Guided Imagery for Better Sleep MP3 File

So, the MP3 voice file for my brand new Guided Imagery for Better Sleep, is now available for purchase.  You can purchase by either using the contact form below to message me with your interest, or you purchase it for sale here . This particular Guided Imagery does not require a free meet and greet.  You simply purchase and use.  You may not copy, reproduce or give the file to anyone else.  It is the property of Health Buddy Melissa.  I wrote the script, and I speak the script.  You must be 18 years or older to purchase any of my Guided Imagery files.  If you have or have had in the past any issues with Psychosis then this type of file is not for you.  A Guided Imagery session with a professional would make more sense in that situation.  If at any time while using the Guided Imagery you feel uncomfortable stop and don’t continue at that time.  Remember Guided Imagery is a tool.  It is not meant to replace standard medical care or to diagnose. The file is about 7 minutes long.  To learn more about Guided Imagery, or any of my other Health Coaching services, use the contact form to message me.


Move Your Goals Monday

What goals are you working on for this week?  I try to set at least 5 goals, per week, other than the basics of everyday life.  I have quite a few weekly goals for this week.

9500 steps per day for 7 days.  Last week I missed 2 days.

Exercise at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.  I have been consistently doing this, it can soon be considered a habit.

Discuss recent labs with kidney doctor and make sure it is OK to keep doing what I am doing.  On this goal, I will most likely be increasing my protein from 45 grams per day to 65 based on my most recent labs.  I think I need to increase fluids, also for these hot sweaty months.

Continue Guided Imagery class.

Continue advertising my group session for September, Better Sleep.  You may want to consider joining that group session.  All 5 spots are still open. It is an easy, and affordable way to get to know me as a Health Coach.

Go to the local library to test my AKF Kidney Coach presentation, to make sure it works with their equipment.  If it does I will set up the first class for September.  If it doesn’t I have some more work to prepare for that.

Stick to my eating plan, no cheating, or at least no cheating more than one time per week.

I have a bunch of crafting, and cleaning goals, but they kind of aren’t as important.

Keep the pool clean.  This one is hard right now because we are getting so much rain every day.

What are your goals for this week?  Leave me a comment.  If you would like to learn more about working with me as your Health Coach, you can use the contact form below, or read about my updated available plans, here.


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Foodie Friday: Are You Eating For Chronic Disease?

Hi, everyone!  I am so happy to be back to my regular scheduled posting schedule.  I am still debating how I want to move forward with my Foodie Friday topics.  Recipes are great, but there are so many other topics that can come under that heading.  So, I will be mixing it up a little bit each Friday.  I am now up to 88 followers.  My goal was to meet the 100 follower threshold by the end of 2019.  As I continue with my Integrative Therapies classes, I am learning so much about ways to improve Health that have nothing to do with dieting, pills, or extreme exercise.  It seems so much of the Health Coaching world focuses on diets and exercise.  I have said before I hate the word diet.  We all follow a pattern of eating, a diet is so negative.  I am currently studying Guided Imagery, and I can not wait to finish so I can start making some audio Guided Imagery files, for people.  Pain, Stress, Weight Loss, Anxiety, and Sleep  are just some of the things that can be helped with Guided Imagery.  Don’t forget about my Better Sleep live group sessions, starting in just a few weeks.  You still have time to get in!  It will be fun, I promise.  Read about it here.  I am optimistic someone will want to join me in that adventure.

