Thanksgiving Tidbits!

Happy Thanksgiving, 2021! My husband does the turkey, and that is already in the oven. I prepped a bunch yesterday and will begin the snacky type before meal stuff soon. Below you will see my two tables set up. The smaller table is our usual dining room table. Since we don’t have a large family at home anymore we downsized from the big one. This little table just serves as extra space in case we need it. I could not find my Thanksgiving table runner, and my husband could not find any left at the store. So, he bought poinsettias, for the big table. I tried to block them out in the photos as it isn’t Christmas, yet, lol. Don’t mind the clutter in the background, it happens. I am a simple girl, and I don’t do fancy.

The orange wine bottle with the Pilgrim painted on, the two votive candle holders, and the Joy framed picture is decor all made by me. All of those items came from Dollar Tree. I painted the artwork on the wine bottle. The Joy picture is actually a gift bag with lights behind it. I really like how that came out. I do not care for the other one that I made, not shown. On the big table are three gel candles I made. I etched the turkey image onto the glass, for the two smaller candles. I then added the gel wax. The bigger one has pine cones in it. I really do enjoy the glass etching and candle making. I have some made for Christmas too!

As my children grow and start lives of their own, my husband and I have to learn to adapt to the holidays. They will look much different in as soon as a year when my second child will be an adult. I tend to like to be in my home for the holidays, celebrating how I want to. My husband is the same way. But, we have to accept that we may have to adjust holiday time to be with extended inlaw families. Since Covid is a little bit better this year, and I am now at stage 2 CKD, this year we have agreed to have dessert with my son’s inlaws. This is very important to him, but he too has to understand how we like to celebrate our holidays. We spent Easter with them, and it was quite lovely. But, he has to understand his sister will soon be on her own and he can’t have things just how he wants. Flexibility is the key.

My point is, change is inevitible, and adapting is vital. What if you were going to be alone for a holiday? How would you cope? Having a plan is super important. There is nothing wrong with being alone, some people even cherish it. The key is to use your time wisely. You can read more here. I personally think having a pet, or a volunteer situation is an awesome way to spend a holiday or any day if you don’t have family near, or friends to be with. There are so many shelters and rescues with dogs and cats in need of loving homes. It can be very rewarding for both of you.

Whatever you do this Thanksgiving I hope you can find gratefulness in whatever you do and all that you have. Spend a day not worrying and instead make a goal to just be happy.

I personally find Thanksgiving to be stressful, and not at all relaxing. However, I have had to learn to change my mindset so that I am not concentrating on all the work that needs to be done for just a few minutes of eating, but rather to be grateful that I have someone to cook for, eat with, decorate the tree, and laugh with.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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