Family Cook-Off #4: Breakfast For Dinner!

Hello, hello! As promised this week’s Family Cook-Off results are in! My husband was the judge this week. So, it was mother against daughter. Caitlin cooked on Monday, and I cooked on Tuesday.

Here were the rules made by my husband:

  1. The meal had to be a breakfast for dinner meal using a grain, fruit, and a meat.
  2. He judges based on flavor, presentation, use of the items above, and effort put into the dish. He is also biased towards his daughter, lol.

After I profusely objected to a daughter bonus he tried to impose at the very end, he was forced to declare a tie. That means we each get a 5 dollar scratch-off ticket.

This is what Caitlin made:

Everything Bagels with butter, bacon, scrambled eggs, and sliced apples. The items were made into a bagel sandwich. She then added Yum Yum Sauce. That was the clincher! She lost points for giving two tops to one sandwich, lol. So, picky.

I bought some organic Bob Red’s Mill pancake mix. I think that is the proper name. I made small pancake sliders. Then I made breakfast sausage patties. I had some delicious homemade peach preserves that my friend made me earlier this year, and I needed to use them up. I figured that could be my fruit. I spread the preserves onto each slider piece, put the sausage in between, and voila a delicious sandwich. I also offered freeze-dried fruit in a variety pack, and no one even tried them, sadly. I lost points because he said my fruit was not a fruit, even though he did not specify in the rules what fruit meant. BTW that pancake mix is awesome!

Not next week, but the week after, will be the 5th competition. That is the week of Thanksgiving. Read about my choice for that week, here.

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