Back to this week’s topic.  Are you eating for a Chronic Disease?  What does that mean?  Basically, are you eating in a way that will increase your chance of getting a Chronic Disease, or already have one and still not eating in a way to help your Chronic Disease.  Maybe you need to learn how to meal prep, especially for busy work or school days.  I know those are my hardest days to stick to my healthy choices.  I am tired, and just want something easy.  So, you might turn to fast food, eating out, frozen meals, canned foods, or other highly processed foods, that are convenient but not very healthy.  Maybe you think you can’t afford healthier food options.  That of course is not true, and I can attest to that as well.  It does take a little more planning, and thought, but it is completely possible.  Maybe you have no clue how to cook.  Cooking can actually be therapeutic in itself, and a complete joy.  I actually very much enjoy cooking, it is the clean up I hate.  I can also attest to the fact in FL, in Summer it is sweaty and stinky, making the thought of cooking daunting.  There are ways around that too.  If any of those things describe you, and you want to work with a Health Coach to help you meet your Chronic Disease goals, use the contact form below to message me.  Your initial meeting is free, and there is no obligation to work with me after the initial meeting.  To see all of my available plans, click here.  



Updated 7/26/2020 All Available Health Buddy Plans with Prices

Updated 2/7/ 2021 please refer to the new pages for details of the updated plans. All of the current and available plans are now found on this page.  This makes null any other pages with mention of available plans.  This is the page to find all of my available and current plans. All new customers are entitles to the Health Buddy Promotion of the 1 day a week coaching plan for 25 dollars. If you are interested in any of the plans below please email me at    All plans require a free Meet and Greet unless otherwise stated.  All plans are in US dollars, with Eastern time zone for setting  up meetings.  All plans are prepaid, a contract with return policy, and user agreement will be sent at the conclusion of the free Meet and Greet.  All contracts must be signed, and returned to my email address before official plan can begin.  Always read the Updated Disclaimer.  Use the contact form at the bottom of this post to message me and arrange a free Meet and Greet, or email me at  There are no obligations for the free Meet and Greet, to purchase any other plan.  All plans, and extras are goal oriented.  You must be willing to work towards your health and wellness goals. The meet and greet allows us to meat and discuss what coaching needs you have.   All plans are currently one on one.  I may do groups in the future but for now, no.  I am a Holistic Health Coach, not a medical advisor.  I do not give medical advice, or even personal advice.  It is my job to coach you to make the changes you decided you want or need to make.  As I am a Holistic Health Coach all of my plans encompass the needs of the whole self.  This may include but are not limited to, exercise, weight management, stress relief, family issues, work, etc.  My hours are flexible at this time.  Any of the Integrative Therapy plans can be incorporated into any of the coaching plans, or they can be purchased individually.  

