Black Friday History!

Hello, and welcome! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The weather was perfect here in Florida, and we had a lovely day. We had dessert with extended family and friends. We always keep air circulating in the house, and fans in the windows when possible, plus disinfect before and after the company is here. Even if you are no longer concerned with Covid, which of course is not me, the Flu season is ramping up early this year. I don’t particularly want that either. Dessert was outside and it was a perfect evening for that. We usually decorate the tree on Thanksgiving but that didn’t happen until this morning. My Bills won and that was just the icing on the cake!

Speaking of Covid there is a new variant of concern in South Africa, with some cases in Israel and Taiwan. I just read about it on the news this morning. I haven’t even had my booster yet and already there is talk of a new vaccine for this new possible more resistant variant. I don’t know about you but people are getting vaccine tired. How often are we supposed to keep doing this? It is kind of getting old now. The Stock Market and oil are plummeting on this news.

If you are my age, then you probably know Black Friday as the day when stores come out of the red into the black, and turn a profit for the year. Apparently, that isn’t exactly true and is somewhat of a marketing gimmick. I went on Thanksgiving eve a couple of times while the hubby watched football, and I can tell you it is crazy and not really worth any deal you may get. My daughter went with me one year because she wanted a Samsung tablet for Christmas. My son went too and got in line for some video games. He was quite young too. We were first or second in line and I thought awesome! Right next to us was a drone. There were like 200 people in line for that drone, and only 13 drones, or so, were available. There was security nearby as it was apparent what was going to take place. I guess the Apple line also had some issues. Anyways, once it was time people literally just pushed their way over the top of everyone at the front of the line to get the drones. You could hear people hitting each other in the next aisle fighting over the drone. Security literally just stood there and did nothing. There were elderly people, and children, at the beginning of that drone line and people in the back just couldn’t accept they were not going to get one. Another thing I noticed from the line my son was in. He was third, I think, and should have easily gotten the game he wanted. The two women in the front of the line literally filled their carts with games and videos to share with family and friends in other places in the store. Again, this behavior was allowed by the store. We never did go again after that experience. I much prefer just ordering online. My daughter and I were going to go today just to look for good sales, but after going to Trader Joe’s and Publix on Tuesday she decided there are just too many people in the stores and it isn’t worth doing. I understand why stores need foot traffic in their stores, but until more safety standards are put in place and a more fair system of getting the items you stood in line forever for is implemented I personally will not do it. A footnote here, one of the years we did go and the same store used a ticket method for people to get the items the turnout was very low and people did not show up. People want to fight, trample people, and basically act like an ass rather than do it in a civilized manner. Christmas shopping shouldn’t be a blood sport. Plus, a lot of these people, I suspect are resellers.

Below you will find two videos talking about the history of Black Friday and why it is called Black Friday. They are both short and very interesting.

Happy shopping stay safe!


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