highly encourage you to volunteer especially with your children. You won’t be sorry. Plus, we get tons of fresh air and exercise.

I found the best app I have ever used, the other day. Basket is an app that compares prices for items you want to buy showing where the lowest price is. I went into Dollar General today intending to get Breyer’s ice cream for 4 dollars a gallon. Unfortunately, it was all sold out. But, I found a huge tub of vanilla ice cream for only a dollar more. So, I bought that. It wasn’t Breyer’s but my family doesn’t care the brand of the ice cream. This is for Thanksgiving pie. I used the app to compare prices at Dollar General and other stores I would shop at and was able to get my green beans, brown sugar, pasta, and evaporated milk all for less than Walmart was offering. I have spent 15.30 out of my 50 dollar budget for this next week, but I got 25 cents refunded from Ibotta, so I only spent 15.05 so far. I must add we already got our turkey weeks ago, so that was in a different weekly budget. Ibotta is another great app, though sometimes I find it quite annoying. If you are buying a lot of food the receipt will be too large, and I have had items denied. Keep your receipt if you are denied so you can fix whatever they say is the issue and get your refund. So, I still have 34.95 left in next week’s food budget.

We were supposed to have ravioli tonight, but everyone is tired of pasta and sauce after 3 days of ziti. So, we are saving the ravioli and having hot dogs and mac n cheese. I probably will have a hot dog and tomatoes on the side, as I need more protein today, but not more carbs. Remember, I am low carb.

Another note about Ibotta, they are offering Thanksgiving dinner for free. I looked at it, and added the items to my list, I mean free. The catch is we will be donating all of this food to my mother as she will most likely not come to Thanksgiving dinner, and I don’t blame her, due to Covid safety issues. So, this will be small enough for her to make herself and share with her pups and kitties. We do self checkout so I will just do a separate receipt. This is offered at a variety of stores through Ibotta.

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$25 dollar food Challenge for 3 people!

This is my first food challenge. It will be for 3 people, 2 adults and one teenager. Now, I must say a few things before I lay out the rules.

1- I am low carb eating. That does not mean Keto. I am not Keto. I have CKD and Keto can be very dangerous. Low carb is any amount of carbs under 150 carbs per day. I consume 100 or less per day. Cheaper food such as rice, potatoes, pasta and beans are very high in carbs. That does not mean we will not be eating those things. I will just need to adjust my portions to stay less than 100 carbs per day.

2- My teenager is a picky eater. Part of this challenge is to teach her how blessed we are to be able to afford foods that she prefers over more affordable foods. It is also to teach her about budgets and to stick to it, plus she will need to make mostly healthy food options when shopping.

3- Meat is very expensive. I prefer organic grass fed meat. It tastes better and that is the truth. However, we will have to see if that is even available at the store we will be shopping at. I can eat small amounts of black beans, pork and beans, or baked beans. My daughter will eat none of these, and my husband does not prefer them. So, that will limit protein options for all 3 of us. I won’t have the luxury to adapt meals for preferences of 3 people.

4- I will try super hard to make this as healthy as possible. I actually think it is very doable.

5- This will not be a live video challenge. Also, I have watched several 5 dollar Dollar Tree challenges. While it has been shown that you can actually buy and create meals with 5 dollars at Dollar Tree, I have never actually seen anyone eat any of these meals. This makes me suspicious if the challenge does not include actually eating the prepared meal. We may try one of those challenges, but honestly I am not going to be happy with food I buy there. It is all highly processed, and we have worked very hard to move away from those types of foods.

6- I use Misfits Markets, biweekly, to provide me with organic fresh produce. I freeze a lot of it, because organic foods do go bad faster. The challenges will be on the opposite weeks of my Misfits delivery and we will evaluate everything we already have on hand before shopping. I can not stress enough, that if you live in a food desert try Misfits Market. It is 22 dollars for the small box, with 5 dollar shipping. It is worth it! I must also add here, the best gift anyone ever gave us was a chest freezer. This allows me to freeze food that is on sale, or ready to expire, without having to use it immediately. If you can buy one, or know someone that wants to get rid of one, they are worth every dime!

OK, for this challenge, my teenager and I will be shopping at Save A Lot. I chose this store because it is a more affordable store in our area. I do have access to an Aldis, about 40 minutes away, but most people especially if they can not drive that far may not have access to that. We will be doing this challenge at various stores in the coming weeks, except Dollar Tree. We have a Family Dollar and Dollar General right here in town. If I choose to do Dollar General I will probably go to the one that is a market about 30 min away. Our local Dollar General does not offer healthy options in my opinion. The Family Dollar, however does, most of the time. We also have two super market type stores, that are very high priced, and both have sold me rotten food. I refuse to shop at either of these places for fresh foods, including meat and dairy.

We will have 25 dollars to spend, for a week of food, for 3 people. If we run out of milk, or bread then we will have to go without. My husband is the only big milk drinker at my house. Coffee, well I hope I have some leftover from this week, lol. We will first go through the freezer and cupboards to see what we already have and then build on that. When things are on sale, I tend to add a few to my cart. This leaves me with a decent supply of stuff on hand. We may have to have a few meatless meals, which is fine for me.

My daughter doesn’t remember, because she was very small, but there was a time when we had very limited money for groceries. We survived, but we did eat a lot of processed foods.

We will share pictures and meal ideas after we shop. I am not sure what day we will shop, but it will be before next Thursday. The challenge will run from next Thursday the 22, thru the 28th,

If you would like to join in this challenge, and you have a Save A Lot near you, please do. Be sure and leave a comment where you will post what you buy and what you can make, so everyone can read your results.

Next week sometime I will share my Low Carb routine, what kind of success I am having, and why I am doing it.

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