A New Food Budget Challenge And Pantry Cooking With CKD

Hello, and welcome to another Mindful Monday topic. Part of Mindfulness is being aware of what you are spending your hard-earned money on. All of 2021 we spent paying off debt, and not buying more stuff unless it was with cash as much as possible. We spent down so much of our debt and were able to save quite a bit of money including paying for all of Christmas with cash only. This year we want to buckle down even more. With about 13 years to retirement, my husband and I want to really save more and plan better for our senior years. My last child will be 18 in just a few months. Below you will learn about two new challenges for my family for the year 2022. I will share both the success and unsuccess which hopefully there won’t be. Two things that I have eliminated from our budget are my Kindle Unlimited subscription and my Sam’s club membership. Why? My Kindle is old, and slowly not working anymore. I have chosen not to buy another so I don’t need the Kindle Unlimited anymore. I have had it for like 10 years and it was well worth every dime. I went to Sam’s for the last time today and bought a bunch of stuff. We have decided with my daughter soon to have her own job and most likely eat her own food, we will not need to buy in bulk so much and I honestly hate having all that stuff lying around. I am not knocking Sam’s it is a great store and it served us well, we just don’t need it anymore.

The two challenges for 2022 are the 21 dollars per person food budget challenge and the pantry cooking challenge. Below are the rules. The food budget is only for food items. It does not include non- food items such as toiletries, laundry, etc.

  1. For the 21 dollars per person food budget challenge it is basically what it says. I will spend 21 dollars per person, with three of us that is 63 dollars per week for groceries. This is a huge reduction in our food budget and all monies saved will go directly into our savings account. Once my daughter either moves, out or is eating the majority of her meals with her own money, it will go down to 42 dollars per week. For holidays and special occasions any monies saved can go towards that. We can use existing foods on hand. I have seen some people do this challenge and they charge themselves for the food they have on hand, including in that budget. You already paid for it once why on earth would you do that? I won’t be doing that. I will probably post weekly what we ate and if the items were already on hand or I had to buy them. In the beginning we should save quite a bit because I have stocked up. However, my family tends to not follow well on the weekends when I am at work. This will have to stop. I am not sure at how successful this will be, but I love a good challenge. I will start keeping a log tomorrow of what we eat, and probably post next Monday for the week. Food is so expensive right now and I do prefer organic foods, but I may have to not have that for this challenge. I hope not, though.
  2. The Pantry Cooking with CKD Challenge will have a lot to do with #1 since I have a good stock of foood already built up. For my challenge pantry items will be any item in a can, freezer item, box, or package. That basically means no fresh foods will count. We won’t be eating just from our pantry. That is not the challenge, though it is a good one. The purpose of my challenge is to share food items, and or serving sizes of pantry and shelf stable foods that someone with CKD can eat. I do buy organic when I can, but with the food buget this may not be possible all the time. If you do buy pantry organic items be sure and check the expiration dates and rotate them appropriately. Organic foods are not typically going to last months, or years because they don’t have all of those additives and preservatives. Each time I get the time to do a post on this topic I will.

Today, I am going to share peanut butter, because who doesn’t have peanut butter in their pantry? OK, if you are allergic you probably don’t The images below for the full nutrition information.

Organic MaraNatha Peanut Butter. I bought this from Misfits Market. I love it, my husband hates it. I bought this at the beginning of December, and it expires on January 26th of this year. So, you can see it does not have a very long shelf life. However, it is only 16 ounces so it will be gone in time. I put this in my smoothies and it is delicious.

The second image is Jif Peanut Butter and my husband’s choice of peanut butter. I bought this 3-pound jar in 2021 and it does not expire until 2023. When it is hurricane season this is a wonderful item to have on hand.

Let’s compare the 2.

From a CKD standpoint, I am concerned with Fat, Fiber, Sodium, Protein, Potassium, added preservatives, and other additives.

The organic peanut butter per serving, has 3 grams of Sat fats, 65 mg of sodium, 2 grams of fiber, 1 gram of added sugars, 8 grams of protein, and 4% of daily potassium. The ingredients are organic peanuts, organic palm oil, organic evaporated cane sugar, and sea salt. That is it. It also says it is sustainably sourced palm oil and recycled glass.

