Face Masks and facts on Friday!

Hello, Hello, and welcome to Friday! Today, I am going to discuss a more serious topic. August is an extremely busy month for me, every year. I have a lot going on and I don’t always pay attention to the news. Keep reading to see what caught my attention.

I got a news alert earlier this week that the FDA was telling people to please not take Ivermectin for Covid. I thought wth why are people taking an anti-parasite for Covid? Then I saw another news alert that farm stores were running out of Ivermectin. So, I started to do some research.

Apparently Ivermectin can have some anti-viral properties, and there were some clinical trials done. However, and I say however loudly these trials had a lot of bias, and were not randomized control trials the gold standard of trials. I read a whole lot of these trials, watched some videos, and the one I am sharing here is from Pubmed, a reliable source from July 28, 2021 explaining why Ivermectin has not been approved as a prophylaxis or treatment for Covid 19.

Beyond the fact that is not approved by the FDA, for prophylaxis or treatment of Covid 19, are other issues of concern. Such as:

  1. It is not my place to question what a doctor orders for their patients, whether off label, or appropriate for such reasons, however, if a doctor is ordering something off label and possibly inappropriate why are pharmacies filling these prescriptions? I have an idea that people are doctor shopping until they find a doctor willing to give them what they want. Again, to each their own, but in my very humble opinion this is possibly setting doctors, and pharmacists for malpractice lawsuits.
  2. If you are taking Ivermectin by pill form, I believe it can only be purchased via a doctor’s prescription, or a Vet. I say I think, because maybe the pills are available at your local farm store. I am not sure. But, I mention this because if Ivermectin is to be given in pill form the dose has to be calculated in unigrams per kilogram of body weight to be sure the correct dose is given. Is your doctor, or Vet, or yourself calculating that dose? If not, you could be taking a dose meant for a cow, or a horse, which I am pretty sure most people do not weigh as much as a cow, or a horse. Just saying!
  3. If, and again I say if, you are taking Ivermectin via pill form you should only be doing this in a controlled clinical trial where proper monitoring is being done. If you are not in a controlled clinical trial, or at the very least, the doctor that gave it to you is monitoring you for any kind of ill effects, then you probably shouldn’t be taking it.
  4. This is the one I find the most absurd, or all of this, people are buying Ivermectin cream and applying it to their body as if in some chance a cream for a parasite is somehow going to help an airborne virus. Now, you may put the cream on and not get Covid. That doesn’t mean it worked. That just means you didn’t get exposed to Covid, didn’t get a large enough viral load to get sick, or you may have already been infected with Covid were asymptomatic and have antibodies.

Now, since we obviously are going to be wearing masks for at least a little bit longer, we might as well wear one that is cool. Check out the cool mask below, link under the image to purchase if desired.


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