  1. 1 Day A Week Coaching Plan:  This plan is a 30 day plan.  You will get 1, 30 minute one on one session, with me, per week.  Your 30 minutes can be via email, face to face on video chat, texting, Facebook Messenger etc.   You must do a free Meet and Greet for this plan.  The price for this plan is $75 USD via Paypal, after the free meet and greet.   I am looking at other payment sources as well.  All new customers get this plan for 25 dollars for the first month.  The advertised promotional price is only for the 1 day a week coaching plan.
  2. 2 Days A Week Coaching Plan:  This plan is also a 30 day plan.  You will get 2, 30 minute one on one sessions, with me, per week, via email, text, phone, messenger or video chat.   The price for this plan is $125 per month, in USD, paid via Paypal.  
  3. 3 Days A Week Coaching Plan:  This plan is a 1 month plan.  You will receive 3, 30 minute one on one sessions, with me, per week, via email, phone, messenger, text, or video chat.  The price for this plan  is $250 dollars, USD, paid via Paypal. 
  4. Extras:  1.  Medication Reminders:  Medication reminders require a free Meet and Greet to discuss your needs in this area.  This is either a text or phone call reminder to take medications.  This is a monthly plan and is $50 dollars per month.  Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes in length.  You do not need to purchase one of the monthly plans to purchase this plan. 
  5. Just Text, Call:  This plan is a stand-alone plan, and is paid by each text or call.  These are still goal-oriented, but less intensive,  and require a free Meet and Greet.  The price for this plan is 10 dollars per 15-minute text, 10 dollars for a 15-minute call. This plan is for people who maybe don’t want to commit to a monthly plan but still have health goals they would like to meet.  You still have to make an appointment with me and agree to terms.  This is not a spur of the moment plan. The free meet and greet for this plan is to be sure you are willing to talk about making and meeting goals and not just a social call.
  6. Health Buddy Melissa Logo Items:  You can purchase items with my logo on it, such as journals, notebooks, mugs, tees, etc.  If you are interested in any of those items visit my Redbubble shop, by clicking here.
  7. Guided Imagery Sessions:  I have now finished the class, and created my first Guided Imagery Audio file.  The price for the audio files is 50 US dollars.  They are in MP3 format.  It is your responsibility to be sure you have a way to listen to the file before you purchase it.  You may not share or give the audio file to anyone else.  It is for your personal use, and of course, once purchased you can use it as many times as you like.  So far I have one for Sleep, Quitting Smoking and Stress.   You can purchase them in my Etsy shop or use the contact form below to message me, or email me at   Only the basic audio files are available in my shop.  Personal request audio files are tailored to your needs and likes.  The price for those Guided Imagery Audio files is $100 US dollars.  If you want a more personal Guided Imagery session, where I am talking to you live, the price for that option is $150 US dollars per live session.  Except for the first option, a free meet and greet is required.  There are no refunds on Guided Imagery packages.  You must be 18 or older to use any of my Guided Imagery programs.  If you have severe Depression, unresolved Trauma or have had any Psychosis then you will need to seek Guided Imagery through a licensed therapist.
  8. Distance Reiki Sessions:  Reiki is a healing energy Integrative Therapy.  It is meant to balance the body and mind. I am a level 2 Reiki Practitioner.   These do require a free Meet and Greet, and the price for a 20-minute session is $50 dollars.  All details will be discussed at the Meet and Greet. Distance Reiki can be performed on consenting adults, children with parent’s written consent and consent of the child, and even pets.   Use the contact form below to message me about this package, or email me at  
  9. Essential Oils for Health and Wellbeing:  I have completed the Aromatherapy course, and I can now recommend, not prescribe,  Essential Oils for Health and Wellness.  Essential Oils can be dangerous and need to be used with caution.   A free Meet and Greet is necessary for this package.  This is a 30-day package with communication via email, text, chat video, or phone once a week, for 30 minutes.  The price for this package is $50 dollars, via Paypal in USD.
  10. Mindfulness Package:  Do you want to learn how to be more Mindful, and or use Meditation to help with Health and Wellness issues?  This package requires a free Meet and Greet.  I am finishing up my Mindfulness Practitioner certificate course.    Our sessions will depend on your needs after the meet and greet is completed.  Mindfulness sessions are 30 dollars per 30 minute session, and you can do up to 3 a week.  Payment to be made via Paypal in USD.  If you are interested in Mindfulness use the contact form at the end of this post to message me, or email me at
  11. Walking Buddy Plan:  This plan incorporates me walking with you, virtually, over the phone.  We can walk outside, or we can walk indoors.  That would be up to you.  Each walk would be 30 minutes.  You decide whether you want 2 days a week, 3 days a week, or 4 days a week.  If you can’t do a 30-minute walk, then we can discuss that too.  So many people don’t walk because they don’t want to walk alone.  Now you don’t have to.  The price for this plan is 2 days a week- $50 dollars per month, 3 days a week- $75 dollars per month and 4 days a week- $125 dollars per month.  A free Meet and Greet is required.  All payments are in USD via Paypal,  If you are interested in this plan use the contact form at the end of the post to message me, or email me at

Use the contact form below to order any of the plans listed above, and arrange a free Meet and Greet. It is easiest and saves time if you put whether you are looking to join the monthly group session, or looking to set up a free Meet and Greet.