The Jif has per serving, 3.5 grams of saturated fats, 140 mg of sodium, 2 grams of fiber, 2 grams of added sugar, 7 grams of protein, and 4% of daily potassium. Of note, the Jif also has 2% of daily calcium. The ingredient list states that it is made from roasted peanuts and sugar contains 2% or fewer molasses, fully hydrogenated rapeseed and soybean oils, mono and diglycerides, and salt. It also states it contains no artificial preservatives and the package may be recycled but maybe not where you live. Certified NSF NON GMO. The sodium in Jif is more than double the organic option.

What are mono and diglycerides? They are fats that are used as emulsifiers. So, when organic peanut butter needs stirring because the oil separates, non-organic peanut butter does not need stirring. I think I will just stir my peanut butter. These additives have small amounts of trans fats, and I don’t need them, nor do you probably. However, with that said there is no sense buying a food item if no one will eat it. If your family prefers Jif, then eat it, in moderation and with proper serving sizes. My husband may eat the organic if he had to, but he doesn’t have to so he won’t.

So, that is it for this week. Be sure and follow this blog to learn along with me.


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My very exciting kidney update!

Happy Monday! What do you think of my new logo, and color scheme? I think I need a brighter more colorful one, too, especially for social media. If you read this blog, then you already know I have had CKD since 20`17. You would also know that it has been my goal to get back to stage 2, which is an eGFR above 60. In early 2018 I got so close, at 58, but my blood creatinine was stubbornly still elevated enough to keep me at stage 3, Through the years I have read, studied, researched and tweaked my diet, among other things, to try and figure out how to get my creatinine levels down, but still consume enough protein to have a good and active life. I think I have finally perfected it, because when I had my labs done on Friday I was at stage 2, with an eGFR of 63. I was so excited! My urinalysis results came back on Saturday, and that confirmed it for me, because all was good. Getting here was hard enough, maintaining it will be even harder. If you ever have had to follow a restrictive diet you know how hard it can be long term. It has to become habit so that it just becomes natural. BTW I have checked and while most experts say it is uncommon to get from stage 3b to stage 2, they do not say it is impossible. Always have hope!

So, how did I do it? Well for one thing I still need to speak to my Kidney Doctor. I see him next week. He is kind of a Debbie Downer so I don’t know as he will be as optimistic as me, especially since when I was first diagnosed he basically said there was nothing to do except wait for Dialysis. Ha! It has been a long 4 years, and a lot of stress and hassle from family, friends and even coworkers about my dietary needs, and other lifestyle changes. You may have read my article on losing weight to improve eGFR. In that article I talked about how losing just a little bit of weight can help improve eGFR. In October I started a lower carb diet. I followed that diet for 4 months and was able to lose 15 pounds. But, then it stopped working. So, I went to a Carb Cycling type eating plan, which after a month has caused me to gain back 4 of those pounds. So, I am going back to the lower carb way of eating, and increasing my exercise intensity. So, was the source correct, was the weight loss the reason for the increase in my eGFR? Possibly, but I think it was a combination of things. In 2018 when it was 58 I was following a very particular way of eating, and I read an article that reinforced that thought in the Fall of last year. I have been doing that since September of 2020 and I think that is the main driver of my progress. Before, I go any further, I have to say the lower carb diet appears to have increased my Cholesterol above normal, and my LDL. I mention this because if you read some of the experts out there they are stating that eating higher fat diets, and even saturated fats, will not increase your Cholesterol. This does not appear to be true. I need to get these levels back down so I will be going to a lower fat diet along with the lower carb diet. I can’t sacrifice my heart to save my kidney, or lose a little weight. That makes absolutely no sense. I will be requesting my bloodwork be repeated in 3 months to check that progress. The next set of kidney labs, probably in 6 months, but he may want to do sooner, will tell me everything about the changes I have implemented. No, I did not follow Lee Hull’s book, before anyone asks me.

If you sign up for my mailing list, my next newsletter will explain the dietary change I made that I think has returned my kidney function to stage 2. If you would like to learn more about my Health Coaching Services, leave me a comment, use the contact form, or email me at melissa@healthbuddymelissa.coach


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it’s a new day. Are you ready to tackle your health goals?

Updated 8/5/2021

As I mentioned in previous posts I am revamping my coaching plans. I do this yearly to consolidate the plans and make them more targeted. As I continue to learn and grow they become better. I am also editing older posts to add my Mailchimp newsletter option and update any necessary info. This all takes a lot of time and new posts may be only weekly for a bit. I am looking at other options as well, such as creating some videos, especially for cooking with CKD. I think a lot of people just don’t know how to cook, or don’t think they have time to cook. I would say cooking and preparing your own meals is the #1 way to prevent and or get chronic diseases under control. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss out on any posts. I am also working on different freebies for newsletter subscribers and special offers. I have tons of handmade items from my closed Etsy shop, just too time consuming when trying to get this going, and I may do some monthly contests for subscribers.

