Healthy Tip Tuesday: Get up and move!

If you have ever visited a doctor then you know one of the things they are regularly going to ask, or advise is to move more. To get more exercise, be more active, be physically fit. Unfortunately, they don’t often explain what those directions mean. They actually have a little bit of different definitions.

Exercise is deliberate, timed activity, usually aerobic or non-aerobic. It is on top of whatever activity you do throughout the day. For example I am a nurse. When I work I average 15,000 steps per shift. That is about 6 miles per shift. You would think that counts as exercise. But, not it is not. I did not plan it, it just is nature of the job. If I went home and spent 30 minutes walking on the bike path, that would be exercise. It was deliberate and I planned it, setting aside that time in my day to do it. The main goal is to increase your heart rate, and make you breathe harder.

Being active simply means that at least 5 days a week you are physically moving your body for at least 30 minutes. While it is true this could be exercise if you heart rate goes high enough, it could just be something as simple as gentle walk around the park, gardening or housework. For me I have set a goal to be active every hour by getting up and walking at least 250 steps each hour. This is an easy attainable goal for anyone to have. If you have a desk job, or are basically sedentary this is a good goal to start with. I use a Fitbit to track my steps, but I know that two laps around my back yard is 250 steps.

Physically fit is a more technical term as to how strong your muscles are, including your heart and lungs. Do you remember when you were in school and you had to take a Physical Fitness test each year? Remember squat thrusts, sit ups and all that horrid stuff? Well that is exactly that, a Physical Fitness test. If you would like to find out if you are physically fit for your age, use the contact form at the end of this post to message me for a free meet and greet. I like to consider myself physically fit. My daughter wants to be a police officer and she has to pass a physical fitness test. Because we homeschool, I have set up a regime for her to be able to pass it. I have decided to do it with her. I am 51 so I have already started practicing, she is 16. I can already do the pushups and situps. The 1.5 mile run in 15 minutes, well I can almost do it. I am so proud of myself I can not even tell you. Please remember it has taken me 3 years of gradual increase in exercise to get to this point. I did not go from couch potato to these kinds of exercises over night. It is a process. If you would like to have me help you create an exercise plan to suit your needs, use the contact form at the end of the post to send me an email.

If you would like to move more, via walking, check out my updated Health Buddy Melissa Walking Plan.


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Updated Advanced Health Buddy Monthly Plan

From here on out, unless I revise this again, this is the page that potential clients will be referred to when asking about plans.  Each plan will now have it’s own individual page, and a contract will be written up after the free Meet and Greet is completed, and the client agrees to purchase this plan.

The Advanced Health Buddy Plan is a 30 day plan, with four 30 minute sessions each week, via email.  There are other methods of communication that can be used, and they are called Extras, which can be purchased separately.  You will find an updated Extras page soon.

All clients must do a Free Meet and Greet, via email, before the advanced plan can be purchased.  The Meet and Greet is done via email at an agreed to date and time.  All Meet and Greets are in English, and follow Eastern Standard Time Zones.  The Meet and Greet is meant to learn a little about each other, and what kinds of goals you may have.  I will provide you with basic questions that you will need to answer.  These are not fancy, no need to print, fax, etc.  I just ask a question, and you answer, as honestly as you can.  The Meet and Greet may go on for a day.  I allot this much time to be sure all info is gathered.

After the Meet and Greet you decide if you want to purchase a plan to continue to work on the stated goals in your questionnaire.  Please always read my updated Disclaimer provided below, before making a decision.

If you decide to purchase the 30 day Advanced Health Buddy Plan, we will meet at pre-arranged dates and times, four times a week, for 30 minutes,  via email to discuss your goals, any progress you have or have not made, and how to overcome any hurdles you are experiencing. I will provide you with encouragement, tips, educational info, things to research, support, ideas, opinions, etc. Examples of goals are: stress reduction, sleep issues, weight loss, chronic disease issues, blood pressure, education, social life, parenting, home work balance, learn to cook, exercise, de-clutter etc. There are so many more. Those are just examples that pop into my head. Once you have told me you are interested in meeting goals, and using me as your Health Coach, a contract with a Paypal address to pay, will be emailed to you. You must print the contract, sign it, and email it back to me. Once I have told you I received the signed contract, you can pay for the Basic plan. There will be a privacy form, and any medical releases that your doctor may need to address, also. Not everyone will need the medical release form. The privacy form must be returned with the contract, before you and I can start to work together. I am only accepting up to 5 clients at a time. So, be sure and keep that in mind.

All payments must be made via Paypal, and in US dollars. My Paypal account is an account I have had for many years, like 20.  It is verified, and in my husband’s name.  Do not let that bother you, he never uses the account, and I have used it for all kinds of online business.   I only speak, write, and understand English.  So, please keep that in mind as well.

With the writing of this post, this plan is now active, and ready to accept new clients.

Please use the contact form below to message me, if you are interested in a free Meet and Greet.  Another change I have made is that I will no longer post a calendar.  Dates, and times will be discussed in the free Meet and Greet session.

Don’t forget to check out my Basic Health Buddy Plan, and the Monthly Health Buddy Group Sessions with a new topic each month.  I will be updating all the other plans as well, and they shall be ready hopefully by early next week.  The Group Sessions are limited to 5 participants, at this time, and the first one is in September.  If you are more of a social, rather than one on one, these might be a great option for you.  As soon as all my plans are updated, I will go back to my regular posts.  Don’t forget to check out my new Merry Monday, Facebook page posts.  I have now completed the Health and Wellness Coach Certification.  I am now working on an Integrative Medicine certification, and that one is very exciting.

Updated Disclaimer