The art of saying no!

Welcome back to another episode of Self Care Sunday. I hope everyone is doing well. I have been busy updating old posts, figuring out how to use Mailchimp effectively, creating new content and new Coaching Plans.

How many of you are people pleasers? You just can’t say no. You leave yourself over worked, over stressed, over tired, over loaded, you name it. Saying no is an art, a skill if you will. I have been a nurse since I was 17 years old, and now I am 51. I tell all of my younger coworkers that any company will let you kill yourself working if you let them. But, no doesn’t just apply to work. It can come in to play at home with family, friends, volunteering, church, children, etc.

Obviously you don’t want to just be a No Person, but learning to say no to things that steal your happiness is the key. For example, I do not do well covering call offs. I am not a spur of the moment person and I often make plans on my days off. Even if that is doing some art, or gardening, it is what I enjoy and that is the time I have set aside to enjoy those things. So, I tell my job I will try to fill in holes on the schedule where I can and to please give me plenty of notice of what those needs are. I still am not going to cover them all, but it affords me the ability to pick and choose and not look like I am just being difficult and never helping out.

Part of saying no is knowing your limits and what needs you have. Everybody needs time to reset and recharge. You have to allow yourself that at least once a week. I recommend people set aside at least an hour a day for just self care, or me time. Everyone will be happier in the end because you will be happier and more at ease.

The video below is a short video. Watch and listen to what she says. Try out some of the homework exercises.

If you would like to work with Health Buddy Melissa to learn more about Self Care and taking care of you, then use the contact form at the end of the post to message me. I will send you information on my It’s A New Day, 30 day coaching plan.

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Mindful Monday: I Am?

I stated last week that I had started a new Mindfulness course.  I had taken another one, but it was not quite what I was looking for.  I really like this new one.  One of the exercises I learned this week is called, I Am?

So, what am I?  I am a woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter, nurse, health coach, artist, blogger, friend, smart, persistent, obstinant, strong-willed, a leader, kind, chubby, naive, organized, crazy, loud, introverted, and probably many more.

All of those things are labels.  Some are obvious, and others whether true or not, are labels that either I or others have assigned to me.  The point of the exercise is, they are all a part of me, even the bad ones or ones that are not true.  I am, Me, and that is the only thing that matters.  People either accept me, or they don’t.  I accept me, and that is all that matters.  Now, that does not mean I don’t believe in personal growth, or one’s ability to change bad habits or traits.  That is obviously not true or I wouldn’t be a Health Coach.  My point is humans often evaluate their self-worth by labels assigned to them by others.  Rather than being mindful of ourselves and appreciating both the strengths and weaknesses that we have.  Part of Mindfulness is meant to help one love oneself, appreciating all aspects of themselves, rather than what others think, or say about oneself.

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Simple Saturday: Paint A Winter Landscape

Updated 8/28/2021: I still have not painted mine yet, lol. I will try to get to it this week. I have all of the supplies, just forgot about it. I try to leave Saturdays for simple, fun, relaxing and de-stressing topics.  I have several hobbies that I thoroughly enjoy, and painting is one of them.  I have not painted in a while and I feel a little out of practice.  I found this tutorial on Pinterest.  Now, I have not tried it, but I watched it and it does seem very simple and basic.  I love painting landscapes.  You don’t even need a ton of supplies.  I do not like paint knives, so I will not use those, and I am not sure I like the way the white shadows on the water of her painting came out.  So, I will just use a straight edge brush when I do mine, which hopefully will be soon.  Anyway, if you do it, please share it, and I will share mine as soon as I have it finished.  I miss painting and I need to get back into doing it regularly.  Here in Florida I generally paint more in the Summer and do the glass etching in the Winter months.  Have fun relaxing on this Simple Saturday.

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Health Coach for Diabetes

Happy Thursday, everyone!  As I continue to learn how to make videos, and graphics, which I think people enjoy much more than me just writing something, I get better and better at it.  Faster too!  When I first started these little videos it would take me forever, because I didn’t know yet how to make the slides very well.  The short infographic video below is on Type 2 Diabetes and how a Health Coach can help.  Please watch.  I would love kind and helpful feedback.

I can not yet upload the video itself until I upgrade, so you will have to click the link to view it.  Please share it if you can.  Use the contact form below to message me for a free meet and greet if you would love to be my first Health Coaching client.



I Want To Be Happy!

Sticking with the New Years Resolution theme, a lot of resolutions I see online are people saying, I Want To Be Happy!  Well that is great!  Everyone should want to be happy.  Why would you want to be sad?  But, what does that mean?  How do you get there?  Do you even know what makes you happy?

According to the dictionary the definition of happy is:  feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.  That sounds pretty self explanatory.  But, is it?  You need to ask yourself some questions.  Here are a few to start with.

1-  Am I happy?

2-  What would make me happy?  Money, a new job, any job, no job, being thin, being not thin, having more hair, travel, relationship, etc?  You have to decide what will make you happy before you can be happy.

3-  Do I know how to be happy?  This one will surprise you if you think about it.

4-  How do I get to the happy?  It is a process, and for some it is a lot harder.  You need to set goals, small attainable goals, and then move through the process.

If you are unhappy, and your goal for 2019 is to be happy, then let me help.  Use the contact button above, in the right hand corner, and let me know you want to give it a shot.  The first meet and greet is 100% free, and you have nothing to lose.  You can view my disclaimer, available packages, and other info, by me1