How Does Life Long Learning Prevent Dementia?

One more day to turkey day. Are you ready? I am prepping today, and even though there are only five of us there is still a lot to prep to be sure the meal is warm when everyone is ready to sit down. I also need to find the table runner that I made many years ago. I am creating some table decor using Dollar Tree items. Be sure and come back and see pics tomorrow. I am not a fancy person. You will never come to my house and think it is elegant, but it is comfy and homey and that is what I like. We also decorate the Christmas tree tomorrow, as well, and that takes some prepping. Plus, my Buffalo Bills are playing Thursday Night Football. I have to watch that! My husband and daughter are completely unprepared for the Family Cook-Off, but hopefully, once the holiday is over they will get their act together to share next week.

What does any of that have to do with life-long learning? Nothing, lol! This month’s health topic is Dementia. I did a post on 12 modifiable risk factors for Dementia. I will be expanding on each risk factor in upcoming posts. Today, I will discuss life-long learning.

Studies have shown that education, especially good education before the age of 20 can help prevent Dementia. However, life-long learning has also been shown to decrease, or prolong the risk of Dementia. Why? Well, the brain is complicated, but studies show that learning can preserve cognitive reserve, and create new synapses. Synapses are junctions between brain cells that transmit information from cell to cell. Reading was shown to be number one at improving the brain and cognition. Not, TV, or video games, though those may help other areas of the brain. Learning a new language was also high on the list. Remaining curious, asking questions, keeping up on current events, using critical thinking skills, doing research on topics that interest you, having a hobby, painting, music, learning to dance, are all great ways to keep your brain engaged and learning. I personally love to learn new things, and I always ask questions and research. I think some people find that annoying but I don’t care. I don’t always learn the same things though. I try to stay on top of topics in my line of the profession but also related to CKD, dogs, elder care, etc because those are the things that are in my life right now. A few things I really want to learn in the very near future are vlogging, grant writing, ALF Administration, IV Care, wound care, phlebotomy, management skills, all things nature related, green energy, retirement prep, Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, Spanish, and sign language. That should keep me busy for a while, lol. Some of these I have already started to prepare for. I know some basic Spanish, but not enough to carry on a conversation. The same is true for Sign Language. You don’t want to go back to school? Read this article to learn other ways to learn in adulthood. This website shares 23 places to learn online for free for adult learners.

I am technically always reading and researching for this blog. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together even a short but good post. It takes much more time and research for longer posts. I tend to not make them too long because I know for me a super long post with repeating keywords, and images are just plain annoying. I know why blogs do it, but it chases me away. The value in those posts is for them, not their readers. Below, please enjoy a couple of videos on the topic of life-long learning and Dementia prevention.

I will try to remember to share my table art tomorrow, but it may be the day after Thanksgiving. If you would like to learn more about my Health Coaching services, please use the contact form at the end of the post to send me an email.


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