this is a rant so be fore-warned!

So, yes this is a rant and if you don’t like these kinds of topics then don’t read. Rants are healthy and that is why I am doing it. What is this rant about? Plant-based diet, whole food plant-based diet, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, and DASH diet topics. Keep reading if you are interested why I am ranting about this. As long as I do not lose power with Elsa coming in tonight, tomorrow will be my first post on Eye Health.

I consider myself an educated woman. I also consider myself an open minded woman, able to see both sides of an argument and why one’s perspective may be the way it is. It doesn’t mean I have to agree, or take on their perception, but I can respect it. It peeves me when people can not afford the same respect to others, and obviously if it happens to me it really peeves me.

I am going to start this rant with a story from many years ago. In the 80’s and 90’s when I was a teen and young adult, I had very large hair. Hairspray was an integral part of life. I still have big hair, btw, minus the hairspray. I just have tons of hair. Anyway, I was at a gathering and a gentleman said to me, you are the reason that the ozone is warming because of all that stupid hairspray. Yes, that still sticks with me today, because this man owned a boat, jet ski, gas guzzling truck, and had central air in a part of the country that only needs it two weeks out of a year. All of those things combined does more damage than my little old hairspray ever dreamed. Yes, if you are wondering I told his stupid self that. Now I never would have made these comments to this man had he not picked a fight with me over hairspray.

At one time or another on this blog I have addressed each of the diet topics mentioned in the first paragraph. I have never been disrespectful, or judgemental towards anyone who chooses to eat those diets. The same can not be said for such readers who for whatever reason take it very personal if you call yourself Plant-Based, vegan, vegetarian, or any of the other eating styles mentioned and they perceive that you are not. They have very stringent guidelines for who can and can not say they eat said diets. They take it very personal as well. Why are people being offended, and slighted by the way in which someone chooses to eat?

Here are a few examples:

I am on a kidney forum for people that have Kidney Disease. Diet is a huge topic on this forum. I had posted a comment to someone’s question and I stated I had good results being plant based but that I do still eat eggs, cheese, and chicken on occasion. My goodness you would have thought I killed this person’s kids in the way he reacted. He was not the original poster, but took the time to berate me and my comment to the original poster. His beef seemed to be that I labeled myself plant based but still ate some meat products on occasion. I get that impression because that is what he said. So, I thought to myself how can what I eat be so offensive to someone else? It isn’t really about what I eat, but rather the fact that I labeled myself something he felt I wasn’t. I actually despise labels and would never label myself as anything. They are just words, keywords to be exact, used to bring traffic to a comment, topic, or post. I mean really why is it taken as anything else?

Another example. In the Fall of last year I went low carb to lose weight. Someone actually told me I was not Keto, even though I never claimed to be Keto, and it turned into a whole conversation/argument as to why I should not be claiming I was Keto when I wasn’t. This person simply could not comprehend that I in no way had chose the label Keto, in fact they did.

Now, this brings me back to now. I am going to write something right now and someone’s head is probably going to spin off. For the past two weeks I have been almost Vegan. Now, I know you can’t be almost Vegan, as Vegan is a movement, an animal activist movement. But, I said it on purpose, because really it is a label and it is applied to all plant based ways of eating. I could hardly find a video, or blogpost on being plant based without the word Vegan being attached to it. There are some sources that do state that plant based does not mean vegan. They are not the same thing, just as plant based does not mean whole food plant based. These are ways of eating, lifestyles, not even really diets. The Mediterranean Diet you can find tons of sources that are eating meat every day when technically you should only eat chicken and fish once or twice a week, with your protein coming mainly from beans, nuts, and seeds.

I am almost Vegan, and I am proud to say that. It is a cause, a movement for so many reasons. My reasons may not be the same as others who choose to eat this lifestyle.

I have said this before, I may never be a full Vegan. It is a journey, a process. I have a family, they eat meat, they like meat. I can not afford to buy 50 different types of meal options and cook forever, nor do I want to. I also think meat plays a role in our diet. Not as much meat as we currently consume, and animal cruelty due to our thirst for meat is really shameful and something should be done about it. Non meats are still highly processed foods, just not animal protein. I am not going to eat those either. I do not tolerate soy products, nor do I like soy products. If I want low fat cheese, or real ice cream once in a while, then I am going to have it. This does not make me evil, or an animal abuser.

I am probably never going to be whole food plant based, completely. Why? I like some processed foods, plain and simple. I enjoy them and I want to eat them once in a while. I do not consider this unhealthy when done on occasion. I actually quite think this gives me a healthier relationship with food.

People who have certain medical conditions should, and need to eat a certain way. What that way is depends on what their needs are, and how their doctor advises them. Unless you walk in someone else’s illness you probably should not be judging how they eat. You shouldn’t do this regardless. Which reminds me why do people get offended when someone says they don’t eat meat? How can that possibly be offensive to someone?

You need to eat for you. If you want to be a Carnivore, Keto, Vegan, plant based or whatever label you wish to slap on yourself do it. But, don’t try to force others under, or our of your label. They are not copyrighted, protected words that you somehow lay claim over. Labels are not necessary unless you are a food source.

I eat the way I eat because it makes me feel good and I feel after much research it is the healthiest for my kidneys. That is all I care about. I don’t care about what others think I am, or am not. You do you, and I will do me. Now, if you would like to enlighten me, or educate me on a particular topic, I am good with that. I love to learn! I will not be berated, or treated like a child. I would never do that to anyone, nor will I accept it from anyone else.

Here is an awesome definition of plant based lifestyles. There is a Youtube video below that is also interesting to watch. Most of the videos on Youtube claim plant based absolutely means Vegan.

What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments, but please be respectful to anyone who may reply. I do moderate comments because along with labels I despise spam. I will allow any view point that is respectful.


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