What does the It’s A New Day Plan look like? It’s a new day, and it’s time to meet your Health Goals, via tackling your goals head on and creating new healthier habits.

1- You can purchase the plan using the Paypal button below. You must live in the USA, at this time to be a client of Health Buddy Melissa. I need to read the laws of other countries before I can take that task on. You must be 18 years of age, or older. Please note my Paypal is old, and verified. I have had it for like 20 years. It is in my husband’s name, but it is completely mine. Once I receive notification of payment, within 48 hours I will send you a welcome email with an intake assessment for you to complete. All of my business emails are through Google Suite and are secure. If you use the contact form or leave a comment that goes to my Yahoo email. In your welcome email you will receive dates and times that I am available to review your intake assessment. You will need to choose one and put it in the return email with the intake assessment form. After I receive that we will meet via email, text, or via a phone call for us to review of your intake assessment. I don’t do video chats at first. You will need to decide the format. You will need to be on time for the assessment review. I will wait no longer than 15 minutes. The assessment review is completely free. You will have 48 hours after that to decide if you want to work with me to reach your health goals. If you decide yes we will proceed to the next step, if you decide no, your money will be refunded to you. All new one on one coaching customers must begin with the It’s A New Day plan. Your 30 days begins at the time of your first coaching session.

2- After the meet and greet, if you decide to work with me I will then send you a calendar of available dates and times for you to choose your coaching sessions. You will also receive privacy forms and a user agreement that will need to be signed and returned prior to the first session. Be sure to read the user agreement, which is your contract to do business with Health Buddy Melissa, carefully. It will contain all of the fine details.

3- You can choose between 1 session a week, 2 sessions a week, or 3 sessions a week. The prices for each will be outlined below. The sessions are done via email, phone chat, text or Instant Messenger. You will need to decide your platform. The very first session is where you will decide what goal you want to start with. Some examples could be better eating habits, better sleep, exercise, weight management, stress relief, pain relief, quit smoking, learning to cook, menu planning, time management, better food choices for your chronic illness, blood pressure, cholesterol, gut health etc. I will send one reminder before each session for your upcoming session. It is your responsibility to show up and be prepared for your session. Each session is 30 minutes long. It is your responsibility to respect this time frame. I can be flexible with dates and times because I also work out of the home 3 days a week. I understand not everyone can do a Monday to Friday 9-5 coaching schedule.

4- At the end of the 30 days, whether you have showed up for all of your sessions or not, the plan will end. You will be given the option to renew for another month, or terminate services. If you join my mailing list, below, I frequently offer savings on my coaching services. My target audience is middle aged women and men. If you would like to ask questions prior to purchasing a package, please use the contact form under the image. The questions will go to my Yahoo email.


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Mindful Monday: Mindfully Eat All That Easter Candy

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a blessed Easter, especially with all this social distancing.  I had to work at my nursing job, and of course, they gifted us all candy.  Plus, I bought some peanut butter eggs for my family to share.  Chocolate is high in phosphorus and potassium, not to mention fat.  It is irresistible and delicious.  But, are you really enjoying it, or just eating it to eat it?  Mindful eating will help you enjoy and appreciate food and may help you lose weight.  By eating less, and thoroughly enjoying it, in a slow and controlled manner, is a great skill to learn.

So, today’s Mindful Monday exercise is to only eat one item of chocolate candy or any candy.  Follow the steps below to mindfully enjoy that one piece of candy.

1-  Pick your piece.  This is a big decision so choose wisely.

2-  Smell the candy with the wrapper on.  Then slowly remove the candy and smell it again.  Note what it smells like.  Savor the smell, enjoying the aroma.    If the smell is unpleasant then you really shouldn’t eat it.

3-  Feel the candy with your hands.  Note what it feels like and enjoy the feeling of the candy.

4-  Look closely at the candy.  It should be appealing to your eyes.  If it is not don’t eat it, you probably really don’t want it.

5-  You can’t hear the candy, most likely, but you can notice how it sounds when unwrapping the candy.  Take note of the sounds, compare it to other familiar sounds.

6-  Finally the most important step, taste the candy.  Take a small bite, as long as it is not hard candy.  Notice how it tastes.  Roll it around on your tongue savoring all the delicious flavors.  Then take more small bites.  Don’t put the whole thing in your mouth, unless it is hard candy and can not be nibbled.  Thoroughly enjoy the piece of candy.

