What Is Dementia?

Welcome to Dementia Awareness month, here on this blog! All month I will discuss topics related to Dementia and some other stuff mixed in.

I forgot to share yesterday the results of my mission to try and lose 10 pounds in the month of October. This was a challenge between my husband and myself. I lost 7 pounds, so I missed the mark, but I am still pleased with that. My husband actually gained a pound mostly due to a foot injury and inability to exercise. I think it is important to learn that if you can’t be active you most likely need to reduce your calorie intake to maintain and definitely lose weight.

My Health Challenge for the month of November will be to maintain that 7 pounds I lost. Of course, if I lose more I would be even happier. The holidays make it extremely difficult to lose or maintain weight loss. But, lucky for me this is the cooler time of year here in Florida, and that increases my activity substantially. I hate the Summer months as far as exercise goes. Did you join the challenge? Did you lose weight in October? Share in the comments if you wish.

So, we can’t talk about Dementia until we define it. Below you will find 2 videos. I really like the first one. She talks in a slow manner and explains it in a simple way. I have not watched the second longer one yet, but I will soon. At the very least watch the first one to familiarize yourself with Dementia.


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