Throwback Thursday 1980’s Halloween fun!

This post is a fun post. It has nothing to do with Brain Health, or does it. Memories are an important part of Brain Health. Nostalgia and remembering times of the past help you with recall. It can be lots of fun too. I think I will make this a recurring weekly post as it is very popular. As a matter of fact, and I am not sure why, but Halloween has been trending on this blog. I have done several posts on Halloween, mostly about candy and CKD, but some other fun ones too. Be sure and check them out in the archives. This post may contain affiliate links, as may any of my posts. The two videos below are on 80’s Halloween commercials for kids, and a very special Halloween special for kids that I adored and still do.

Let me know in the comments if you like these types of posts. I think they are fun and refreshing. I love to think back to the days of my teen years.

Be sure to check out my updated Reiki Wellness Plan, and my updated Meals with Melissa monthly meal plan service. I am working on updating all of my Wellness Plans, so be sure and check back often. You will also see down below a sugar skull face mask. That is my art work applied to a face mask. You can purchase it at Redbubble by clicking the link under the image.


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