Extras for Health Buddy Melissa Plans

Before I start, I have some exciting news.  This fell into my lap quite unexpectedly.  About 2 weeks ago, I started taking classes on Integrative Therapies.  I moved off the first course, and the second course is on Guided Imagery.  For this class I have to create a Guided Imagery script, that will be a voice file.  This will coincide nicely with my September group class on Better Sleep.  All participants, at the end of the 4 week sessions will get to preview my Guided Imagery for Better Sleep for free!  If you are interested in signing up for the September group session, on Better Sleep, click here for details.  Tomorrow I will have all the plans, and prices on one page.  This will be the page that I advertise all my plans from.  The monthly group session plan, since it will have a new topic each month, will get a new page each month.  I may add more as I add more training, such as Guided Imagery sessions, as I mentioned above.

Now for the Extras that can be added on to any Health Buddy Plan, or purchased independently.

Medication Reminders:  Medication reminders require a free Meet and Greet to discuss your needs in this area.  This is either a text, or phone call reminder to take medications.  This is a monthly plan and is $50 dollars per month.  Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes in length.  You do not need to purchase one of the monthly plans to purchase this plan.

One on One Face to Face:  This extra is added to a plan that you already purchase.  It is not a stand alone plan, and must be purchased with another of the email plans.  Face to face is done via video chat on Facebook Messenger, or Skype.  The length of the face to face would be 10 minutes.  It would generally be right after your email sessions.  The price to add this to another plan is $50 dollars to add this extra.  This is already included in the monthly group session plan.  You do not need to buy it extra for the group session plan.

Text, or Call:  This is a 10 minute feature.  This is weekly, and you will purchase and renew weekly.  This is added on to one of the monthly, or three month plans.  The number of calls, or texts you get, will depend on the plan you purchase. It will generally be before your email sessions, or after.  You still have to follow my calendar of availability for me to be able to call or text you.  The group session plan does not apply to this.  The price for this extra is $10 dollars per week.

Just Text, Call, or Face to Face:  This plan is a stand alone plan, and is paid by each text, call or Face to Face.  All Face to Face is on video chat on Facebook Messenger or Skype.  These are still goal oriented, but less intensive,  and require a free Meet and Greet.  The price for this extra is 10 dollars per 15 minute text, 10 dollars for a 15 minute call, or 15 dollars per 15 minute video chat session.  These are for people who maybe don’t want to commit to a monthly plan but still have health goals they would like to meet.  You still have to make an appointment with me, and agree to terms.  This is not a spur of the moment plan.

Health Buddy Melissa Logo Items:  You can purchase items with my logo on it, such as, journals, notebooks, mugs, tees, etc.  If you are interested in any of those items visit my Redbubble shop, by clicking here.

Please always read my Updated Disclaimer, and ask all questions by using the contact form below.  This is a very exciting time for me, and I hope to be your Health and Wellness Coach.




Updated walking Buddy Plan

Updated 8/24/2021 Ok, so this is probably the hardest one to come up with, because this is an online Health Coaching business.  I don’t have a gym, or an office.  This Health Buddy Melissa option is the Walking Buddy Plan. 

  Please see the availability calendar below to see what days I am available for the Walking Buddy plan. I do work 2 days a week out of the home, but my schedule stays the same unless I sign up for more days. This is a one on one coaching plan, not a group plan. You can use the Paypal button below to purchase. I only accept US dollars. You must be at least 18 years old. Once I have been notified of your purchase, via Paypal, within 24 hours I will send you a welcome email with instructions for the Meet and Greet. The Meet and Greet is via email, and you will have a short new client intake form to fill out. It will give me vital information as to your walking and or exercise goals, and any medical conditions I should know about. You can ask questions and clarify the plan information you have chosen. All information is confidential through my paid business email at Google Suite. After the Meet and Greet you will have 24 hours to decide if you think I am a good fit to meet your needs. During that 24 hours if you decide I am not a good fit for you, your money will be reimbursed to you. You will need to sign an agreement of service form once you decide to work with me. All of this is done via email. You must be able to open rich text format, or other forms of documents. You may have to print it out, fill it in and then send it back to me. If you absolutely can not do that, you can answer all of the questions via email and sign in the email. I am new to this too, so we will need to be patient with each other. The business hours below are only for Live Walking options for you to pick your two 20 minute sessions from.

