throwback thursday: Eye Glasses!

Hello, and welcome back to all of my wonderful readers who take the time to read my musings. As I am discussing Eye Health in July, I thought it would be fun to take a look at eye glass fashions through the years. There are some very interesting styles. Below, you will see two images of my in my spectacles. The cats eye pair are my night driving glasses, and the blue pair are just every day readers. They are usually on top of my head, only used when I need them. That is why I wear a bun, or other updo, to hold my glasses on my head, lol. I actually have several pair of reading glasses the blue ones just happen to match my work uniform, and get worn the most. I tend to like wild colors and designs on my readers. Yes, I realize I could skip the two pair thing, and use bifocals, but I hate them. I tried them for two years and it was awful. So, I went back to my original method. I am actually due for new glasses in a few months. If you would like to read about my bizarre eye issues, click here.

Glasses are expensive even with insurance. If you need an eye exam, or need glasses, but can not afford it. Please visit this link for organizations that help people in need and can not afford glasses. This is not an affiliate link. My posts may contain affiliate links, though.

Watch the Youtube video to see all of the designs through the years. Which one is your favorite?


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