Health Buddy Updates and A Survey!

Hello, and welcome back to all of my marvelous readers. Since it is the month of December, it is time for me to reflect on the growth of this blog, and the direction I would like this blog to go in. So, today’s post will have some updates, and a survey that is completely anonymous but will help me to steer my goals and marketing for 2022. This one is just a simple fill-in with your own words type of answer. I will be doing these surveys frequently, at least through the end of January. I already have a good idea of what I am thinking but feedback helps.

If you would please click here and take my survey. It is free and I won’t spam you. It is a Mailchimp survey and it may sign you up for my newsletter, but I am moving away from Mailchimp’s newsletter option. I really don’t care for it and I don’t get the results I want. I think getting more followers here that receive each new post is way more effective. Be sure to sign up to follow this blog and never miss anything I say, lol.

So, as I spend some time reflecting on 2021 I didn’t get my coaching business as ramped up as I would have liked to. A lot of this has to do with marketing, and personal changes in my life that sucked up a lot of time and stress to deal with. I did get some good leads with probable customers, but that is not paying customers. Of course, I would like to have at least one paying customer, lol. I think my prices are very reasonable, and I am flexible, so there are other issues at play. Traditional ways of marketing oneself are not my cup of tea, and I am not a salesman at heart. However, I do think there are some things I can do to help myself out.

Remember, right now I am a Health Coach, with a background in nursing. I work as an Independent Contractor at this time, with me being my only employee.

I need to focus more on creating good coaching plans and advertising those, instead of worrying about just blog content with plans immersed in them. I truly love to teach and if you read here often you know I have homeschooled both of my children to graduation, well the last one is almost done. I need to focus on that more, helping others learn about Health and Wellness and improving it. While I do not have the capability to do big long videos, nor am I sure I want to, I am going to do some voice-over videos for my Kidney Coach slides. AKF gave me the OK to add Kidney Coach items to this blog to reach more people, especially with Covid and social distancing. So be sure and watch for those. Outside of the Kidney Coach voice-overs, I may try to do some short cooking, meal prep, budgeting, goal setting, etc type voice-over videos. Every month I will share a Health Challenge idea. For December it is to do weight lifting 3 days a week. For January, I think I am going to focus on a no-spend budget challenge month. I will announce it soon.

I have already changed the color theme and my logo.

Read 10 interesting things about me. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about my Health Coaching service, please use the contact form at the end of this post to send me an email.

I have decided, at this time I do not want to do affiliate marketing, but if businesses reach out to me to request a review I will consider each request. I do not care to promote items, companies, businesses, products, etc without even trying them myself first. That just makes no sense to me.


Walk With Me!

Change Your Lifestyle Today and Prevent Dementia Tomorrow!

Hello, hello, and welcome to another Healthy Tip on Tuesday. Today’s tip has to do with Dementia as this is Dementia Awareness Month. It will however be a quick post as it is late and I didn’t prepare to be out all day. Anyway, the video below while kind of boring, explains why changing your lifestyle today can prevent Dementia tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will share another gift idea for people with Dementia. Be sure and check out the other gift ideas in the archives.

Read the FINGER study here, mentioned in the video.

To work with me as your Health Coach, to help make lifestyle changes, use the contact form after the video to send me an email with your interest.

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Fun Fitness Friday!

It’s Friday, woot woot! If you work just weekends, like me, then Friday isn’t really all that exciting, lol. Since I do work just weekends now, at my nursing job, I don’t get to do Sweating on Sunday posts anymore, so I have moved that topic to Fitness Friday. This post will be a conglomerate of topics all squished into one.

First off if you are a member of my newsletter then you know that my Health Challenge for November was to maintain the 7-pound weight loss from October. I did not think I met that goal and I was bummed. However, I have noticed over the past month, remember I weigh myself daily due to CKD, that my fancy digital scale really seemed to be off. I wasn’t sure if it was off higher or lower though. I changed the batteries and had not changed my eating habits enough to warrant a weight gain. My clothes were not tighter and I was certain I was not adding any more muscle mass because I was not really lifting weights in November. Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I did some research and my hunch was right that the scale was no longer balanced, or zeroed out. So, I purchased the old-fashioned kind of scale and it came last eve. To my surprise not only did I maintain but I lost 1 pound off my October weight. Yay! I also did my measurements this morning and while not anything huge I continue to lose parts of inches off my waist and hips. This is the area I most want to lose fat from. I have plateaued quite some time ago in weight loss, but the fat loss continues in small increments. I can work with that. But, if you want to learn more about plateauing for weight or fat loss and how to overcome it, watch the short video below. He explains it much better than I could by writing it. But, basically, you lose more weight at the beginning of your weight loss journey and then your body actually burns fewer calories as a sort of protection mode. Even if you plateau maintaining that weight, is a hefty goal to have. Keeping cardio low and slow is what burns fat.

My December Health Challenge is to challenge myself to be more consistent with weight training. I am aiming for three days a week, and I only use light weights with higher reps, at this point in time for several reasons. I am not a fitness trainer so I am not comfortable creating workouts for clients. However, I can share ones that I find on Youtube that I do, and I like. If you would like to check out my Health Buddy Walking plan, click here. Anyone can walk! The second video below is the upper body program I did 3 days this week. If you are new, or haven’t lifted in a while, or are over age 50 this is a great little video to start with. If there are any of the exercises you can’t do just modify them to your needs, or skip them. Rest whenever you want to. It is a video no one will know.

The weather is beautiful here in Florida, and it is a great time to get out and walk, do some gardening, or just take some beautiful pictures. Share in the comments how you are enjoying your Friday.


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Gift Idea #3 For People With Dementia!