You may do this twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. See if you get different results each time.  Try enjoying your candy by candlelight, our outside in the fresh air, maybe in a bubble bath.   Do not do it if you are going to sleep.



Don’t forget you can still get my April freebie, my CKD Easter meal plan, which can be for any day of the week.  Just sign up for my newsletter using the contact form below.  I am working on the May and June freebies now, and I think they will be great.  May is for Mom’s and June will be for Dad’s.  You can sign up for my newsletter now and automatically get each freebie, each month.  Questions, email me at healthbuddymelissa@yahoo.com,  please be aware spammers will be turned in as spam.

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Mindful Monday: I Am?

I stated last week that I had started a new Mindfulness course.  I had taken another one, but it was not quite what I was looking for.  I really like this new one.  One of the exercises I learned this week is called, I Am?

So, what am I?  I am a woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter, nurse, health coach, artist, blogger, friend, smart, persistent, obstinant, strong-willed, a leader, kind, chubby, naive, organized, crazy, loud, introverted, and probably many more.

All of those things are labels.  Some are obvious, and others whether true or not, are labels that either I or others have assigned to me.  The point of the exercise is, they are all a part of me, even the bad ones or ones that are not true.  I am, Me, and that is the only thing that matters.  People either accept me, or they don’t.  I accept me, and that is all that matters.  Now, that does not mean I don’t believe in personal growth, or one’s ability to change bad habits or traits.  That is obviously not true or I wouldn’t be a Health Coach.  My point is humans often evaluate their self-worth by labels assigned to them by others.  Rather than being mindful of ourselves and appreciating both the strengths and weaknesses that we have.  Part of Mindfulness is meant to help one love oneself, appreciating all aspects of themselves, rather than what others think, or say about oneself.

If you would like to learn more about Mindfulness and how it can bring you peace, and self-love, use the contact form below to message me and learn about my Health Coaching services.


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Menu Plan Monday

I forgot to post my walking stats yesterday, to the FB page, so they will be posted shortly.  I hope others are taking the Walking Challenge.  If you would like more information about that, use the contact form below to message me.

My husband and I decided that we really needed to revamp the way we grocery shop.  There are 3 main reasons for this.

1-  To avoid food waste using leftovers up and food items in the pantry.

2-  To cut our grocery bill in at least half or more if possible.

3-  To eat healthier and stick cut out a lot of the junk.

Now I can tell you my kids are really not on board with this.  But, lucky for me they don’t pay any bills so we the parents have all the say.  Now that doesn’t mean there will be no snack foods or food they will enjoy eating.  But, it does mean there won’t be all the crap they like to eat so much in the house.  I was going to share the picture of my February meal plan, but then I realized my handwriting has a lot to be desired and I have funky symbols that only I know what they mean.  So, I will just list out the menu items.  You can find all of these recipes in various places on the web, mostly Pinterest for me.  I adapt them to meet my dietary needs, for CKD.  I have started shopping weekly, and last week only spent 70 dollars on food, and that was with non-food items as well.  I shopped at Save A Lot and Walmart.  I do still try to buy organic and grass-fed meats.  This is actually fairly difficult on a strict budget.  It would be easier if Trader Joe’s was not so far from where I live.  The expense of the gas just isn’t worth the trip, unless I am going to that city for another reason.

This menu does not include breakfast or lunch.  We have a frugal breakfast and lunches already.  We eat a lot of chicken, but not in large portions.

2/17-  Chicken Ala King over Biscuits, fruit

2/18-  Fried chicken, mac n cheese with whole tomatoes over it, green beans

2/19-  Grilled cheese and tomato soup, fruit

2/20- Chicken marsala, pasta, fruit or salad

2/21-  Ravioli, bread and butter, side salad

2/22-  Smothered Frito taco bowls, coleslaw

2/23-  BLT and apples

2/24-  Chicken alfredo and broccoli

2/25-  Smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans

2/26-  Spaghetti O’s, hot dogs, veggies

2/27-  Grilled cheese and tomato soup, chips

2/28-  Ground turkey and broccoli pasta dish

2/29-  Spaghetti and meat sauce, side salad

If you are interested in learning how to meal plan, edit recipes for nutrition needs, or any of my coaching services, use the contact form at the end of the post to message me.


