Fun Fitness Friday!

It’s Friday, woot woot! If you work just weekends, like me, then Friday isn’t really all that exciting, lol. Since I do work just weekends now, at my nursing job, I don’t get to do Sweating on Sunday posts anymore, so I have moved that topic to Fitness Friday. This post will be a conglomerate of topics all squished into one.

First off if you are a member of my newsletter then you know that my Health Challenge for November was to maintain the 7-pound weight loss from October. I did not think I met that goal and I was bummed. However, I have noticed over the past month, remember I weigh myself daily due to CKD, that my fancy digital scale really seemed to be off. I wasn’t sure if it was off higher or lower though. I changed the batteries and had not changed my eating habits enough to warrant a weight gain. My clothes were not tighter and I was certain I was not adding any more muscle mass because I was not really lifting weights in November. Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I did some research and my hunch was right that the scale was no longer balanced, or zeroed out. So, I purchased the old-fashioned kind of scale and it came last eve. To my surprise not only did I maintain but I lost 1 pound off my October weight. Yay! I also did my measurements this morning and while not anything huge I continue to lose parts of inches off my waist and hips. This is the area I most want to lose fat from. I have plateaued quite some time ago in weight loss, but the fat loss continues in small increments. I can work with that. But, if you want to learn more about plateauing for weight or fat loss and how to overcome it, watch the short video below. He explains it much better than I could by writing it. But, basically, you lose more weight at the beginning of your weight loss journey and then your body actually burns fewer calories as a sort of protection mode. Even if you plateau maintaining that weight, is a hefty goal to have. Keeping cardio low and slow is what burns fat.

My December Health Challenge is to challenge myself to be more consistent with weight training. I am aiming for three days a week, and I only use light weights with higher reps, at this point in time for several reasons. I am not a fitness trainer so I am not comfortable creating workouts for clients. However, I can share ones that I find on Youtube that I do, and I like. If you would like to check out my Health Buddy Walking plan, click here. Anyone can walk! The second video below is the upper body program I did 3 days this week. If you are new, or haven’t lifted in a while, or are over age 50 this is a great little video to start with. If there are any of the exercises you can’t do just modify them to your needs, or skip them. Rest whenever you want to. It is a video no one will know.

The weather is beautiful here in Florida, and it is a great time to get out and walk, do some gardening, or just take some beautiful pictures. Share in the comments how you are enjoying your Friday.


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