Family Cook-Off #4: Breakfast For Dinner!

Hello, hello! As promised this week’s Family Cook-Off results are in! My husband was the judge this week. So, it was mother against daughter. Caitlin cooked on Monday, and I cooked on Tuesday.

Here were the rules made by my husband:

  1. The meal had to be a breakfast for dinner meal using a grain, fruit, and a meat.
  2. He judges based on flavor, presentation, use of the items above, and effort put into the dish. He is also biased towards his daughter, lol.

After I profusely objected to a daughter bonus he tried to impose at the very end, he was forced to declare a tie. That means we each get a 5 dollar scratch-off ticket.

This is what Caitlin made:

Everything Bagels with butter, bacon, scrambled eggs, and sliced apples. The items were made into a bagel sandwich. She then added Yum Yum Sauce. That was the clincher! She lost points for giving two tops to one sandwich, lol. So, picky.

I bought some organic Bob Red’s Mill pancake mix. I think that is the proper name. I made small pancake sliders. Then I made breakfast sausage patties. I had some delicious homemade peach preserves that my friend made me earlier this year, and I needed to use them up. I figured that could be my fruit. I spread the preserves onto each slider piece, put the sausage in between, and voila a delicious sandwich. I also offered freeze-dried fruit in a variety pack, and no one even tried them, sadly. I lost points because he said my fruit was not a fruit, even though he did not specify in the rules what fruit meant. BTW that pancake mix is awesome!

Not next week, but the week after, will be the 5th competition. That is the week of Thanksgiving. Read about my choice for that week, here.

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social media share saturday and sunday

I have not done one of these in a while, so I thought it might be fun. Please read the rules before participating. They are not hard. I do moderate all comments because I get a ton of spam.

To participate in the Health Buddy Melissa Social Media Share please follow these rules.

  1. The sharing will run from 1 AM Eastern time on Saturday, until Midnight Eastern time on Sunday. That means when I get up Monday morning any links shared time stamped before midnight will be accepted. That gives people a whole day and a half to participate. For now this will be a recurring thing every weekend.
  2. In the comments you need to say if you followed any of my social media links below. Please state which social media you did for me and then a link to a social media for you that you want me to follow. This week is only for follows. I will not join new social media, so if you don’t use any of the ones that I share below, then this event is not for you. I will do other types in the future. If you follow more than one of my links, simply say so, and offer four links to yours.
  3. Please don’t say you did something if you didn’t, or remove it right after you say you did it. That is really just ugly.

These are my social media platforms that I use.

  2. I could especially use Facebook follows.
  3. My Twitter is an old account that I share a variety of stuff on, not just this blog.

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Social saturday: Share something interesting!

Happy Saturday! It is raining here so I can’t do any of my outside stuff. But, that means I have plenty of time to work on inside stuff. Watch for my new and updated, It’s A New Day 30 day coaching plan. It should be posted later today. I hope to get some Valentine’s Day crafts done too. Next week’s menu plan is completed and you can get it by signing up for Meals With Melissa.

Today, if you want to share something interesting from a blog, or something you sell, you can do so in the comments. I will share all appropriate links to one of my social media sites. Appropriate means an item, or article that is not being sent to a spam site, or other malicious sites. I check and verify all links before sharing them. It would be nice if others shared my post too, but it is not required.

Today, I am sharing about the bird the White Ibis. Every year, towards springtime, and when we are going to get a lot of rain, flocks of these birds visit my yard, and the neighborhood. They roost in the trees and eat aquatic invertebrates. They make cute noises, too. Check out this page to learn more about this interesting bird. When I walk at one of my nature parks I will see the White Ibis roosting in the trees and searching for food in very large flocks. The all white ones are adults and the brown and white are juveniles. I love birds and nature. Taking pictures of them brings me lots of joy. See my pictures below.

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social saturday and sunday: tweet with me!

Welcome to the weekend! I got my first dose of the new Pfizer Covid vaccine today! I will let you know how I feel tomorrow. I did take a Bendryl, and I expect my arm will be sore.

This is week 2 of my new social media sharing weekend. This week I will be using Twitter. This is easy and a great, free way to get your Tweets retweeted. Just follow the simple directions below to join in.

  1. You must have a Twitter account with at least 100 followers.
  2. You must retweet my link first to your Twitter account. Share the link to your Twitter profile page so I can verify you retweeted my tweet. If you use a scheduler you need to state that so I know to check back.
  3. Then share a link to a Tweet you want me to retweet. All links will be retweeted by Sunday at midnight. I don’t use a scheduler, but I will scatter them so not all at once.
  4. You may share only one link, please.
  5. Leave your profile links and tweet links in the comments. All of my comments are moderated so spam will be ignored and not show in the post.
  6. Others may also retweet others but is not required. It is appreciated, though. Please do not delete my link after the event is over. I won’t do that, so please also don’t do that.
  7. Here is my Twitter profile where your links will be retweeted,
  8. Here is the Tweet of mine that I would like retweeted,
  9. Any links posted after 11 PM Eastern time on Sunday 1/24/21 will not count. You can begin as soon as you read this post. Please share the post to get more people involved which means more people seeing your link. You can follow each other on Twitter too, if you wish.
  10. Have fun! I will not retweet violent or offensive tweets.


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social saturday

Happy Saturday! This is a new feature for this blog. Each Saturday I will open up the chance for social media sharing. Please read entirely before you participate.

Each week I will use a different social media platform that I have an account with. This week it is Pinterest. You will see a Pinterest link of mine below. You must share this link to one of your public Pinterest boards. Then, in the comments you must share your profile account link, or the link to the board you shared my link to. I will then verify that you did share my link. Along with your profile, or board link, in the comments post a Pinterest link to a pin you would like me to share. I do not care what it is as long as it is not violent, sexual, or something considered unsafe. You will be able to click on my profile to verify I shared your Pin. I do have to work this weekend, so I will Pin when I am at home. Please be assured anyone who reads the directions, and follows them your pin will be shared. Please do not remove my pins after you participate. I do not do that, and I would appreciate others not doing that either. My comments are set to administration approval, so don’t be upset if you don’t see it on this blog right away. I have to approve them all because I get so much stupid spam. You can post right up until Sunday at midnight. Any after that will not be included in this week’s Social Saturday. You may only post one time per weekend.

This is my link to Pinterest boards where your link will be shared.

This is the link to the Pin I want shared this week,

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