why i hate my salad spinner!

Happy Saturday! I am glad you are here. If you watch a lot of Youtube videos, like me, then you might have been convinced to buy a Salad Spinner. One of my most favorite chefs said in one of his videos that you simply could not live without a salad spinner, unless you wanted to shake your lettuce dry for days. LOL! I am paraphrasing. I don’t remember his exact words. This post may contain affiliate links.

But, I can tell you I hate the thing, and I see no redeeming qualities to owning one. I can see a million of these things probably sitting in a garbage dump somewhere. If you want to save about 25 dollars avoid buying one.

Pro’s of owning a salad spinner:

  1. It makes a really big salad bowl, or mixing bowl.

Con’s of owning a salad spinner:

  1. Price. I know I don’t buy the most expensive brand of anything, so my 25 dollar salad spinner was probably more on the affordable side. Let that soak in.
  2. It is big, and takes up a ton of space in the cupboard, or on the counter. If you have limited space this thing is really just a monstrosity.
  3. It is loud and awkward.
  4. You can easily shake your lettuce, and not for days, for just a few minutes and get the same effect for free.

Don’t buy one, unless you really like to waste your money, or say you own the newest kitchen gadget.

I also get really annoyed by the salads I see some Youtubers make. I mean seriously, the supplements, and whatever weird extras they are adding to a salad, or taking with a salad are ridiculous. If your salad is going to be a meal I can see adding a little protein, and fat, but other than that a salad is pretty healthy already.

What is my favorite salad recipe?

Wait for it.

Romaine lettuce, good quality tomato, Vidalia onion chopped pieces. If I am feeling really spicy I will add about .12 of a cup of roasted sunflower seeds, some chopped red grapes, and a bit of chopped chicken or turkey. My favorite salad dressing is 1 tbsp. of original Kraft Catalina dressing. Full fat! Gasp! That is a whopping 258 calories. Eat some fat with your salad! Your body won’t absorb all those wonderful vitamins and minerals without some fat. Vitamins A,D,E, and K are Fat Soluble vitamins. Your body will not absorb them without some fat. Fat free dressing, fat free cheese, or whatever will not absorb these vitamins. Healthy fats can also be used such as EVOO and make your own salad dressing.


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