the case of the disappearing bacon!

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If you read here often then you know I have stage 3 CKD, which is slowly improving over time and with lifestyle modifications, and that through the years I have modified my eating patterns many times to help slow progression of CKD, and for overall health. I am mostly plant-based at this time. Every now and then I will try some other regimens to see if I can knock off a few more pounds by surprising my metabolic system. The only one I absolutely will not try is Keto. I am always interested in articles, videos, webinars, etc. on Nutrition type topics.

This morning I was reading Fox Business. I read it pretty much every morning. I read an article that pork prices could go up 50% due to a new California law. Yesterday, not on Fox Business, I read a headline that said bacon could go away forever! Now, I don’t really eat bacon so I am not all that concerned. However, I do enjoy some extra lean pork chops once in a while, and my family still eats meat, even though I have chosen to drastically cut my meat to once or twice a week, in small portions. Please note plant-based does not mean Vegan. If you would like to read my rant about that topic please go here. I am here to say that if pork prices go up 50% we will not be eating any pork, except on special occasions like a good expensive steak. I already feel like bacon is a garbage food and plenty expensive. I certainly won’t pay more for it. That does not mean my husband and daughter will agree. Lucky for me I do the shopping and meal planning. Even cheap bacon is like 4.99 a pound, now double that. It would definitely disappear from our table. Don’t even get me started on ham prices. Good grief!

But, why will pork products be going up? Apparently, California voters voted for Proposition 12 and it passed way back in 2018. This means pork producers had 3 years on working towards the standards. The standards are ethical standards for baby animals, and breeding animals mostly regarding space and ability to move around. You can read the full ballot here. What I found of particular interest is that PETA decided to oppose the passing of this proposition on the premise that they want people to eat no meat products at all. That means everyone would have to become a Vegan. I honestly don’t see this ever happening, ever. So, if the lives of animals can be improved, and made more humane, that has to be a good thing. There are several great reasons to eat less meat, but there is a place for meat in a healthy diet. That is not the topic today, though. Today, we are talking about pork and the prices of pork going up.

Then I read another article, which is actually older, that bacon causes Cancer. Well it isn’t just bacon. Any heavily processed meat, and especially smoked meats apparently, increase the risk of Cancer. But, as you will see in the video below the risk is like small. Still it is a proven risk, and of course you will have to decide if the risk is too high, or not.

Bacon is very high in Fat, and Sodium. I find it to have a very small amount of protein for the amount of fat and sodium per serving. So, to me it is a low quality protein source at best. There is of course the debate about fat, especially saturated fat, and whether it is as unhealthy as we think. We know that our brains need healthy fats to function. We also need to consume fats for absorption of other nutrients. However, again, not for this post. But, there is absolutely no debate about Sodium and the fact that is unhealthy, and most Americans consume way too much of it. Depending on the type, and cooking method bacon can start at 175 mg per one slice. Most people do not eat one slice of bacon. What about Canadian Bacon? While leaner than regular bacon, it really is just ham and still quite heavy on the sodium, but way less fat.

Below are some interesting videos on the topics discussed today. But, what do you say? If pork prices go up 50% will bacon, and other pork products disappear from your food list? To me, and I may get scolded by someone for saying this, for health reasons I would have no problem with bacon disappearing. By the way Proposition 12 was not just about pigs. It is for other animals as well, but for some reason everyone is hollering about bacon.