10 Ways To Be Happy For A Day!

OMG, welcome back to another Self Care Saturday post. I have not done one of these in about 6 months, because I had been working 12-hour shifts every single weekend. More about how that was not making me happy below. You may have read my post last year on how to be happy for an hour. I think it takes work, to practice self-care, to be a little selfish once in a while. Studies have shown that Americans are not happy, and while everyone has their own reasons for not being happy there are some things you can try to help improve your happiness. Baby steps, from an hour of happiness, up to maybe a year. This article will explain some ways that are proven to help you be happier, but I think some of these are more long-term than just for a day. Below, are my ten ways to be happy for a day.

  1. Spend time with friends, especially friends you may not see often. This morning I went to a small local flea market with a friend of mine, and then we stopped at this cute little coffee shop to visit. It was maybe 2 hours tops that we were together, but it was lovely. I don’t generally like to spend money on only myself, but you know what, why not? I spent maybe 35 dollars total getting some awesome produce, some skin care products, coffee, and a banana muffin that we split. We even face timed some of our coworkers who are still working at the place we both left.
  2. Sit in the sun. I love the sun! Yes, I know you have to be careful of skin cancer and all that. So, for the first 15 minutes sit out with just bare arms and legs, if you can, and then apply sun screen if it is needed. The sun energizes me and makes me feel good. Plus, your body will make Vitamin D and you may not have to take a supplement. You might not sit there all day, but maybe you will.
  3. Take a dog for a walk. A nice hour walk is both good for you and the dog. If you don’t have a dog there are plenty of shelters and rescues that need dog walkers. Check them out. I promise you will be happier for it. You can even make extra money walking dogs. Check Rover.com, Craigslist, and Indeed for people looking for dog walkers. Walk several dogs, even better!
  4. The article states that just planning a trip, even if you never take it will make you happier. Bleh, no! I say plan a day trip, then take it! Whether you take it alone or with someone just take it.
  5. If you hate your job find a new one. Stress from our jobs is the number one cause of unhappiness in my opinion. You need to do something you love! Pick a day out of each week to start researching job openings, and then applying. If you need to improve your resume, or work on job skills, there are plenty of internet sources that are free that can help you. You will feel better about yourself and be happier.
  6. Learn to live within your means, or a minimalist lifestyle. What does that mean? Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. We are a junk driven society that thinks we need to have new furniture every year, and a new car every other. 50 outfits, with matching shoes, I mean it just isn’t necessary. All that stuff is not going to make you happy, so spend a day getting rid of anything that you don’t wear or use, and then commit to not buying more.
  7. Eat better foods. OK, I put this one her because I urge you to try to eat better for a whole day and then see if you feel any different. Eat whole foods, unprocessed, low salt, low fat, and low sugar. I think you will be happier with how you feel, and knowing that you are nourishing your body not just feeding it.
  8. Turn off social media. Yep, for a whole day no social media. Even better would to turn your phone off for a whole day.
  9. Do a craft, or a hobby. I don’t craft much anymore due to the arthritis in my hands, but this blog, and writing is a great way for me to find stress relief by helping others and ultimately that makes me happy. Each blog post takes about an hour of time, some longer, a few less. I also love photography, now that I don’t really paint anymore.
  10. Forgive someone. This one may actually have to be a long term goal if the hurt will take a long time to get over. But, forgiving others is for you, not for them. You will be able to have closure, resolution, and move on. Even if they deny they hurt you, or don’t accept forgiveness, you will have a weight lifted off your chest which will always make you happier. Choose a day to sit down and contemplate how you want to approach the person that needs forgiveness. Write it out and practice what you will say. Don’t worry about how they respond that doesn’t matter. That is on them. You can only control yourself.

I hope this list will help you find happiness for a whole day. Let me know in the comments, like and share if you will. If you would like to use me as a Health Coach to help you meet your wellness goals, send me a message with the contact form below to arrange a free consultation.


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