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Mindful Monday: Mindful Eating

If the definition of Mindfulness is focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, then Mindful Eating is focusing one’s awareness on what one is eating in the present moment.  That is a basic definition.  There is a lot to Mindful Eating.  But, it starts with accepting and loving yourself first.  Then as one works through the process and becomes more mindful of what, when, where, how and why one eats that is when habits change and a more healthy food relationship can be established.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner and most of Thanksgiving is centered around family and food, overeating is a real issue for a lot of people.  Especially if those with chronic illnesses where overeating can be especially dangerous.  On Friday, Nov 1, I will be rolling out my Don’t Gobble til You Wobble monthly special.  It will be geared towards people who want to be more mindful of eating during the holidays.  It is a version of the 30-day plan, but with a discount for the month of November.  I hope people will join me on this journey as I myself with CKD am mindful of staying within my restrictions during the holidays.  Use the contact form below, or the button in the upper right-hand corner to message me if you are interested in learning about Health Coaching for Mindful Eating.  You must be 18 years of age unless sessions are with a parent.  If a participant has a history of severe eating disorders or unresolved trauma regarding food then Mindful Eating should be done with a trained Psychiatric Specialist trained in those areas, not a Health Coach.  If your medical specialist gives the OK to work with me, as a Health Coach, then a form can be signed to allow that.

A few reminders.  You can still get in on the October special until October 31st at midnight Eastern Time.  The November support group starts Nov 6th, 1 PM Eastern time, and you can still sign up for that until Nov 5th at midnight Eastern Time.  I will be doing my first voice podcast this Thursday.  At first, podcasts will cover Kidney Awareness but will move to other topics after I have finished that topic.  I will not be doing video podcasts until I am sure I have all the proper equipment and capabilities so as not to waste time.  If you would like to submit topics or questions on the topic of kidney disease, please use the contact form below to message me.  The first podcast will just be general info about me, and why I am doing Kidney Awareness.  I am finishing up a new Guided Imagery for mild Social Anxiety.  It should be available to purchase by next week in my Etsy shop.  To see all of my current available plans, click here, and don’t forget I am looking for participants to help me practice my new Empower program for free.  The part that is free is 90 minutes long, and it is part of my Holistic Health Coach class.  Message me if you are interested.



Mindful Monday: You Are What You Eat!

How many times have you heard that in your life?  Do you believe it?  Does it offend you?  I have two ways that I used to look at this idea, one good, one bad.

First the bad.  I used to get offended by this statement.  Mostly because I was ignorant of what the people who would say these things meant.  What does that mean, even?  Well, even though nurses get  Nutrition education in school, Dietitians do most of the counseling, educating, and advising.  So nurses never really get to explore more about Nutrition and how it really affects the body. You know if you don’t use it you lose it.   Plus, let’s admit it, there is a new study every week with a new do this, and not that, or go back to doing that.    It is confusing, time-consuming and downright frustrating.  Working, raising kids, and not really understanding what is really in the food we were eating, led us to eat fast, convenient, easy, processed foods instead of cooking which was more time consuming and took a lot of energy.  Plus those processed foods a lot of times were in fact cheaper.  Living on a tight budget, so I could homeschool my kids I was convinced fast and convenient was OK.  But, it really isn’t.  All the salt, fat, and preservatives in these foods can be very unhealthy and pretty void of nutrients.  I had to relearn what I learned 30 years ago in my Nutrition class, plus update all that for all the changes.  We now mostly cook fresh foods, at least my husband and I do, the kids are a bit tougher.  They are at the stage where fast and convenient works for them.  I am working on them through education.  Knowledge is power!

Now for the good thought.  I knew deep down in my heart the way we had been eating was not healthy for any of us.  I let commercials, other people, and convenience rule my mind.  I had to become more mindful of what I was putting in my body and the bodies of my family.  Some of you may be wondering if that way of eating caused my Kidney Disease.  No, according to my Nephrologist there is no proof of that.  My kidney had slowly been feeling probably since my teen years and is probably genetic.  Plus, thank goodness we didn’t eat awful too many years.  But, eating all the processed, cheap and convenient foods did nothing good for my kidneys.   My family and I still have lots to learn.  It is hard to break old habits and replace with new ones.  It is a marathon, not a sprint.   I don’t eat the way I used to.  I have conformed myself.  Now that doesn’t mean I don’t cheat or fall of the good eating wagon.  That would be a lie.  I still have a weakness for potato chips and salty snacks. But, by being mindful of what I put into my body, and yes I now realize it is true, I am what I eat, has helped transform my thought process.   It helps to just not buy them, lol,  I wish I had a Health Coach back when work and life started getting more stressful, to help me learn to cook healthy easy fast meals that didn’t cost a fortune.    My husband and daughter are doing ok, and it is my son that I worry about the most.  He is in college and working full time.  The perfect scenario to eat awful foods, and yes that includes fast food and most restaurants.

