The zero point food challenge has ended!

Happy Thursday! Today was another super busy and unusual day. Then my internet went out around 2 PM and just came back on. I hate it when that happens, especially when I have not done my internet work yet. Anyway, I have decided to end the Zero Point Food Challenge today, instead of Tuesday. Continue reading to learn why. You may see affiliate links in this post. Be sure and check out my brand new Distance Reiki Wellness Plan. I am accepting clients now!

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I have decided to end the Zero Points/Very Low Fat Food Challenge early, because:

  1. I have learned a lot of good information from this challenge and I feel I can continue the good habits I have adopted without difficulty.
  2. I lost 3 pounds in 8 days. That is pretty good.
  3. It is very time consuming to get all of the meal plan, nutrition info, and pictures each day to add to this blog.
  4. There doesn’t seem to be that much interest in this considering the amount of time I am spending on it.

I really did enjoy this challenge. I have eaten a ton of carbs, but mostly from whole foods, and I still lost weight. I think this pretty much shows that a whole food diet, even high in carbs, can be healthy and support weight loss. I did not change my exercise habits. I also was consuming way less fat than I may normally. I probably will return to not eating as much dairy as I have been. I feel like I am certainly getting too much Phosphorus, and lower fat foods have other additives that may not be healthy. If I do decide to have cheese, or milk, I will just have it in very small amounts rather than the lower fat options. Except mozzarella, and ricotta. Those I do not mind in the lower fat variety, or cottage cheese. The others are just a strange texture and really have no flavor. One thing I miss a lot is nuts! I love nuts, and while I only eat them in small amounts the amount of fats in them led me to avoid them for this challenge. My husband absolutely hates the whipped butter, which just makes me sad. But, I will continue to use it and he can have the other. I also miss cooking with Olive Oil. Olive Oil is a healthy fat, and I use it only in small amounts while cooking. I will do that again in small amounts. Another thing I noticed is that I think I am not eating enough Potassium on this diet. Maybe because I ran out of tomatoes, and bananas, lol, but I have been having leg cramps. I have not had leg cramps in years. So, I will be sure to always have them on hand. Not all people with kidney disease can’t eat potassium. I think my body needs more than the average kidney patient. Father’s Day is Sunday, check out this awesome Hair Growth Combo Kit.

If you enjoyed this challenge, and maybe even tried eat, leave me your thoughts in the comments. Coming up next Monday, Brain Health.


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