Everything In Moderation, Even Moderation. CKD And Christmas Dinner!

Welcome to another Healthy Tip on Tuesday. With Christmas coming up in just a few days I thought today’s tip would center around Christmas dinner and CKD. Of course, all the other goodies that go with Christmas day too.

While I was browsing around looking for specific information about Christmas dinner I found this Youtube video posted by the American Kidney Fund. It is a webinar on this very topic. It is kind of dry and boring, but the information is super. There are questions and answers after the halfway point so be sure to listen to them as well.

There are three websites mentioned in the video for good kidney holiday recipes. The 3rd link does not work and apparently, that website no longer exists. Below you will find the other two links. Remember to try and cook as much of the dinner, and treats from scratch. This will automatically help with sodium, and phosphorus control. I find a lot of recipes lean towards people on Dialysis, but not all kidney patients need Dialysis. If your doctor has given you recommendations and you are not on dialysis, be sure and manage your food choices around those guidelines. There is tons of information on this blog about CKD and other websites with recipes as well. Just browse through the archives if you are interested. If you would like to learn more about how my health coaching can help you live a better life with CKD, send me a message below.

The quote, everything in moderation, even moderation is from Oscar Wilde, and it brings up a good point. You still need to enjoy the holiday, enjoy the food you eat, feel like yourself etc. So, even when you are practicing moderation even that should be done in moderation.