Hola! That means hello in Spanish. I am learning Spanish! I actually remember quite a bit from years ago when I was doing it with my son for Middle School Spanish. I do know some basic words but really can not put a sentence together. That really has nothing to do with the gift idea for today, but it is an update to the topic of Dementia prevention which is to learn a new language.

While it is true that a lot of Dementia is related to memory issues, but there are also socialization issues as well. Today’s gift idea is thinking games, especially games that can be played in a group with family or friends. Did you know from my research that the #1 game that was shown to help people with Dementia was Tetris? Do you remember Tetris? I used to play it on the Nintendo 64 as a teenager. I just downloaded it from the Google Play store for free. If your loved one has a smartphone help them to download it and play away. I am sure they probably have it in a plug-and-play version for the TV or is available on the laptop.

These ideas are from this article.

  1. Card games. If your loved one is like my loved one they probably played card games a lot when they were younger. If they have mild cognitive decline ask them which ones they loved to play. Pinochle was a big one for my loved one. Then learn how to play it and set up a game. You can play easier card games like War, Go Fish, and Memory. Memory can be very fun if you attach pictures of loved ones, or pets to the cards. Or, old magazine ads I think would be super fun. Have a discussion about those ads, events, or loved ones.
  2. Bingo. Where I work the ladies used to love to play Bingo. It has kind of fallen out of favor recently but every afternoon they used to sit down to play Bingo. They really only liked it though if there was a snack for a prize, lol. If you are playing in a group of Dementia residents be sure and have someone available to assist those that need it.
  3. Visual Games. This is similar to the Memory cards I mentioned above.
  4. Word Puzzles. This does not mean Soduko or crossword puzzles, though those are amazing if your loved one can still do them. Word search puzzles, hidden object puzzles are awesome! Way down at the bottom of that link I shared is a topic about Memory Cafe’s. Which sounds awesome, btw. There are none near me, but my loved one is in a facility where activities are done daily. Anyway on that website is a free game called Memory Joggers. It is perfect as a word puzzle game.
  5. Video Games. I have already talked about Tetris, but what about other video games. They can help with hand eye coordination, as well as memory.

Some games not mentioned are games about music from their generation. Board games like Chutes and Ladders, Dominoes, Uno, Operation, and possibly others. I found this game that was precisely designed for people with Dementia.

Just remember to be Mindful of their Dementia. You don’t want anything too complicated, or that goes too fast. A game that maybe they played before Dementia might be easier as they may remember the rules and how to play. My loved one absolutely loved Pac-Man, while she couldn’t play it on a smartphone she could play the plug-and-play version of the game.

Search the archives and see the other two gift ideas! Ask me about my Health Coaching and how it can help meet your health goals.


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Snowman Puzzle

This Modifiable Dementia Risk Factor May Shock You!

Hello, and welcome to December! November just whizzed right by. If you stop by often then you know November was Dementia awareness month and I have extended it into December. I am not sure that I will still get all of the information covered, but it gives me something to talk about for next year, lol.

If you remember, the first modifiable risk factor was education, especially in early life. Today, I am going to discuss hearing loss and how it is connected to Dementia.

When I first read the study I was shocked to learn that hearing loss is a risk factor for Dementia, especially since I live in the USA and hearing aids are not covered by Medicare or even most private insurance. Plus, they are very expensive! This seems like such an easy issue to fix in some regards by just making hearing aids more accessible to people. I mean the risk is huge! We can do better than this America! The video below is an Audiologist talking about hearing loss and the risk to Dementia.

Before I talk about diagnosing and treating hearing loss, I want to talk about why hearing loss is a risk factor for Dementia. You can read the article here, but to sum it up hearing loss may lead to faster brain atrophy, can lead to isolation, depression, and decreased communication skills. Plus, loss of hearing, believe it or not, can affect balance when you walk, which can affect safety and lead to falls.

What are signs that you may have hearing loss?

  1. The most obvious would be that you turn TV, and radio up to very high levels.
  2. You might say huh a lot when talking to others. You might not understand what others are saying in a conversation.
  3. Twisting your head or body to hear better.
  4. You miss phone calls, knocks at the door, doorbells, or even alarms going off.
  5. You feel exhausted in group conversations due to straining to hear what is being said.

How do you have your hearing tested?

  1. If you are over 18 a hearing test every 3 to 5 years is recommended, unless you have existing hearing loss already. An Audiologist can test your hearing and give you advise.
  2. There are actual hearing self tests you can do on your own via phone apps. I just put one on my phone. I don’t think I have hearing loss, matter of fact mine is pretty acute, but I would like to test my husband as well.
  3. Hearing loss could be as simple as wax build up in the ear. That is why your doctor looks in there, or one of the reasons.
  4. The whisper test, and tuning forks are other ways that hearing can be tested.

How is hearing loss treated?

  1. The most common way that people think of treating hearing loss is with a hearing aid. As I have already discussed most people don’t have access or funds to purchase a hearing aid. This website has the most comprehensive information on programs to help people afford a hearing aid. Please check it out, if you or a loved one has hearing loss.
  2. Remove ear wax blockage. That one just makes sense. Just make sure you have a trained professional do it.
  3. There are some types of hearing loss that can be fixed by inserting tubes into the ears, or other procedures, to improve hearing.
  4. Cochlear implants which may actually be covered by Medicare or Medicaid are the newest option for hearing loss. I will be talking a lot more about Medicare in the near future.

The bottom line is to please have a hearing test done at least every 3 years to catch hearing loss early. I can not recall exactly when I had one done, but it wasn’t too awful long ago.

Do you have Health Goals you would like to meet? Why not use a Health Coach to help you get there? Use the communication form at the end of this post to send me a message about what goal you would like to meet. Check out my Walking Buddy coaching option.


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