Living With CKD Pantry Challenge What We Ate 1/12-1/13

Hello, and happy Thursday. The weekend is coming and that means I will be at work. The hardest time for my family to follow the food budget is the weekends when I work. Last week I purchased lots of extra stuff for them to be able to prepare quick dishes.

The purpose of the Pantry Challenge is twofold. 1, How long can we eat out of our pantry before I need to buy more food? We have a lot of food stored up, so I assume quite a while. For us, the pantry is anything in the pantry, freezer, and anything fresh we may have on hand. The fresh stuff is already getting low. 2. Can you eat out of your pantry and be relatively healthy with CKD? I am not encouraged at all that this is gonna be true. Organic is so expensive, and we are also doing a food budget challenge. So, I am not completely optimistic.

The budget is 21 dollars per person per week. There are 3 of us, so that is 63 dollars a week. The week runs from Monday to Sunday. So far I only had to buy some flour. But, I am sure we will need creamer and milk soon. We may have to find a more affordable way to flavor our coffee.

Yesterday was a lot of fresh food use up, and leftovers. Breakfast and lunch are only what I ate, as we rarely all eat the same thing for those meals.


Breakfast: coffee with creamer

Lunch: I was out and unprepared to be hungry. I had to run into the Dollar Tree so I got a very small chocolate bar 2 squares with caramel and a Slim Jim. I made homemade blueberry crisp when I got home. From my pantry, I used old-fashioned oats, fresh blueberries, cool whip from the freezer, brown sugar, cinnamon, and lemon. This was very good and will be a breakfast or snack. Though this day I had it for lunch. According to my food tracker, 3 ounces is 152 calories, this has 2 grams of protein. From a CKD perspective, the candy and Slim Jim are going to be high in fat, phosphorus, and sodium. The rolled oats also will have phosphorus and probably sodium. I forgot to take pictures yesterday, but you could check your labels in your pantry. I still have tons of rolled oats left and I don’t like traditional oatmeal, so I have to figure out what to do with them.

Dinner: 2.5 ounces of the leftover pork loin from Wednesday. Then I used potatoes I had on hand and made Twice Baked Potato Casserole, and served it with sliced cucumbers on the side. From a CKD perspective, this is not awful. If you have issues with potassium the potatoes could be leached prior to cooking. The recipe I used is here I did not use the full amount of butter and did not have whole milk on hand. I never have whole milk. But, I used a half cup of Flax Milk, and a 1/2 cup of Half and Half instead. Both are organic and don’t have all of the preservatives and additives. You could also use light cheese, but I didn’t have any, but my cheese was organic. Light sour cream could also be used. If you don’t want bacon in it, just make some for the side for those that do. According to my food tracker, 6 ounces of the casserole is 323 calories. The pork was only 61 calories and the cucumber 6 calories. You can see how protein can add up quickly. The casserole alone has 10 grams of protein and the pork has 10 grams. The casserole may not be exact because I had to choose from options on the tracker, rather than putting in individual ingredients one by one.

My new food tracker app does not tell me all of the other nutrients, but the one I was using appears to have killed my phone. I will have to switch again. This was not a great day for lunch and better planning could have resolved that.


Dinner has not been prepared yet but has been planned.

Breakfast: I had one tiny square of my breakfast casserole leftover. I had that with an iced coffee.

Lunch: Green salad with 2 ounces of organic turkey breast lunch meat. I got this in one of my Misfits Market boxes and it was still good so I just chopped it and added it to the salad. I added a tablespoon of sweet corn and a tablespoon of sunflower seeds from the pantry. Salad dressing is where you have to be very careful. I added a tablespoon of Country French salad dressing with some croutons. This whole lunch was only 274 calories and from a CKD perspective good. I don’t have issues with potassium, so the greens are OK for me. The sodium in the salad dressing is controlled by portion size.

Dinner: I was going to make homemade hamburger buns to go with the homemade sloppy joe sauce, but I have mini-sub rolls still available. So, we will use those up instead. I will be following this recipe for the sloppy joe sauce. I don’t have tomato paste on hand, so I won’t add it. I don’t think it will matter that much. Everything else I have on hand from the pantry stock. We use organic grass-fed ground beef in the lowest fat amount that I can find. Buy low sodium options when you can, especially of bread. Bread is one of the easiest ways to get too much sodium in your diet with CKD. Use ground turkey for even less fat. I do have ground turkey in the freezer, but the ground beef is already out and ready. Watching your carbs? Use low sugar ingredients, or sugar-free. Watch for ingredients on pantry items that have phos in the ingredient list. That means they have added phosphorus. Using organic will almost always alleviate having added phosphorus in the ingredients. The only two ingredients that I have on hand that are not organic for this recipe are butter and ketchup. According to the recipe, this has 226 calories but does not state the serving size. According to my tracker app, 1 cup of homemade sloppy joe sauce with ground beef has 264 calories. You can parboil your ground beef to reduce phosphorus before finishing it up with the other ingredients. Frozen corn will be the vegetable side.

From a CKD perspective, this is more of a whole food type of way of eating with limited pantry supplies. What makes an item shelf stable? It has to be able to stay fresh on the shelf for 3 to 6 months, or longer. Like I said, I am not convinced pantry eating is going to be a healthy way to eat for CKD. Or if it is, it will not be economical.

These posts take a long time, so show me some love!


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