Measure Your Body Fat, Instead of Your BMI

Updated 3/28/2021: For the year 2020 I was able to lose 3 percent more of my body fat. That may not sound like a lot, but to me it is a lot! Hi, everyone!  My readership continues to grow by at least a few followers each week, and that is very exciting to me.  Some of you who read regularly know that I have CKD, stage 3, and have struggled with getting my weight to the weight that the doctors always want.  That magical number on their chart that shows my BMI according to height and weight.  Maybe someday it will actually happen, but I am adjusting my focus away from the number on the scale, to body fat percentage.  This number will actually give me a more accurate account of my health and well being, because it tells me how much fat I am carrying around.  The BMI, body mass index, is not as accurate because it does not take into account that muscle, bones, organs etc all add mass to a body.  I am short, very short, and I carry around some good muscles, and of course all my bones, and organs.  Anyway, I found a website called where I can put in my measurements, and it will calculate my body fat percentage.  What an awesome tool, and I will be sure to tell my doctor about it too.    My goal is to lose fat!  The number on the scale is an after thought, and I may just give that up, but you know it is addicting.  They have some other neat features to that calculator, that I have to check out still.

Remember, never give up.  Make a goal, and stick with it!  Don’t get distracted by things that may make you feel like a failure.  My goal is for that fat calculator to tell my I am in the fit range of body fat. Right now I am in the acceptable range, and that is good.   That would be awesome!  Next week I will talk about heart rate zones when working out.  There is so much to know.  There is a contact form below if you would like to message me.  Remember this blog is about making goals, and working to meet them. If you have a goal to lose body fat, or weight, and you would like to learn more about my coaching service, Use the contact form to message me about my new 30 day coaching plan.


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