The walking plan is for people who may want or need someone to walk with them. This is a virtual walking session that is 20 minutes in length, two days a week, and the price is 80 dollars per month. At the end of the 30 days you can either renew the plan, or just not renew it. I will send you a Paypal invoice if you choose to renew. It is your responsibility to show up for you live walking session. I will wait 5 minutes past the start time and then I will go on to my other business. I will walk with you either outdoors or in your home via a walking video. You must have access to Youtube. I am not in the video, they are videos available on Youtube. We will chat via phone call. At this time I will not do video chats, but I may in the future. This enables you to have a walking buddy. Some people don’t like to walk alone for several reasons. Please be sure to see the available dates and times that I can Walk Live, below. Once a week I will send you an email to discuss your progress, any issues you may be having and if you want a more intensive coaching plan that would include food lifestyle modification, different dieting types, label reading, how to figure out and track your macros, etc. At no time will I promote diet pills, FAD diets, or any other unproven safe ways to lose weight. There are plenty of those available already. If by chance I get a lot of people signed up I will create a waiting list.

If you have Kidney Disease or any other Chronic Illness, or are new to exercising the Walking Buddy Plan is a great place to start your Journey to a more active lifestyle.

Please always read my Updated Disclaimer.

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Updated Advanced Health Buddy Monthly Plan

From here on out, unless I revise this again, this is the page that potential clients will be referred to when asking about plans.  Each plan will now have it’s own individual page, and a contract will be written up after the free Meet and Greet is completed, and the client agrees to purchase this plan.

The Advanced Health Buddy Plan is a 30 day plan, with four 30 minute sessions each week, via email.  There are other methods of communication that can be used, and they are called Extras, which can be purchased separately.  You will find an updated Extras page soon.

All clients must do a Free Meet and Greet, via email, before the advanced plan can be purchased.  The Meet and Greet is done via email at an agreed to date and time.  All Meet and Greets are in English, and follow Eastern Standard Time Zones.  The Meet and Greet is meant to learn a little about each other, and what kinds of goals you may have.  I will provide you with basic questions that you will need to answer.  These are not fancy, no need to print, fax, etc.  I just ask a question, and you answer, as honestly as you can.  The Meet and Greet may go on for a day.  I allot this much time to be sure all info is gathered.

After the Meet and Greet you decide if you want to purchase a plan to continue to work on the stated goals in your questionnaire.  Please always read my updated Disclaimer provided below, before making a decision.

If you decide to purchase the 30 day Advanced Health Buddy Plan, we will meet at pre-arranged dates and times, four times a week, for 30 minutes,  via email to discuss your goals, any progress you have or have not made, and how to overcome any hurdles you are experiencing. I will provide you with encouragement, tips, educational info, things to research, support, ideas, opinions, etc. Examples of goals are: stress reduction, sleep issues, weight loss, chronic disease issues, blood pressure, education, social life, parenting, home work balance, learn to cook, exercise, de-clutter etc. There are so many more. Those are just examples that pop into my head. Once you have told me you are interested in meeting goals, and using me as your Health Coach, a contract with a Paypal address to pay, will be emailed to you. You must print the contract, sign it, and email it back to me. Once I have told you I received the signed contract, you can pay for the Basic plan. There will be a privacy form, and any medical releases that your doctor may need to address, also. Not everyone will need the medical release form. The privacy form must be returned with the contract, before you and I can start to work together. I am only accepting up to 5 clients at a time. So, be sure and keep that in mind.

All payments must be made via Paypal, and in US dollars. My Paypal account is an account I have had for many years, like 20.  It is verified, and in my husband’s name.  Do not let that bother you, he never uses the account, and I have used it for all kinds of online business.   I only speak, write, and understand English.  So, please keep that in mind as well.

With the writing of this post, this plan is now active, and ready to accept new clients.

Please use the contact form below to message me, if you are interested in a free Meet and Greet.  Another change I have made is that I will no longer post a calendar.  Dates, and times will be discussed in the free Meet and Greet session.