Do you want to learn how to be more mindful of what you put in your body?  Do you need to learn how to cook, shop on a budget, create a meal plan?  These are all things that I as a Health Coach, can help you with.  If you would like to learn more about what plans I offer, use the contact form below to message me for a free meet and greet.  I am running an October special, so be sure and ask about that.  I am still doing signups for the November small group weekly sessions, also.  You can see all of my available plans here, and feel free to message me with any questions.  I am always adding new plans, and a new monthly special each month.  So check back often.  I will be offering gift certificates for Christmas, starting November 1 for people to purchase.  Yes, my prices are probably more affordable than others.  I do that for a reason.  I can’t help people if they can’t afford to pay me.  I don’t want to be a millionaire, or make 6 figures.  This is an extension of my nursing career to grow and help others in a changing market for Health Care.



Move Your Goals on Monday, Merry Monday, and National Pet Day

Did you make any goals last week?  How did you do?  Here are my results for goals set last Monday.  I did not complete 2 of them:  Go to the library to test my laptop compatibility with their equipment, and no cheating on my meal plan.  That last one is a stinker.

Goals for this week:

9500 steps per day, for 7 days.

Aerobics at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes, and 2 days of weight training.

Stick to my meal plans at least 5 days, allow 2 days to cheat.

I probably will not have time for the library goal until next week.   So, I will postpone that one.

I finished the Guided Imagery class, and it was so much fun.  I will be making that part of my plans offered within the next week.  I have one voice recording, ready for Better Sleep, for anyone who signs up for the Better Sleep monthly group session.  It will be available for purchase, after that session has ended, or if no one signs up.  I will provide views of my certificates to anyone who purchases a plan, and has a need to see it.  I will be changing the monthly group session, to a monthly support group for Chronic Illness.  The Better Sleep topic is all ready, so I will keep that one for the month of September.  When I update the Guided Imagery plan, I will update the monthly group session plan, also.

We are watching the tropics for a possible system approaching this weekend.  This may knock me out of electricity, and we may have to even possibly evacuate.  At this point it looks like a Tropical Storm, not a Hurricane, but they can be problematic in their own right.

Continue to work on the Herbalism class.  This is such a cool, and complicated class.

Keep the pool clean.  That is a given.

Next Tuesday, my daughter starts back to homeschooling.  So, this week I have to be sure all lesson plans are ready to go.  I can’t really avoid this goal, lol.

Monitor BP every day, alternating arms each day.

Did you know today is National Pet Day?  I love my pets.  They bring us so much joy, and sometimes stress, like when a hurricane is coming.  On my Health Buddy Melissa Facebook page, I will be inviting people to share pics of their pets for National Pet Day.  Why not head over there, and share pics of your pet?  That is the Merry Monday topic, for this week.  Come have some fun!  If you want to sign up for the Better Sleep, group sessions, please use the contact form below to message me.  You still have plenty of time to join.  The first session begins Wed Sept 4th.


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Move Your Goals Monday

What goals are you working on for this week?  I try to set at least 5 goals, per week, other than the basics of everyday life.  I have quite a few weekly goals for this week.

9500 steps per day for 7 days.  Last week I missed 2 days.

Exercise at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.  I have been consistently doing this, it can soon be considered a habit.

Discuss recent labs with kidney doctor and make sure it is OK to keep doing what I am doing.  On this goal, I will most likely be increasing my protein from 45 grams per day to 65 based on my most recent labs.  I think I need to increase fluids, also for these hot sweaty months.

Continue Guided Imagery class.

Continue advertising my group session for September, Better Sleep.  You may want to consider joining that group session.  All 5 spots are still open. It is an easy, and affordable way to get to know me as a Health Coach.

Go to the local library to test my AKF Kidney Coach presentation, to make sure it works with their equipment.  If it does I will set up the first class for September.  If it doesn’t I have some more work to prepare for that.

Stick to my eating plan, no cheating, or at least no cheating more than one time per week.

I have a bunch of crafting, and cleaning goals, but they kind of aren’t as important.

Keep the pool clean.  This one is hard right now because we are getting so much rain every day.

What are your goals for this week?  Leave me a comment.  If you would like to learn more about working with me as your Health Coach, you can use the contact form below, or read about my updated available plans, here.


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