national pumpkin month

It would make sense that October would be National Pumpkin Month. I honestly have never tried to eat pumpkin, not even pumpkin pie. I know, I am weird. But, in researching this post I decided I will most definitely be trying pumpkin. It is actually quite healthy, and with a hint of sweetness it could make a healthy snack option. I have had pumpkin seeds, but I don’t much care for them. I don’t care for seeds in general, though they are wonderfully good for you. Make sure you go for unsalted or lightly salted varieties if you have High Blood Pressure, or CKD. I would probably go for canned pumpkin, as it is quite a job if you just buy a pumpkin and do all that.

Here is some nutrition facts about pumpkin per 1 cup:

Calories: 30

Sodium: 1 mg

Potassium: 394 mg If you are on potassium restricted diet reduce amount to 1/2 cup serving size.

Carbs: 8 g this makes it a great low carb option but be careful how you prepare it.

Fiber: less than 1 g this is kind of disappointing , but another website said it had 3 g, go figure that one out.

Protein: 1.2 g another great snack option if you have CKD

Vitamin A: 197% DV Vitamin A is great for healthy eyes.

Vitamin C: 17% Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant

Iron: 4% this is great for Anemia

Vitamin B-6: 5%

Magnesium: 3%

Pumpkin is also great to add to dog food if your dog needs a little fiber or Vitamin C for skin.

So, what to do with pumpkin once you have some? Well, for me I will probably just throw it in a smoothie. That is how I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. But, with cooler weather coming I don’t enjoy smoothies as much. I might try it in soup, or make a cookie or bar treat.

Below there is a video showing 5 different recipes using pumpkin. The pumpkin mac n cheese looks fabulous, but that is a lot of cheese, and cheese means a lot of phosphorus. If you have CKD you may wish to cut back on the cheese in that recipe.

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Is squash a fruit or vegetable? Tell me in the comments.


Foodie Friday: Apple Cinnamon Water

As we finally move away from Summer and into Fall it is time to start thinking about other foods and flavors.  I will be shifting away from sharing Smoothies and Salads to more Fall flavors and foods.  While this water could definitely be drunk during the Summer the apples and cinnamon definitely remind me of Fall.  The recipe is from Davita, and you can click here to see the nutrition info.  Their version is for a full pitcher, so for this post, it will be how I make it in my 24 -ounce cold travel cup.  If you are on fluid restrictions alter the amount of liquid to suit your limits.

Clean and slice one apple with the skin still on, and place it in the bottom of the travel mug.  Organic is best if you can.

Add one cinnamon stick to the bottom of the travel mug.  Organic is best if you can.

Add ice to the desired amount.

Add water to fill travel mug.

That is it.  It is best to let it sit for a bit before drinking to allow the flavors to seep into the water.  I drink mine all day and refill with water as needed.  So, the flavors are continually there.  At the end of the day, I remove the cinnamon stick to let dry and use the next day.   I save the apples to put in a smoothie.  They won’t have much flavor left but all the fiber content will still be there.  Makes a great smoothie thickener.

I found a new app that I love called My Healthy Kidney.  It is in the Google Play store.  It is great for helping keep track of Protein, Phosphorus, and Potassium.  Plus fats, carbs, and other important information.

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