Don’t forget to check out my Basic Health Buddy Plan, and the Monthly Health Buddy Group Sessions with a new topic each month.  I will be updating all the other plans as well, and they shall be ready hopefully by early next week.  The Group Sessions are limited to 5 participants, at this time, and the first one is in September.  If you are more of a social, rather than one on one, these might be a great option for you.  As soon as all my plans are updated, I will go back to my regular posts.  Don’t forget to check out my new Merry Monday, Facebook page posts.  I have now completed the Health and Wellness Coach Certification.  I am now working on an Integrative Medicine certification, and that one is very exciting.

Updated Disclaimer



Health Buddy Group Session Plan: New Topic Each Month

I am proud to announce that I will be doing a monthly Health Buddy Live Group Chat, with a new topic each month.  These are limited, for now to 5 participants.  So, if you are interested make sure you sign up early.  The first one with the topic of Better Sleep, will start on Sept 4th, 2019.  It will be four sessions, all on consecutive Wednesdays at 1PM, Eastern Time.  If you live outside the Eastern Time Zone, you will be required to figure out what time it will be where you are at 1PM my time.  The first 3 months, will be at an introductory price of 50 dollars per participant.  I only accept Paypal at this time, in US Dollars.  You will need to have an email address for me to send the voice recording, or slide show to for you listening, or viewing.  You will also need to have Facebook Messenger installed on your computer, phone or other device.  You do not need a Facebook profile to use Messenger.  This is where we will do the live chat part of the group.  Each chat session will be 45 min in length.  You can either chat via texting in real time, or video chat.  This will be a goal oriented topic, with goal setting, and re-assessing.  Tips, and tricks that work, etc.  Read full rules below all of them, and understand them.

1-  Once you decide you wish to join the monthly group topic chat, use the contact form below to message me.  I will then send you my verified Paypal address with an invoice for 50 USD.  Once your 50 dollars has been received, I will mark you as joined in the session.  Please be sure you want to participate.  I will not issue refunds once the link to the voice or slideshow has been sent.  The audio or slideshow, will be emailed to all paid participants 48 hours prior to the first session.  After the introductory 3 months are up, so December of 2019, the price for group sessions will be 75 dollars, instead of 50.

2-  If you miss the live session, there is no makeups, and no refunds will be issued.  It is your responsibility to be on time, and present.

3-  Live session will start promptly at 1 PM.  Once payment has been received, and you are marked as joined, I will request your Facebook Messenger user info, to send you a request.  That way everyone will be ready to go.  Again, it is your responsibility to provide the info, and then answer the request when you receive it.

4-  Live session will end promptly at 1 45 PM.  There are 4 live sessions to each topic, every Wednesday for any given month.  If I have to change the date and time advanced notice will be given.  I do live in a hurricane prone state, so power outages are possible.  I can usually find a spot to use the public wifi to send out messages.  If I have to cancel, all monies will be refunded.

5-  Please listen to the audio recording, or watch the slideshow I provide to you, 2 days before the first live session.  This will give you some things to think about, questions to ask, and goals to set to improve your habit for the topic that month.  Please be prepared to interact with the other participants.

6-  Each month will be a new topic.  If you decide after the 4 weeks, that you would like more help, you can contact me about one on one sessions.  I have several different options for one on one sessions.

7-  Always remember, I am a Health Coach.  Anything we discuss in the group is not medical advice, and should never be taken as such.  You can use the info provided to do your own research, or discuss with your healthcare provider.

8-  I will make available the topic for  the following month, on the second week of the previous month.  Sept is a little longer, as I want extra time to prepare and promote.  If you know someone who needs help getting better sleep, please refer them here, so they can decide if they wish to participate.

So, to recap the first live group session will start on Sept 4, 2019, Better Sleep.  There will be 4 live classes, on consecutive Wednesdays at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time.  So, the 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th.  I hope to see you there, and look forward to meeting you, and helping you achieve your goals of Better Sleep.


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